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Complaints & Reviews

My kirby vacuum

I bought a kirby vacuum 10/22/05 and it was supposed to have a lifetime warranty i have the receipt . My...

kirby vacuum/avalir

I was sold a kirby vaccum back in sept of 2019; door to door salesman named frances; gave me a demonstration of product and when they finally left me product which by the way i was not approved for the credit: so the guy used my husband's name, and was approved with my husband credit, coming out of my checking account anywaay; the problem is this they never left me a hose and its easier for me to use with the hose since i have sciatica, and carpal tunnel;
i have contacted individual 8 times since sept. And still no hose, but they are pulling payment from my checking acount and i still have not use it fully.
I need a hose; or someone to come pick up product and be done with it.
My name is nancy irizarry ; live in saint cloud florida;
salesman # frances;[protected]

  • Kirby's response · Dec 11, 2019

    Hi Nancy

    Sorry to hear about your experience with an independent distributor. Can you please contact us at [email protected] or call 1-800-494-8586 so we can help with your situation

    Thank you

kirby vacuum

I bought a Kirby Vacuum, largely because of the lifetime Warranty that I was told comes with the vacuum. I'm extremely mad and frustrated as after paying $2000 for a vacuum I found out that is not the case. The gentleman that sold me my vacuum LIED!!! This vacuum does not have a lifetime warranty! I recommend not buying as it's not worth the money and the company doesn't care if you were LIED to they will not honor what you were promised. They will tell you one thing to sell you the vacuum but once you've purchased it they will not fix it without a large fee!!!

kirby vacuum cleaner

I purchase a Kirby almostnor should be cm
Lose to 1 yr they keep drafting $69.13 frim one of my accounts which I don't have money in anymore because my financial situation has changed and I should be close to paying the vacuum off.. The vac has to be $2000.00 & I can't gwt in touch with the guy that sold it to me..I never let people In my house selling anything, but these salesman are restless hubby only let them in because I needed a vac at the time, and I was interested..never will I ever let any salesmen in my house I don't care what you're selling..

unethical behavior, dreadful customer service

I had two men who wanted to offer a quick demonstration with a kirby. It turned into three hours and all the...

kirby sales scam

Call from company indicating they were giving away 2 room shampoo for free. Same as all comments, was a scam caught me off guard as I was working that day and just wanted them out of my house. It's been 3 years they have deducted over
$67 per month. I can count on one hand how many times I have even used the vacuum. I want balance owed to payoff and will NEVER go for them oh it is free service. If it sounds to be true it always is. A big SCAM!!!

kirby vacuum

The worst customer service and employees. Do not buy a kirby vacuum from them. I bought one and when I tried...

business practices

I am writing this because I purchased a Kirby sweeper on September 20, 2018. First payment due today October...

machine does not work well, very pushy salesmen,

When we got this vacuum it was the demo model. They told us to turn it on push down for the carpet length, when it starts to grab push down one more click. When we do the vacuum smells like its burning the belt. We have tried to back up one click, but it does not pick up the dirt very well. We vacuum an 8x10 area rug with low pile. It won't even clean that. Also the shampooer will not pick up the water with either the floor or the hand held. That leaves a terrible mess.
We didn't want the vacuum to begin with, but they kept badgering and talking about his prize trip.
We don't want a lemon, and want to return to machine and stop all transactions to do with it.

john daniel fields, representative of kirby; money owed me

John (he first of all told us his name was Phillip he said he used this fake name cause it was busy. He didn't want people to know his real name). sold us a Kirby and told us about a Kirby store he wanted to open up in Guthrie, OK. We gave him money over a year ago to help him out, and we are still waiting on the rest of our money He is a smooth talker and I don't know how many more people he has done this to. This is Giving Kirby a bad name. I will never talk to another Kirby representative again or let into my house

my kirby vacuum

On May 2 I had 2 people come to my house to clean a carpet in my home I thought. That's what they told me on the phone! Then they spent hours pressuring me to buy this vacuum that I did not need or want! I kept telling them that I have a house keeper but I had to get them out of my house so I gave in after the lady kept calling the office and giving a better deal and over and over again! Then the next night they came back again because they had all the information wrong and had to re due paper work' I take care of my mother with dementia and is on dialysis and my mother had a stroke and I ended up in the hospital with her for 3 days. I called Kirby and they took all my information and told me that someone will get back to me, after another 2 days I called jp industries at [protected] and the lady told me there was nothing she could do because the contract states within 3 days you cannot cancel now its too late! I never had time to read contract and ended up in the hospital with my mother. I cant believe there isn't at least a 30 day satisfaction guarantee! I never used the heavy and hard to work vacuum!

