Value City Furniture / Warranty Scam

Joliet, United States

I am very displeased, disgusted and disappointed in the fact that I was sold a warranty plan that, according to you, does not cover the product that I purchased, because the product is not top grain leather. That would have been nice to know at the time of purchase, since leather is bound to crack and peel long before it would STAIN or be punctured. Thankfully, I do my best not to use profane language, so your eyes or the customer service rep. that I spoke to have been spared from that, as she was unprofessional. Ultimately, this is a "valuable" experience, no thanks to "Value City", because I will no longer shop there, while advising others to take their business elsewhere, certainly cautioning anyone against purchasing a useless warranty non-service.

Value City Furniture
Value City Furniture

Nov 07, 2014

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