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US Postal Servicecertified mail missing.. [protected]

12/03/2018 - mailed certified letter from Dunlap, TN containing Christmas gift cards to our children in Denver, co
12/03/2018 - tracking stops cold in Denver, co
12/12/2018 - filed missing mail claim - no follow up
12/18/2018 - filed where is my package claim. Received call from us postal representative in Denver, co stating mail carrier would be questioned - no follow up
12/26/2018 - I made a follow up call to Denver, co post office requesting follow up. Representative informed me letter never made it there and an email would be forwarded to Denver mail distribution center - no follow up
12/28/2018 - contacted USPS and representative stated an email would be sent to district supervisor - no follow up
12/02/2019 - 2nd follow up call to USPS - representative advised me to contact district office
12/03/2018 - 3rd follow up call made to district office - representative advised me the case was open and most likely the mail had been sent to MRC in Atlanta - not able to provide an update to any of the above requests
I would expect a courtesy call at the least with an update on my case. The envelope contained two gift cards that would have been Christmas gifts to our children.

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    Dec 21, 2018

    United States Postal Service [USPS] — package not being delivered in timely manner

    From my local post office (Houston), I sent a package headed to New York on December 13, 2018 priorty two-day...

    Dec 16, 2018

    United States Postal Service [USPS] — home delivery / lack thereof

    December 16, 2018. USPS delivery was left on top of my mailbox sometime after 7:30 Saturday evening and not...

    Dec 12, 2018

    United States Postal Service [USPS] — fraud and corruption at usps

    One of Priority mail pieces sent to the US was undelivered returned to me after 4 months (opened, resealed...

    Dec 08, 2018

    United States Postal Service [USPS] — missing/lost mail

    My Saturday mail (December 1 and 8, 2018) I have not received two (2) pieces of mail from the state of...


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    Dec 03, 2018

    United States Postal Service [USPS] — mail delivery

    Consistently (at least 2 dozen times in last year) we have received other people's mail. We know most of our...

    United States Postal Service [USPS]package handling and customer service

    My wife mailed a pkg. to California several months ago, It was damaged in transit and we had to call to give permission to repackage it. It took over a month to get there.
    Over a week ago my wife sent another Pkg. to California. A week later we received notice that the pkg. had been destroyed in transit. We got the box cover and shipping label back with a customer service phone number so we could get a reimbursement.
    I called the 1-800 number and was told I would have to wait 45 min to 1 hour. I waited 2 1/2 hours and still wasn't able to talk to anyone.
    What is going on, damaged packages and extremely poor customer help?

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      United States Postal Service [USPS]not searching for my package.

      My Name is Tony Bobet from New York City . The main reason that i am filing an complaint. I suppose to received an package from the Post Office here in the Bronx. Its Clason Point Post Offices 1950 Lafayette Avenue, Bronx, New York City 10473. I suppose to receive an package. That i had monitor in the apps. i have file an complaint and i scan the complaint case number.

      not searching for my package.

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        United States Postal Service [USPS]package not received/cannot get anyone on the phone to address issue

        I ordered an item online. According to the tracking information, the package was in Jersey City then it was 'incorrectly sorted" and sent to a post office in Illinois then to a post office in Tennessee. It finally "arrived" on Saturday (11/10/18) at 3:17 PM. I have not received the package nor have I been able to get anyone one the phone at the local post office. I wanted to find out where the delivery person put it. When I called the 1-800 number, [protected]) I have to wait for more than an hour. In the meantime, I still do not have my package!!! The tracking number for my package is 92748909840842583008904371. Although the item did not cost a lot, it its mine and I want to know if it has been stolen or misplaced and I want my money back. The item is a cardigan and it cost $21.99. The post office that is near me is located at 369 Martin Luther King Dr. in Jersey City, NJ.

