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US Airways / US Airways leaves passengers stranded in LaGuardia

United States Review updated:
My mother flew into New York from England yesterday. From there, she was to take a US Airways flight to Indianapolis, arriving at 7:30 pm. Her flight was cancelled due to "weather", which must have meant a future forecast, because at the time there were no issues in either NY or Indy. They changed her to a flight to Pittsburgh instead. She was bumped from that flight (fortunately, because those passengers sat on the tarmac for 2 1/2 hours before having to return to the terminal). She was given the option of flying to Charlotte and spending the night in that airport, or spending the night in LaGuardia, before taking another flight to Indy this morning. Hotels were not an option. She was booked for the flight this morning. In the meantime, I had called customer service to see if I could get her into a hotel -- she had just traveled internationally, she is a pensioner, she has a lot of cash on her because of traveling internationally. Anyway, they had no record of her in their system other than the cancelled flight. Nor could they get me in touch with the desk at LaGuardia. I got on the US Airways website to see if I could fare better with the Live Help. You type in all your information there and submit it, only to be told that there are no agents available. My mom called this morning to say that she and about 400 people spent the night at LaGuardia, and that her flight to Indy this morning has also been delayed by about two hours. I live an hour from Indy, and I'm hesitant to leave on time because I fear I'll be spending the entire day waiting in the airport. I can see how US Airways gets away with not paying for anything -- because all you have to do is blame it on weather and you're off the hook.


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  23rd of Nov, 2008
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Why do you think US Air blamed it on the weather? Just because there wasn't bad weather in Indy or NY, doesn't mean there wasn't bad weather somewhere in between. Air Traffic Control and others look very carefully into these ordeals and are there to keep passengers safe. Airlines are not obligated to do anything for you in the event of bad weather...they can't handle the weather. Do you know how much money they would lose if they did? You're ridiculous.
  4th of Oct, 2009
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La Guardia is one of the most delay prone airports in the country due to both weather and air traffic control delays. Both which sound like they played a factor in the situation above. In the case of a delay or cancellation as the result of weather or ATC, then no compensation (hotels, etc.) are offered. Also, how do you know for sure there was no weather? Just because there is no snow or heavy rain, things like strong winds, etc. are also issues. Also weather between the orgin and destination can be a factor as well. So next time place the blame where it lies, mother nature, not the airline.
  29th of Mar, 2014
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I hate you "I hate complainers." If you don't like complainers why do you read complaints?
  29th of Mar, 2014
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Valerie, I feel your pain.

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