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Verizon / verizon triple freedom

1 East Brunswick, NJ, United States Review updated:

On 11/30/2007 Mr. Adelman (a rep. of Verizon) contacted me on phone and convinced me to order the package Triple Freedom (Phone + DSL + Direct TV). He told me that I will get a free 19” flat screen TV set and my monthly bill would be $99.99 + tax. I have NOT received the TV set and my bills are:
February 2008 - $147.62
March 2008 - $142.78
April 2008 - $142.09

During the last three months I have spent several frustrating hours on phone with Verizon representatives, supervisors, Direct TV, but no one has been able to resolve anything. The call drops after a few minutes and the system does not allow you to speak to the same representative again, thus you end up explaining the whole story to another representative and the call drops again. On many occasions I have asked the supervisor to call back, but they never do. Verizon does not have a customer service center where customers can go and resolve such issues in person.

I wish to cancel these new services and go back to my original plan.

In the meanwhile I have decided to pay $99.99 + tax ($115 per month) instead of the bills that I am receiving from Verizon.

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  • Li
      20th of Jul, 2008
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    I totally agree with you. This company is nothing but a bunch of scam artists. I've been over charged so many times I've lost count. Of course when you call customer service and jump through all the hoops to get there, they usually take the extra charges off, but my question is...Why are they there to begin with? My answer would be, hoping you won't notice them. Juat think, if they only get 1 dollar a month from 1/2 the customers, that's a lot of money, like millions. Not to mention the fact that 1/4 of the customer service reps. don't speak or understand English very well. If I had taken my phone service from India I guess I wouldn't complain, but I didn't. Some government agency needs to serioulsy look into this company.

  • Li
      3rd of Aug, 2008
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    I have a similar situation:

    1. Late in 2007 I signed up for triple-play (FIOS Internet + TV + Phone). I was told it was $99 which I upgraded the internet to 15 Mbps at additional $10 for 109 / month
    2. I chose the $200 Bestbuy gift card
    3. I recently noticed that not only I have not received the $200 gift card, I have been charged ~ $154 /month!!!
    4. I called them and asked for explanation and they told me the reason I did not get the $200 is because I was not on "the right plan" and he offered to bring down my payment from 154 to 109!!!
    5. So you see what happened here! At this point, I basically am looking into getting a deal that I should have gotten in January while not getting $200 and have overpaid ~ $300.
    6. Way to go Verizon!!!

  • Ju
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    Here's what happens when you ask a few questions:

    Nicholas: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. How can I help you bundle up and save with our High Speed Internet and FiOS packages?

    you: I was almost done, but it told me to pick a different package, and although the difference between the packages looked like $10, it made my monthly bill go from 107.60 to 127.60

    Nicholas: May I ask what packages are you referring to?

    you: directv plus hd dvr versus directv plus dvr

    Nicholas: May I ask what equipments did you selected?

    you: i'll tell you what I want, you tell me how to get it. I have 4 TVs. 2 are HD right now, and I plan to upgrade a 3rd within 3 months. I want HD DVR on main TV, HD service on other HD set right now, HD box for set I plan to upgrade, and regular box for 4th TV. I'm trying to get the choice extra triple freedom bundle with 3MB internet service.

    Nicholas: As you want HD DVR, you will have to upgrade your TV package to Plus HD DVR.

    you: ok - but at 72.99 vs 62.99, shouldn't my total go from 107 to 117, not 127?

    Nicholas: I suggest you to first complete phone and Internet selections and reach DirecTV selection page and let me know.

    you: I did - that's where I am

    you: I mean 107 to 117, not 127?

    Nicholas: There will be equipments charges that will be added to final total. I suggest you to complete all your selections first and proceed to Review Order page and let me know.

    you: I did - that's what I'm saying. For equipment I am ordering 1 standard receiver, 2 HD receivers, and 1 HD DVR. It is my understanding that all of the equipment will be covered by rebate.