  • Su
    Sulphur7 Jun 09, 2018

    Your first mistake was letting strangers in your home. Your next mistake was not calling the police to have them removed. Yes, Kirby only allows 3 days to cancel the contract and actually that's not their rule, it's Federal Law. They don't bother to mention that because they don't want you to try to cancel until it's too late.

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kirby door to door

I'm needing information to the local Kirby distributor. Saturday evening 3/17/18, I had 2 guys pull through...

customer service

A man named luke was the boss and he was training some guy. He left the guy to do the work. He did an AMAZING JOB. Then the boss came back and walked into our home and said "i need a drink. Water please." Very rudly and COCKy. He walked around our kitchen like it was out home, told us to let him use our phone charger, and had to wait at our home untill he got a ride to pick him up. The training guy, alex, was very helpful on informing us about the product. But his boss however, was an [censor]. And for that reason, i will NEVER purchase from this company.

kirby avilar g10d

I purchased 2 Kirby vacuums a couple months ago from a door to door sales lady. I have no complaints about the system however I am very unhappy with a few things that were not disclosed at the time of sale.
We purchased 2 with the intentions of selling one to help pay for the first because there was a deal of buy one get one at a lesser price. We even told the agent that we may seem the second on eBay or Craigslist. She informed us we were able to do this. Apparently that is not the case because when I listed it the Kirby company was very quick to send me a message telling this was against the "rules". So now I'm stuck with 2 Kirby systems!
Also she said someone would contact us about 3 weeks after we bought it to teach us how to use the shampoo system and I haven't heard from anyone her and it's been 2 months. Still waiting to use it to wash my rugs which was the biggest reason I bought it. Honestly if I would go back in time I wouldn't have made this purchase! And if anyone was to ask I would tell them my experience.

kirby vacuums door to door

My third week into job and still no pay. Today I ask free for ky check and sup tells me "you must do 15...

kirby vacuum/ shampooer

I purchased a Kirby Avilir shampooer/ vacuum in Feb. 2016. A few months after I bought it, the shampooer...


I live in Mora, MN. Their have been multiple complaints from people and also to the sheriffs dept because of...

Kirby is a well known scam

Apr 2016

A nearly identical experience to everyone else.
-Gain access to your home under false pretenses. I got the same 'free one room carpet cleaning' line they favor. Of course this is a lie to get them in the door.
-some nonsense about a contest they are about to win. This is pathetic and is the same incentive that comes with children's cookie sales at school.
-their '20 minute' demo becomes a 3 hours marathon trying to get you to buy simply to get these people out of your home.
-show up right before dinner so that hours later you haven't been able to eat, kids need help with their homework, etc-- again, trying to get you to buy out of desperation to get your home back.
-the person at the door was a pleasant young lady, only to be replaced with a greasy salesman and an ex-convict cleaner guy.
-No joke in that last one, the cleaner guy with the jailhouse tattoos on his hands and neck ADMITTED TO BEING A FELON STILL ON PROBATION. I don't judge the person here, but it's the height of unprofessional business practices to hire someone with a record and still on probation to enter people's homes.
-Both cleaner guy and sales guy made several obviously fake phone calls to some mysterious boss. These are comical. These are actually aimed at YOU, since all they do is put words in your mouth about how much you just love the product. "Yes sir, he says he loves the machine" "oh he can't believe how well it works" None of which I actually said. But this is aimed to build 'evidence' that you like the machine so that you have to explain yourself as to why you aren't buying one.
-Once the sales guy returned to collect his convict, he launched directly into more sales pitch despite my increasing anger at having been lied to already. Total lack of respect.
-I live in an apartment complex and later checked with the property manager who confirmed they did not have permission to solicit here. The property management company will be filing charges for trespassing.

