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Usps Automated Machines / no warranty for certified mail!

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At the end of February I sent 2 certified mail letter that I bought at one of those new automatic machines at a USPS office because the line was out the door. The letters where sent to 2 different locations but pertained to the same issue. This issue was a legal one and I had a deadline to file the letters. I sent the certified mail because I needed to prove postmark and that I actually sent it to them. I was surprised that the machine only asked me for a mailing zip code instead of the full address. But it did provide me with a printed receipt with the tracking number. After 2 weeks I received no word from the company I had mailed the letters. I then proceeded to extreme measures against the company for not responding to my letter. When I contacted the office they told me that they had not received any letter from me, much less a certified mail letter. I called the other office and they informed me that they in fact had received their certified mail letter but that I had failed to mail the second letter to the other office therefore I had no case against them because it was after the deadline I had.

I called USPS to confirm delivery of the letters, I only got for one, the other did not seem to be in their database. I tried their costumer service number and they told me that they would refund my $3.5 for my letter but that they could not do anything else. I told them that it was a legal issue and that I needed proof that I sent the letter and they told me to give the company the printed receipt from the machine. I did do that but the company told me that since the receipt only had the zip code of the mailing address I could have sent the letter to anybody else but them and used that receipt, but that that was not sufficient proof of me sending the letter to them. They reiterated that I had no longer a case with them.

USPS did nothing about this issue, If I had only purchased the mail via one of their clerks I would have had proof of the actual address I had sent the letters to and not only the zip code. USPS did not seem to care about that point and hung up on me a couple of times that I requested further actions.

I do not think they should have those machines, PEOPLE do not use the machines they will not warranty your certified mail, use the clerks instead. Make them change the system. Now that I have lost a sure to win case I will see what I can do to make USPS pay for that.

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      25th of Sep, 2007
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    Contact your local congressman & us senate in your area. You got that one correct MR. potter is a big waste of time. I think a class action suit will make them HEAR us (Google it)

    If you want to make an official complaint because you are unable to get resolution from your local post office, contact your District Consumer Affairs Office. To find your local District Consumer Affairs Office, please see: USPS Consumer Affairs Office Locator.

    bullet For U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mail delivery and service related issues, please contact any of the following:

    Ø For Customer Service:
    475 L'ENFANT PLAZA, SW RM 5821, WASHINGTON DC 20260-2200
    (202) 268-2281 or 1-800-ASK-USPS (275 – 8777)

    Ø For the post office nearest you, see: USPS Post Office Locator.

    Ø For Customer Service information, please see: USPS Customer Service

    bullet If you wish to contact the USPS because you are unable to get resolution from the District Consumer Affairs Office, please contact:
    Vice President Consumer Advocate
    United States Postal Service
    475 L'Enfant Plaza, SW, Room 5912
    Washington, DC 20260-2200
    Phone: 202-268-2284

    bullet For U.S. Postal Service responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) please see U.S. Postal Service web page: USPS FAQs.

    Contact the Postal Regulatory Commission
    Nanci Langley, Director
    Public Affairs and Government Relations
    901 New York Avenue, NW
    Suite 200
    Washington, DC 20268-0001 Telephone: (202) 789-6800
    Facsimile: (202) 789-6886
    Email: Nanci.[protected]

    Consumer Affairs Office Locator
    These administrative offices may be reached between the hours of 9:00AM to 5:00PM, M-F.

    I pay all bills online or phone or bill pay for rent everything else. Win both ways NO LATE CHARGES & NO LOST LATE MISDIRECTED MAIL. FED EX & UPS CHEAPER FOR A POUND AND MORE

    NEVER PUT MAIL IN A BLUE USPS BOX ALWAYS GET RECEIPT FROM POST OFFICE. If you do you are at risk for lost late mail. Never buy another stamp.

    I hope you could help with this Ok I spent a lot of money on shipping stuff through USPS & paypal shipping.

    Also in the past I had the post office come to my resident and pick my packages up for me I paid 39.00 dollars plus insurance was on the packages which was useless cause the post office are not scanning packages in I'm right here in Maryland it took three days for a package to get to Baltimore was not scan until deliver to recipient. This is a major problem of the united states (All Post offices) not just local it happens all the time sending and receiving packages No tracking information only information that it
    has been Delivered.

    Now every package that I have I must get them scan in at the post office a bit inconvenient but I have to do it (cause I will get nothing but the run around a more lame excuses) . Also packages could get lost before getting Delivered even if you have insurance on it packages should be scan in to track every move just
    like fed ex ups they are even able to tell you when you will get it.

    with USPS You will have no idea when you will get your package. Also WITH UPS OR FED EX they NEVER leave packages at my apt door. On the other hand USPS keeps leaving packages at my door after requesting not to in advance three BOXED packages were stolen due to being left at apt door. Had no insurance they knew it from the start gave me nothing but excuses. Said they were going to pay but never did. Requested documents letter & receipt in advance.

    On August 9 2007 I refused a package wrote return to sender on it also it had Delivery confirmation on it. Until now it's saying that I still have the package.
    ( I Don't) I put in in the blue USPS box outside cause there is in front of my APT building. Ok I called the 1800 USPS number they said they will located it. (They have not because they did not scan it in) like a day later Ms. Moneke (Brentwood post office post master) she said she will try to located it asked if I have Tracking number said she check her post office.stated she get back to me.

    Called her September 5 2007 gave her tracking # she ask for the address stated that it's delivered and that's that. She also gave me the post office in CA number 626-289-1681. called them and ask them if they recalled a package they
    said they will not be able to tell & they properly got it to the sender but they did not scan it in.

    Now I'm scare to put my mail in any USPS blue box even a letter I will have to go in and get a receipt for it. Also I'm force to pay all my bills online even Rent through bill pay. I will longer even have the post office come to pick up my packages I will inconvenience my self and go to the post office.

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