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My driver license was stolen sometime between January 12th and January 15th I found this out only after it was used when someone went through the drive up at US Bank downtown location drive thru handed the teller my drivers license posing as me said they didn't know their account number, the teller looked up the account number, gave out my account number to these (at least I know there was two involve, one was a female passenger) people, they withdrew 435.00 out of my checking account. I found out about it the next day when I went to check my account balance online. I immediately contacted the fraud department by calling the US banks toll free number. I also went to my local branch immediately the same day, closed out my account and reopened a new account this time placing a password on my checking account, the Personal Banker at another branch location also placed notes on my account stating the current fraud activity.

Two weeks later January 28th, the same people attempted to do it again. They went to the same US Bank location using the drive thru, attempted to withdraw money again. The teller again gave out my NEW account number! Only after giving out that new account number was my password verify along with other identifying information. The branch manager from the bank where this has taking place, contact the Personal Banker at the another branch location that I have been personally dealing with, she in turned contacted me, informing me of another attempt to gain access to my account had just accrued and that account number too had been compromised. I will have to close this account too. Was told at that time this person (female) even tried to contact the corporate office to get the password removed from my account so they can withdraw funds. My Personal Banker even told me she had a conversation with this person over the phone and knew it wasn't me.

My bank said they have an image of the person and that their security people had given that information to the police, I too made out a police report when this took place the first time and reported the new attempt involving my new account number too. The Personal Banker told me they caught an image of the license plate taken that was used to attempt this crime the second time, but later recanted that statement changing her story stating there was never an image taken of these people or license plate number. I was also informed by the investigating officer that the bank never reported the first theft.

I'm in the process of closing out my accounts and switching to a different bank. So far I have not received my money back and was told it was still pending as of January 29th.
I have not found out if the same teller was involved or not!

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  • Do
      1st of Feb, 2010

    I live in Omaha. Which branch was this? Location? Hope itsnot mine, but maybe I need to switch from USBank anyway? Sorry you are going through this.

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  • Da
      1st of Feb, 2010

    I live in Portland, OR and I also dislike US Bank. I do believe they owe you both an apology and all of your money returned. I know in my personal dealings with this bank that the level of incompetence is unbelievable! Have you talked to that branch's manager? I would be on the phone immediately with him, and if he gives you no very quick answers, I would then be on the phone to that bank's regulator - an office of the US Treasury. Ask them to tell you specifically whom their regulator is - laws have changed recently. I had a claim against Wells Fargo several years ago and the regulator at that time was the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (which is under US Treasury Dept.) I called their office in Houston and was given very specific info on who to contact and how - they helped me a great deal, and Wells sent me a refund check PDQ! Banks do not like being reported to their regulator!!!

    Good luck with your claim - I agree totally with this outrage

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  • 72
      23rd of Mar, 2010

    This so sounds like USBANK in arkansas to. Takes them days to do the right thing. It could slap them in the face and they still couldn't see it. Some people really don't need to work at banks. Thats why we put codes and passwords on things to help keep us safe.

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  • Je
      9th of May, 2011

    Lat month someone went into the US Bank and deposited a $2500 Check into my account and took $2000. Then went to another state and took out another $400. I noticed the fraud on my account and all my US Bank accounts were frozen. They are invegistating. I am guily until proven inocent. Now im being told after they discover that i am not the one who did this it will take them another 45 to 90 days to return my money. NOW i have their collections department calling me because my account in at a negative balance. WORST BANK EVER.

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  • Do
      18th of Jul, 2013

    I mistakenly overpaid (online ) on a car lease by $20, when I asked them to return the extra money they told me it was being used for RETURN ITEM FEE PAYMENT which means they will charge me for overpaying on the lease. The lease is the only account I have with US Bank and the money was transferred from another bank.

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