After kicking them out, I did some research and found out just how disreputable of a company kirby actually is.

-kirby uses front companies to insulate themselves from legal action over their sales scam.
-kirby vacuums are known to break within a month of purchase, which then runs customers into the completely worthless warranty that doesn't actually cover anything useful.
-kirby makes it impossible to even reach them within the 3 day cancellation policy deadline. (If you do need to cancel an order, make sure to use certified mail or some other method of tracking exactly when it was sent.
-financing a machine will be at over 20%, I've seen upwards of 29% interest.
-often the financing paperwork will be for the full multi-thousand dollar price instead of the agreed upon lowered price.
-kirby salesmen often specifically target the elderly, and even people with mental incapacity like Alzheimer's.
-once someone agrees to purchase, the kirby people STEAL YOUR ORIGINAL VACUUM. There is no mention of a 'trade in' for the purchase of the kirby. This is literally theft. But it's to discourage people from cancelling their purchase because now you're also out your original vacuum and must spend even more to purchase another.
-follow on items like bags and filters cost 10-20x what normal vacuum parts cost.

Kirby doesn't just rip off the customer, but also famously rips off their own employees. They use the same deceitful advertising to lure in what is essentially free labor that they use to sucker people into buying their crap vacuum.

Kirby is a criminal enterprise from top to bottom. Do not let these people into your homes. Call the police if you see them in your neighborhood because many times they are using access to case your house for a later robbery.
Contact your local news channel- many have a segment about consumer protection. Expose these people for what they are as much as possible.

Be careful.

  • westworld Jun 19, 2016

    Great, informative article! Everything you wrote is dead on correct, from the thousands of complaints I've read / heard over the years about these Kirby dealerships.

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Cancelled the purchase within time allotted-still being charged

Bottom line- Salesman sold me a Kirby vacuum system. Couldn, t afford it! Cancelled the sale next day- sent...


I made the mistake of letting a door to door salesman in our house and let him do all his stuff they do to...

Lifetime warranty

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my vacuum was sold with a lifetime warranty! Kirby would have me...

Deceitful practices

I was recently offered a free carpet cleaning from a company that claimed to be new in the area and wanting to demonstrate their new system. I was told that they would do one room, any size and that it would take an hour. I was told that the method used would leave the carpet dry enough to walk on immediately and completely dry within one hour. It sounded (and was) too good to be true. Kirby vacuum was never mentioned.

Imagine my surprise when 2 Kirby representatives showed up and proceeded to give me a THREE HOUR presentation and hard sell of their vacuum. I repeatedly told them that I would never buy such a high priced machine, but they continued onward in a very rude way. When I finally told them that I had to leave for another appointment and asked when they would be done shampooing the carpet, they said that they had done as much as they intended to do. They had completed only a 2 ft. by 6 ft. area of the room. I was initially angry that they had not done what they said they would do, but later I was glad. The area that they shampooed was saturated, and was still damp after using old towels to mop up the extra moisture and having directed fans blowing on it for two days. There was a definite soapy residue left after it finally dried, and I am afraid that the carpet is permanently damaged.

Beware of salesmen offering free carpet cleaning, even if they don't mention the Kirby name. They will use any tactics to get into your home, and once they are there, they will not leave unless forced. I will never let them into my home again.

Horrible Job

I worked for Kirby, First of all, ANYONE and everyone gets hired. I found this to be because the turn-over...


Two random guys just showed up at my house trying to sell me a vacuum cleaner. They said they were from...

Wouldn't leave my house when ask to do so.

My wife invited a guy to come do a free cleaning on our carpets didn't tell us he was a salesman for...

[Resolved] Verbal Agreement

I was working with a dealer representative who is on my team, we had a few scheduled appointment'...


Solomon Distributing

Worst group of people to walk to earth not only do they lie to you but they cheat you on pay. I'm complaining here because trying to talk to Shirley doesn't work she doesn't care who she hurts as long as she is getting paid. All of the people under her do drugs most while on the job. They also steal from you. I expect someone to get deal with this my next step is involving the police.

