US Bank / US Bancorp / unable to cacel a cashier's check that was lost

Chico, CA, United States
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I understand U.S. Bank's policy on not cancelling a cashier's check for 90 days and the reasoning behind it. I have proof that the check has been lost by UPS and have a letter from them. I had to provide a car dealership with a cashier's check for $10, 000 and it was lost. UPS said they lost it, US Bank cannot cancel it, and I had to write an additional $10, 000 check to the car dealership so I did not lose my new car. The dealership provided me with a signed agreement that if the check ever did appear that they would give it back to me. U.S. Bank still refuses to put a stop payment on the check even though the only way it will get cashed is if it is fraudulently cashed. I asked U.S. Bank what happens if it is fraudulently cashed and was told I could file a claim to get my money back. This to me is ridiculous.

Oct 17, 2018

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