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          • Sh
            Sheila Feist Dec 10, 2018
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            hi my name is Sheila Feist we live at 20286 hwy 90 n Bedias Texas 77831 and we are not getting any of our mail . and i went and got an P O Box 9094 Huntsville Texas 77340 and i'm still not getting any of my mail or packages .this is Pissing me off i order stuff and don't even get the [censored] something needs to be done . they can Close Bedias Down i don't give a [censored] .[protected]

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          Oct 30, 2018

          United States Postal Service [USPS] — over stuffing mailbox

          (1) This is an ongoing problem. The letter carrier stuffs the main in very tightly and usually catches one or...

          United States Postal Service [USPS]package delivered

          My great aunt sent me a package containing a wood sculpture that was handmade. Before I opened the box I saw multiple wholes and lots of damage to the box. When I opened it, the wood sculpture was in pieces. Now we are trying to put the pieces back together because she didn't make a second one. It's truly frustrating that this is how people handle our people's packages. This isn't the first time I've had a package delivered that was broken and not from the same location.

          package delivered
          package delivered

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            Oct 10, 2018

            USPS Tracking Phone Line (1-800-222-1811) — waiting time always 1 to 2 hours

            My only complaint is that I am usually on hold for 1 - 2 hours waiting to speak to a representative. They...

            US Post Office the company as a whole

            This company is [censored]ing [censored]. They don't care about people's packages. They have [censored] customer service at their local facilities. The clerks don't know anything and give out wrong information when asking about missing packages. I ordered something from china to come to my place of business and they attempted to deliver it once on 10/2/2018 and then said it couldn't be delivered due to address being incorrect or some [censored]. I go to the local us post office and they state it's on a truck rj be delivered today. That was on 10/03/2018 and 10:15am. I wait all day and then go to check the mail at 8pm and to my surprise not a damn thing in there like the clerk stated. I check my email and what do I see an email from the post office stating your package has been sent back to the sender at 10:38am. So not even 10 mins after I leave the local facility does it go back. I didn't receive the email until 12:10pm that day. So even if I wanted to be able to find my package I couldn't. This company sucks and I hope no one uses them. They lack so much as far as customer service skills and knowledge about people's packages it ridiculous. If it was me I would've never used to post office to receive this package but since it's coming from china I don't have a choice. This isn't the first time i've had this issue. I've had this issue 3 times. It's only when I order something to come to my place of work do I have this problem. I thought maybe this time it would be different but I should not expect anything but [censored]iness from this company. I hope someone contacts me about this issue.

            the company as a whole
            the company as a whole
            the company as a whole

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              Sep 25, 2018

              United States Postal Service [USPS] — payment method and shipment arrival

              2:32 pm september 25, 2018 I have a post master and neighbors whom steal... have trashed shipments and...

              Sep 11, 2018

              United States Postal Service [USPS] — mail delivery

              I reside at 107 Pickett Lane, Georgetown, KY and I have a PO Box 1555, same city and state. I purchased my...

              Aug 20, 2018

              United States Postal Service [USPS] — carrier disrespects my property

              My address is 1236 Fruit Cove Rd N, St Johns Fl 32259. My mail is delivered by a carrier who drives up to the...

              Jul 18, 2018

              United States Postal Service [USPS] — mail delivery

              I was going through a nasty divorce and had moved. I changed my address from my original house to my new...

              Jul 02, 2018

              United States Postal Service [USPS] — mail not delivered

              2 roommates: 1 with a ehite last name and 1 with a latino last name. Guess whos mail is always on the floor...

              United States Postal Service [USPS]unethical behaviour

              Re: addresee not available

              Be informed that there was no effort at all by usps nigeria to deliver package with tracking no: cb152231475us to addressee at specified location. The claim that addressee not available to receive is incorrect because there is always a personnel assigned to receive packages at the stated address 24/7. If usps nigeria can not deliver, should please return to sender and refund shall be claimed legally in due course.

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                Jun 30, 2018

                United States Postal Service [USPS] — home delivery

                waiting for my sleep apnea equipment .don't know if package was to be delivered by truck/mailman. mailbox i...