  • Fr
    frankie gibbs Jan 09, 2014

    Kirby people are crooks. they is very greedy for money and it is sad.

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  • Fr
    frankie gibbs Jan 09, 2014

    they need to put a stop to some of the ppl that is not right with Kirby.

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Very bad customer service

No call backs on 4 call place and order for sweeper bags said order will be placed 3 weeks later nothing.

Purchased a Kirby sweeper from salesman. Bruce Mastrean on 9/18/12. He came to my door and demonstrated the sweeper everything good, after demo he told me instead of calling the 1-800 number for sweeper bags I was to call his office in washington, and the bags would be delivered with no shipping.

First time I had to order the bags was 1112/12, talk to a gentleman Tom I think that was his name, he took the order and said someone would drop off the bags, on 11/20/12 still no bags, called back and talked to Paula she said she didn’t have the order, so placed order with her on that day she was very ignorant to me, I asked her when the bags would be delivered, very nastly she said when they get there, now this is going on 2 weeks with no bags, I explained to her what Bruce had said to me about delivering them when I needed them she didn’t seem to care, very poor customer service.

So after that call I called the 1-800–437-7170, and told her the problem she told me not to deal with my local Kirby dealer, she told my order and I got the bags 5 days later, if the salesman would not have promised to deliver the bags I would have called the 1-800 number in the first place, It took me almost a month to get sweeper bags, which is very unacceptable being I have 4 dogs and need to run my sweeper every other day. It was a very nasty experience for me and I wish I never opened my door for that salesman, oh and the first time I spoke to paula I ask her to have the salesmen call me and he never did, and that’s a shame because I love the sweeper,

as of 12/6/12 still no call from the local office, and paula from the complaint department also in so many words called me a liar, stating I didn’t have anything in writing from the salesman about delivering the sweeper bags. I drive a bus so I know about customer service, and Paula and and the people at the local offfice need training on how to handle customers, I mean I’m paying 2500.00 for this sweeper, the should be able to do what they promised me, and I don’t like being treated as nasty as they treated me, I’m glad I did not refer anyone to them, and will never .

The complaint department said they would call the local office and inform them that I was going to file a complaint with the better business bureau, you think they would have called and apologized or something, I’ve heard nothing, On a rating of 1 to 10 on customer service the receive below 0.

Sale Ladies

I do not mind to answered my door when people ring the bell or knocking my door to sale anything, but these two sale representative ladies was on my door and one of them yell "Hello" and knock on my door like she was in a public place.
.So please I DO NOT want any of the unprofessional people from Kirby company knocking on my door again!

charged me the whole sum instead of a part

Yesterday a man came to my door. He told he is working for Kirby Vacuums and he offered me to buy vacuum cleaner. I told that I can buy it only after a month if it is possible. He told that I should fill the form and he can leave cleaner today but I’ll pay for it after a month. The next day they charged the whole sum.

  • Th
    The Kirby Company Aug 03, 2012

    Hi pizza_milkshake. Thank you for letting us know about your experience with an independent distributor of Kirby products. We apologize that it did not meet your expectations. Kirby vacuums are sold through independently owned and operated distributorships that perform in-home demonstrations to show off the Kirby system’s many features and performance capabilities. The Kirby Company requires all authorized distributors of its products to operate legally and ethically. Please call our Customer Relations Department at 1-800-494-8586 or email us at [email protected] so that we may address your concerns.

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Sales tactics

A lady knocked on our door and had a bottle of spray cleaner in her hand. She told us she was trying to...

Lack of product support

Over 10 years ago I bought a Kirby vacuum. I have never gotten any return calls from the Topeka, Kansa...




I had worked for this company for about a month and half. At first I loved every one they all seemed great...

This is ridicilous

I purchased a Kirby from Attitude Systems going door to door offering to demonstate the Kirby vacuum. This happened in Rio Rancho, New Mexico on November 30, 2011. They offered me a free carpet cleaning addon to buy the vacuum. I agreed. They said they were out of them on their van but would bring it the next day. I have never received the attachment. As per usual with door to door salesmen, they were trying to sell enough vacuums to win a young man a trip to San Antonio.

