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Verizon Fios / billing hell

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Where to begin? We have had FIOS for 18 months, and have been billed incorrectly for 17 of those months. We signed onto the $99 for all three services and it went downhill from there. As an aside, 3 of my 5 co-workers have gone through this as well. A 100% failure rate with my group of engineers that had the service within the last year.

We have been charged as little as $119, and as much as $704 for the same flipping service.!!!???!!! They somehow managed to create a second account at our address with the same name, and we are now being double billed. Our service has been disconnected multiple times for non payment on the bogus 2nd account. Infuriating. Of course they do this on a Friday afternoon and no one will be available to unscrew the situation until Monday.

Sometimes we get charged extra for long distance, and sometimes it is inclusive as it should be. Huh? Either it is or it isn't. They can't seem to make up their minds. My contract says it is inclusive though, but my copy of the contract was obviously abducted by aliens and masterfully altered.

I agreed to take a 10 minute survey via phone and they said if I did they would bump my internet connection up from 10MbPS to 20MbPS. They increased the speed, then charged me an additional $10/month without my consent. We have had multiple customer service managers "assigned to us directly to resolve our ongoing issues". In the last 3 months, we have now had 3 of them. Each one stating that the mgr. prior is no longer with the company.

It has gone way past rank incompetence and now borders on corporate thievery. There is no excuse under the sun for the complete and utter bullying and dishonesty with this company. I rue the day I agreed to sign up. I rely heavily on a stable connection to the internet, as I am a network engineer, and avoidable service interruptions are unforgivable. I often have to remote into work for mission critical tasks, and I have found that I cannot rely on FIOS for this.

My contract is up in 11 months per MY paperwork, but they said I have another 20 months or they will charge me an ETF fee and it will end up on my credit report if I don't pay it. WTH? Corporate bullying at it's worst.

Would some PLEASE kick off a class action against these tools? I am conferring with the attorney that drew up my will and home contracts, and will ask if he can refer me to someone who wants to take a largish bite out of Verizon's posterior.

Avoid them like the plague, or you WILL be burned.

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      18th of Aug, 2008
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    I'll try to be short, because the HELL I have gone through would be A BOOK!!! Salesman comes to door and promisses everything. Installer comes to door says salesman should not have promissed me "ALL THAT" Fisrst bill is 3 times what salesman says it would be. Call custumer service. After 4 different people and an hour rep says yup we messed bill will be correct. Next bill even more than first bill. Go throught step one again, am told it is now fixed. Third bill even more than second. Email verizon...tell them this is unacceptable and to FIX IT. Verizon emails me says "We will be in touch in 2 days". Of course I hear nothing for 10 days. Call and go through steps 1, 2 and 3. Next bill comes AGAIN NOTHING IS DONE. I call VIRGINIA CONSUMER AFFAIRS. 3 days later verizon calls me says sorry we dont know why this(improper billing) has gone on this long. I ask about the $200.00 gift card I was Prommised. They Say I actually did not qualify after all...This was part of the sell to get me to switch from COX. So I will not get it. The rep offers me $10 a month of my bill (A BUYOFF????) I accept. Why not they are not making good on anything at this point. Rep says my next bill will FINALLY BE THE CORRECTED. August 18 2008 I gete my verizon bill...NO $10 off, and it is as wrong as the first one. Where do I go... this is unbelievable...This fios deal was supposed to be $114.99/month + taxes. I have not received a bill for less than $300.00 and none of the promissed perkswill be delivered. I have spent dozens of hours on this problem(I am NOT EXAGERATING) I would like to say come get your gear because you do not deserve 1 more cent from me, but they will try to attack my credit(WHICH IS EXCELLENT ANYWAY. It seems as if they are allowed to get away with this(AND THEY DO NOT SEEM TO CARE)

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      4th of Sep, 2008
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    All I can say is that I have never had this crazy an experience w/ a service provider! Verizon Fios is the absolute worst!!! They do not even try to hide it!!! I started service with them in Feb 08' and my bill also has been no less that 300/ mo, and each month the serices I am being charged for differ. I have spent a part-time job amount of time dealing with this person, that, managers etc, etc. I have filed complaints, I have never gotten a corrected bill. I got 30 day trial HBO, cancelled, 5 times, and have been paying for it since. I did the one bill w/ my wireless...Do not do this!!!Fios buys your wireless bill, so wireless will so paid, and then they add it to your fios bill, and then they screw up you wireless bill as well. To make matters worse, if you get that " oh so fair" bill of current charges, 919.00, and you do not pay, because you can't, they will cut off your wirel;ess service along with everything else! So, of course I severed that relationship...5 times, and finally, they stopped one bill, but not before they had a chance to stop this service, they paid wireless 440$ as I tried the WORRY FREE GARUNTEE and they had not had a chance to apply the refund before fios paid this large amount off. So now, I have this lovely credit on my wireless, but I have to pay fios 440$ or they shut off my service!!! How does that work! I held all the equipment hostage, went to the fios store and sat there until a district manager promised to help me. Hmmmmmmm that was in May and many upon many attempts to get this resolved met by occasional answers and promises left drifting in the wind... I am ready to put a stop to this ###. I do not know who they think they are dealing with, but I am npot short a brain cell and I have kept insane type Apersonality records of every action, call, promise, reference # name of employee, etc, etc, etc. I now have a collection of documentation that would give L. Ron Hubbard's book a run for his money or for mine for that fact. I smell a class action suit from all the blogs I see. Anyone interested in banding and making this happen? Any legal rep out there want to take this on, because I know that the economy is killing me and everyone (except fios that is) and this is just a slap in my face and to humanity. I am insulted, stressed, and I now know that this is the only way to stop the nightmare. If interested, seriously interested, e-mail I want to see the big guy suffer for taking advantage of the poor. Here I am.../ A public health nurse with 2 kids, my fiance was laid off, I live is MA where the price is always high, and now my credit is a mess, and my spare time hobby is trying to save my credit, and keep my services going as I depend on them. Hope to start fighting back soon...

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