    Nicholas: You will get rebate for HD DVR and first standard receiver only. That's what I am saying. To get better understanding of charges, proceed to Review Order page so that I can also explain you in better way.

    you: I'm there - I don't understand what you are trying to say. Here is what I see:

    you: Standard Receiver FREE HD Receiver (2) $198.00 DIRECTV® HD DVR™ $199.00

    Nicholas: Please try this link and make you selections again.

    you: Why? What I want is 3MB internet, Choice Plus with free Showtime, HD service, 2 HD boxes, 1 HD DVR, and 1 regular box. What am I going to pay? I think all of the hardware is covered by rebates. Is that correct, or not?

    Nicholas: May I have the state the service will be located in?

    you: Provided the rebate part is correct, the only issue I have right now is the difference between the two TV services, directv plus hd dvr versus direct tv plus dvr. The pacakges are 10 different, but when i switch between them my total goes up 20.

    you: Massachusetts

    Nicholas: When you order a Verizon Triple Freedom package with DIRECTV service billed through Verizon you receive a bundled price starting at $119.99 per month (plus taxes and surcharges).

    Nicholas: This plan combines our Verizon High Speed Internet Service (3 Mbps) with Freedom Essentials (Voice), and DIRECTV(R) PLUS HD DVR(TM) service billed through Verizon.

    you: the guy I talked with on the phone said this:

    you: Triple Freedom $79.99

    you: Add $10 to upgrade to 3MB and Choice+ including free showtime.

    you: Add $10 for HD

    you: Total $99.99

    you: first 4 receivers, installation, and modem free.

    you: HD equipment covered by rebates

    Nicholas: I provided the package directly with Plus HD DVR TV package included.

    you: so what happens if I order the directv plus dvr package, and the 2 hd boxes and hd dvr?

    you: and why does the package jump up 20 even though the difference between directv plus hd dvr and directv plus dvr is only 72.99 vs 62.99, or 10, not $20?

    you: are the boxes going o be covered by rebate, or not?

    Nicholas: Let me get it straight. Select Freedom Essentials phone plan, 3 Mbps Internet speed, Plus HD DVR package, 1 HD DVR, 2 HD receivers, 1 SD receiver and check price on Review Order page. Rebate is available on HD DVR only.

    you: so I would have to BUY 2 HD boxes for $99 each !?

    Nicholas: Yes, you are right.

    you: Dude - I'm not doing that. What are the other options? The bottom of the thing from Verizon says you can lease equipment for $4.99 /month

    Nicholas: Yes, that's for standard receiver. First standard receiver is free. Please Note: The $5 discount off the price will not reflect in your shopping cart. The special discount will reflect as a credit on your bill.

    you: offer says $0.00 for first 4 units. Standard Receiver $0.00 for the first four units; $69 for each additional unit (Credit restrictions apply). Learn more Included (1-4)

    you: can I get 2 free regulars, 1 HD free with rebate, and 1 HD DVR free with rebate??

    Nicholas: Yes, there is no one time fee for first 6 standard receivers however, there is $ 4.99/mo access for second standard receiver onwards.

    Nicholas: For a limited time, when you sign up for a qualifying Freedom plan you are eligible to receive $5 off the original price for twelve months.

    Nicholas: Please Note: The $5 discount off the price will not reflect in your shopping cart. The special discount will reflect as a credit on your bill.

    Nicholas: So you can consider 2 receivers for free.

    you: Now I'm really confused. Are you saying that if I get 4 receivers I will be billed $4.99 x 3, but get $5.00 per month back? So even though I am "buying" the receiver, and getting a rebate, I'll still pay $4.99 per month for it?