I would like the attachment that was promised and if I was scammed, I would like the Kirby company to do something about these gentlemen going around supposedly representing the Kirby Company.

I would also like to warn others of the perils of buying door to door. Knowing that Kirby in the past has sold their vacuums in this manner, I cannot recomment that anyone buy one because you don't know for sure that they are a Kirby representative.

  • Gl
    glenh2nd Dec 22, 2011

    I will never buy another Kirby. Dyson is way better for the money! Who uses bags any more?

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  • Ramelle Dec 22, 2011

    Contact Kirby customer service or corporate officeOP.

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Made my carpet filthy

Kirby offered a free "scotchguard" on my NEW carpet. They used the kirby dry shampoo and when they left my carpet never looked so bad!!! It was like the residue actually attracted filth! My carpet looked like an old dirty motel room! I rented the rug doctor and took care of the problem! Warning don't let kirby in your house! They will ruin your carpet! I actually think its done on purpose!!! Its a trick to make you want the kirby! Soooo awful!

  • Di
    Diane Hagley Nov 08, 2013

    I totally disagree with that my carpet is so clean since I purchased the Kirby I totally love this product it pulls the dirt out of my carpet and when I shampoo my carpet now it doesn't have that dirty dog smell cause there aint no dirt in my carpet anymore so I don't know where you guys are coming from the Kirby is an awesome product

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Kirby ruined my floor

I purchased a Kirby vacuum cleaner and I hate it. It is so hard to use and it does not do what it is supposed...

Unprofessional Sales Practices

Two Kirby sales people banged on my door on a Saturday evening around 7:00 PM last weekend. One of the two young ladies gave me a card and told me they were with a new carpet cleaning company in town that was trying to get their name out there. One was doing all the talking while the other was rather quiet. She told me she was competing for some trip and she needed to complete 20 free carpet cleanings to people in the area and I happened to be her last one. It was rather hot and muggy outside so I let them step inside the house. I felt there was no harm in letting her clean a carpet to complete her 20, so I made the mistake of accepting her offer. Since the first floor on my house is all hardwood and tile, I told her she could clean the oriental carpet in the living room.
She went back out and returned with a big box labeled Kirby and began to put together a vacuum cleaner. I realized she was not with a carpet cleaning company, but a sales person and she had fooled me to let her in.. I told her I was not on the market for a new vacuum cleaner, but that did not stop her from going on with her presentation. She gave me a piece of paper with the cost of the vacuum cleaner of $2, 300.00 and I told her that even if I was on the market I would never pay that much. I told her that my Dyson cost me a great deal less and it was fine and I told her that I did not see Kirby on the list of recommended vacuum cleaners in Consumer Reports. She told me that Consumer Reports had published an article stating that Dyson was trash. Since I have been a subscriber to Consumer Reports for years I told her I did not recall reading that article. She told she had a copy and when she could not find it she went back outside and returned with 8-1/2” x 11” photocopy of a page in Consumer Reports that was obviously made up. It had the logo of Consumer Report and some article with big headlines claiming Dyson was a piece of junk costing over $600.00. Since there were no dates or page numbers I asked when that article came out. She said last year, but I knew that was not true and I was not dealing with reputable people.
While I was checking the alleged Consumer Report page she excused herself and went outside to make a call. She came back with another offer that brought the price down to $1600.00. I insisted that I was not interested, but she continued with the demonstration vacuuming walls, furniture and everything on sight. She did the stairs and went into my bedroom to clean my bed. By this time I was getting very frustrated with my inability to stop her, so I became more forceful in my insistence for her to stop the demonstration and leave. In response, she told me she was training the other girl and would appreciate for me to let her finish the demonstration and also for her to clean the carpet as promised. I decided that after wasting almost 2 hours I could put up with them a little longer and at least get my carpet cleaned.
However, after almost another hour I decided that it was time for them to stop and told her I was not interested and it was taking too long. She once again excused herself and went out to make a phone call. She came back with another offer and when I told her I was not interested she told me she still had to show it to me. The price was now down to $800.00. I told her that I have seen the offer and was still not interested and asked her to please clean the carpet so I could get to bed.
She ended up cleaning a large oriental carpet on the living room downstairs. As she began cleaning I noticed that the carpet appeared to be buckling and I voiced my concern. She told me her product was safe for all carpets and it would regain its shape as it dries. The paper she gave me when I answered the door stated that on bold letters, so I did not stop her. I was anxious for them to get out so I even helped them pack. I noticed she was careful to collect all the papers she gave me, including the alleged page copied from Consumer Reports. I went to bed physically and mentally exhausted. I hate buying a new car because I hate haggling with car dealers and was rather annoyed knowing I invited sales people that act like car dealers into my home.
The following morning I got up to discover that my carpet was still bucked and I called the phone number on the paper and left a message asking someone to call back to let me know how were they going to pay for the damaged carpet. However, I already knew it would be highly unlikely I would get a call back from such an disreputable and unprofessional outfit.
I just hope recounting my experience will help others to avoid a letting anyone associated with Kirby into their homes under false pretenses. Not only I wasted precious hours of my weekend being aggravated by pushy sales people, but now I have to pay to replace a ruined carpet.

