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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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FP Mailing Solutions Complaints & Reviews

FP Mailing Solutions / franking machine and terrible service

Oct 02, 2019

terrible, terrible service from these charlatans. Made us sign a blank contract which they assured us was for 12 months and they go back to their offices and write 72 months on the contract. Complete lack of any help, ink costs over £190 each, you can only have extortionate insurance with "their"...

FP Mailing Solutions / postage meter

Jul 16, 2019

Horrible customer service even when recording says you're "number one in the que." held for over 10 minutes and no one ever came on the line to assist me. Have only had postage meter about six weeks, and having multiple issues with on-going error messages that can never be resolved and no...

FP Mailing Solutions / Terrible Customer Service

Aug 12, 2015

We have used FP Mailing Solutions for over a year now. We have recently had nothing but problems since the new rate increase. Our old machine was not loading the postage through their required services because their server was too busy, for FOUR DAYS!!! If you call in it takes 20-30...

FP Mailing Solutions / meter rental

May 01, 2015

Our company had rented a simple postage meter for many years from FP. It became so old that it was phased out. Although they never told us it would be. When I called to get a new meter they told me about a Postbase 20 which they said was most similar to ours. They were very nice and...

FP Mailing Solutions / LEASE

Feb 25, 2015

My business leased a postage meter from FP Mail solutions for several years. When i retired we notified them we wished to return the unit. They told us to send it back. This was returned the same week the lease was expiring. After we returned the unit they began billing us for one year...

FP Mailing Solutions / Junk equipment and awful customer service

Jul 21, 2014

I recently signed a one year lease with FP Business Solutions. Bad decision. The machine only works on a dedicated analog telephone line. Who has that??? I specifically asked the salesman if there were any fees other than the monthly lease fee. I was told no. And then I got a bill for the...

FP Mailing Solutions / Postage Meter Rental

Dec 05, 2013

After renting the machine for six years, paying for it many, many times over, I was pointed to the small print on the original contract that stated that the contract would auto renew every year, for an entire year, without possibility of terminating if I miss the date by even one day. OK... / made my life a missery


avoid dealing with this company for any leasing equipment they ripped me off with a franking machine and as soon as i got it the prices went up so i worse off then they said. Please do your research and that is why the directors drive around in flash cars. / FP Mailing Folding Machine


Please do not deal with FP Mailing. They charged us 3 times the purchase value to Lease a folding folding machine and when questioned they informed me "we had a great deal" if anyone has an issue with a lease with FP mailing please refer it to the Leasing Advisory Service who can...

FP Mailing Solutions MAil Meters / DId not Pay for Training


I had an Employent Offer with Fp Mailing Solutions as Inside Sales Rep. I worked the first day in Training and basically was in class al day which is fine. The folowing day the had me shadow their top sales rep. Needless to say the person I was showding was very busy with her own work that...

FP Mailing Solutions / Horrible Experience


Do Not use this company. We switched to this company after several yrs with pitney bowes. We had a 30 day trial before our 1 yr contract began. In that 30 days I was never able to do one postage stamp. Two machines with fatal errors, you have to send the machine back and wait 2 wks to...

FP Mailing Solutions / Refund Not Made


FP Mailing Solutions is a provider of postage machines and postage services. We used them for over 5 years. When it came time to cancel the contract, they said they owed us a refund but then did not issue the refund even after more than 10 phone and fax requests and after a BBB...

FP Mailing Solutions / Terrible experience

A lie of omission is still a lie. FP Mailing Solutions told me that Pitney Bowes postage meters were faulty, expensive and contained hidden charges. So, I went with FP (stupid me). The salesman neglected to mention that you needed a dedicated analog phone line to download your postage. I...