    Nicholas: As you have selected 2 standard receivers, you should actually pay $ 4.99/mo each. However, as lease fee for first receiver is waived of, you just have to pay $ 4.99/mo for 2 receivers which will be balanced for $ 5/mo extra discounts. So practically you are not paying anything for 2 receivers.

    you: tell me how the rebate works

    Nicholas: Are you referring to HD DVR rebate?

    you: no - just hd box

    Nicholas: The DIRECTV(R) PLUS HD DVR(TM) delivers over 200 channels including your local channels and programming for family and children, the best sports networks, a variety of news and entertainment channels, commercial-free music stations, the best HD channels and DVR service! To access DIRECTV HD programming, a DIRECTV HD Receiver, DIRECTV Slimline dish and HD television are required. Ther monthly rate is $72.99 (plus tax). Order by March 3, 2009 and receive an $8 bill credit for 12 consecutive months after online or phone-in rebate. That means you only pay $64.99 per month for 12 months! Plus you get free STARZ(R) and SHOWTIME(R) for 12 months and a FREE HD DVR receiver upgrade!

    Nicholas: Is there anything else I can help you with?

    you: I can not begin to tell you how confused you have made me, or how much time I feel like I've wasted.

    Nicholas: I am sorry however, I will tell you only that charge which you have to pay.

    Nicholas: Its my duty to introduce you with all applicable charges.

    you: This has been a terrible terrible experience

    you: I think the offer is deceptive

    Nicholas: Thank you for using Verizon's chat service. See how customers are helping customers on our brand new Verizon Forums site located at:

    Chat InformationYour chat session has been terminated by the Verizon chat representative.

  • De
      5th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    directv all lies

  • Ve
      1st of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    My experiences with Verizon are the absolute most horrid I have had with any company. Verizon and its partially composing company (MCI) with which Verizon merged are disgusting excuses for entities of any kind. I feel compassion for any one who has a good heart upon discovering the true nature of the miscreant company Verizon. I feel compassion too for any one who is presently connected with Verizon. My advice to the good employee is take some notes, gather some data, leave the company, and file a detailed report. My advice to the consumer is get yourself disconnected from Verizon asap, identify all possible payment accounts they may have, close them and open new ones, don't give them any money you do not owe them, check your credit report, submit any disputes if necessary, and submit complaints online about your experiences with this awful shameful company Verizon.

  • Re
      28th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    They used to be a good company. We were with them a long time and were happy until prices started to rise and we went shopping. Other services were not as good technicaly so we came back with the tripple offer and experienced similar problems as mentioned above. I agree, they need to be checked out, But not by Government but by a consumer advocate company. We need smaller Government.

  • Ke
      25th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    1000.0 % I AGREE !!!
    Frontier: i.e.: "Verizon Triple Freedom" plan

    This package is NOTHING SHORT of a "cloaked" ROBBERY !!!
    The Frontier Rep. told me that it is $75.00/month, for 2 yrs (LOCKED-IN after 30 day TRIAL period)... and, inclusive of ALL charges, bottom line is, 'just a few dollars more'...WRONG !!!...Not even 30 days yet, plan purchase 1-29-11 (...First alleged
    bill=$76.00...then $143.00...So, I WILL CANCEL TODAY, Fri., 2-25-11, BEFORE the LOCK-IN (after 30 days) BEGINS on 2-28-11 (to be safe...sooner)...I WILL proceed to file complaints with the B.B.B., The Ohio Attorney General's Office AND, if permitted to do so, with the Ohio P.U.C.O., i.e. Public Utility Commission of Ohio...All with charges of TOTAL and COMPLETE USE of "Deceptive Sales Practices" WITHOUT FULL DISCLOSURE of HIDDEN ADDED CHARGES and "FALSE and RECKLESS PRESENTATION" at time of sale of said package... Let's ALL DO the SAME and we WILL STOP this INTENTIONAL THIEVERY !!!...FILE WITH ME !!! "Together we STAND...divided we fall"...

  • Ke
      22nd of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    NOTHING but LEGALIZED THIEVERY...Likened to DIRECTV...THEY, my friends...are JUST LIKE VERIZON !!!...I BEAT DirecTV, as well...and did NOT PAY a $470.00 EARLY Service Cancellation Fee (Penalty) !!!...STANDUP TO THESE THIEVES, PEOPLE !!!...THEY are SURELY NOT going to help YOU !!!...(ALL they want is YOUR MONEY) !!!...

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