  • He
    heath2011 Jul 29, 2011

    Kirby vacuums are not worth that money. They are heavy and bulky. My uncle had an issue with a sales person once. He came in and did to him what that girl did to you. Finally he said, "let me go get my checkbook" the sales man was very excited thinking he had made a sale. My uncle came back downstairs with a shot gun, he cocked it and asked the guy who he should make it out to. The guy left and never came back. If I had been in your shoes I would have called the police. After you asked her to leave and she would not then she is tresspassing and needs to be kicked out

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  • VetoForBRs Jul 29, 2011

    The part that I think is strange is this:

    "She told me that Consumer Reports had published an article stating that Dyson was trash. Since I have been a subscriber to Consumer Reports for years I told her I did not recall reading that article. She told she had a copy and when she could not find it she went back outside and returned with 8-1/2” x 11” photocopy of a page in Consumer Reports that was obviously made up. It had the logo of Consumer Report and some article with big headlines claiming Dyson was a piece of junk costing over $600.00. Since there were no dates or page numbers I asked when that article came out."

    How convenient of her to have a fabricated article discrediting the exact vacuum that you own handy to show you! Either way, you should have kicked her out after the first hour if you weren't interested. Why did you let it go on for hours and hours?

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Stay away

My father in law was pressured into buying a Kirby Vacuum cleaner per a "free carpet cleaning" offer. We discovered this purchase upon validating his checkbook to pay bills while he is lying in a critical care unit struggling for his life. He has always conferred with us regarding any major purchases and does not posess the literacy to fully understand his financial obligations or purchase of major items. He is in eighties and it is an easy observation upon arriving at his front door that he is a man of limited income. Closer observation would disclose a man extremely hard of hearing, walks with a cane and no way on earth could push a vacuum cleaner much less one that heavy. My husband and I set forth to investigate the situation- my father in law is unable to share with us as he is intubated. The vacuum cleaner is a used one. The attachments are dirty. The wheels are well worn. The company is a Kirby dealer and offers no remorse "he was oriented enough to sign the contract." I find it horrific that such parasites exist. Elder abuse takes many forms and this screams as one of them.

  • He
    heath2011 Jul 18, 2011

    I went to an interview with Kirby and they use high pressure sales tactics and I ended up quitting. They don't want to hear no, they will keep pushing the issue. the vacuums are not worth the money at all

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Quality of merchandise

Kirby vacuums are too difficult to handle, too heavy. They are so noisy that EPA and OSHA should both issue warnings on them. They do not do a better job than most others and they are far too expensive. I would far rather use use a $39 sweeper from Walmart. We have missed many important phone calls because we can't hear the phone over the noise of this piece of junk.

  • Mo
    molliewollie May 21, 2011

    Things used to be made to last, not so anymore. Check out "the story of"

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