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RUDE Gate Agents

I've been flying with US Airways for 25 out of my 26 years and as of late have noticed an extreme decline in the attitudes of their gate agents, and to be more specific of those working at Philadelphia International Airport. I've had nothing but pleasant and helpful encounters with those working at not only my local airport [small with 98% of connecting flights depart from Philadelphia] but at other airports across the US as well. I'm here to share my two latest encounters.

* Two weeks ago I was traveling to Walt Disney World, alone as I'm a single parent, with my daughter. Our flight arrived in Philadelphia at 10:25am and we were scheduled to leave for Orlando at 12:45pm. We arrived at our original departure gate only to learn that it had been moved to another, and once we arrived at that gate there was a notice that it had yet again been moved. No big deal, gate changes happen more often than not. Our flight was listed as being on time but 12:00pm [boarding time] came and went, 12:45pm came and went, and not one gate agent made it known that our flight was delayed until 1:15pm. We were given a boarding time of 2:00pm, that time came and went as well and by 3:00pm my daughter, 15-months-old, was overtired and cranky. She can sleep just about anywhere but the airport proved to provide too much stimuli for sleep. I approached the counter [along with about 50 other travelers] to ask when we were scheduled to depart and the female gate agent was nothing but rude towards me. Instead of an answer or a simple "I'm not sure" I was told, "You'll leave when we have a plane, okay" and the icing on the cake, "Can't you shut that thing up?" in reference to my daughter. I asked to speak to a supervisor to which she pointed to her tag and said, "M-a-n-a-g-e-r. That spells manager. Did you graduate high school?" I don't anger easily but pushed me to the edge and I replied with, "Listen, you're working here while I have my d-o-c-t-o-r-a-t-e of pharmacology, who trumps who?" I agree that comment was wrong of me but I just snapped, and when we finally did arrive in Orlando [at 8:50pm] my first call was to US Airways and the second to a Philadelphia airport. As it turns out I was just one of a long list of travelers who called to complain, and was assured that appropriate action would be taken.

* Five months ago I went on a vacation to Las Vegas with my family, a long-standing tradition with us. My aunt who lives 40 minutes outside of Philadelphia was meeting us at the airport and while she arrived nearly 4 hours before departure she was still deep in the security line a couple of minutes shy of boarding time. My mother approached the desk to see if there was any way that my aunt, her sister, could be expedited through security though we had no real hope of that happening. She was informed that "tons of TSA agents called off", and when she repeated her question was told, "if you don't leave the counter I'll have you arrested". WHAT? As it turned out our flight was delayed by 3 hours [no surprise] and my aunt did make it in time, but "I'll have you arrested" is supposed to be a valid answer to a question?

Despite having over 100, 000 air miles left to use with US Air I've decided to take my business elsewhere from here on out. I can deal with flight delays, canceled flights and gate changes but I refuse to deal with those who chose to be rude, and that seems to be a reoccurring trend with US Air gate agents in Philadelphia.

  • Ma
    Maria Del Pilar Lamela Sep 20, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Me and my son also had our fare of Philadelphia US Airways rudeness. It was unbelievable for both of us. We NEVER had bad experiences in JFK, EWR, SJU, Madrid, Orlando, Miami, Paris, Costa Rica, Brazil, etc. What's wrong with Philadelphia US Airways?

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Dividend Miles

I signed up for a US Airways Master Card at the airport. They brochure and agent said that I would received 10, 000 US Air points after my first transaction. I never received the points. They also sent me a brochure and said if I paid a fee of $79.00 I would get a Platinum card with more points that would be credited to my account right away.

They never credited the account with the points. I contacted Master Card and complained and they said they would investigate and gave me a case number around he end of Jan. They said they would give me an answer in 30 days. At the end of 30 days they said they were still looking into the case. When I talked with the agent I said if you're not going to give me the points close my account and refund my $79.00. They closed my account and never refunded my $79.00

Voucher Fraud

Whatever you do, do not fall victim to the US Airways voucher scam. Do NOT give up your seat for voucher...

flight scheduling and flight attendents

On Feb. 16th we had a flight schedule to depart AVP to PHL then to Sky Harbor, AZ.We arrived 1 1/2 hrs early.Went to check in and found that they we putting us on an earlier flight to PHL.That was fine until we went to the gate and found out that that flight was cancelled.Thinking that they would automatically put us back on our original flight but no that did not happen.They booked it up by the the time we got to the counter.SO you guessed it ...no more flights available that day.I was so upset to think that we were left out of our original flight.SSOOOOOO we had to call someone to come back and pick up up and redo it all again the next day..I DID NOT ASK TO BE PUT ON THE EARLIER FLIGHT..I wasn't asked I was told. I think the lady of asian decent working at AVP was new or should not be working in that position..I finally talked to Megan and she got us on a 4 O'clock flight to PHL(on stand by).This worked out to be ok..We made it to AZ that same day..THANK GOODNESS!!! BUT guess what did not...u guessed it..our luggage!!! 24 hrs later we finally got it.
We were due to fly back on Feb. 28th.When I went to check in on line, there was a weather advisory so we got to change our flight to March 1. When I scheduled this flight, there was a time that fit our times to get to the airport, etc..I questioned the connecting flight from PHL to AVP.It only gave us 35 minutes to get our connecting flight to AVP. Well...you guessed it again we missed our connecting flight due to arriving late into PHL. Can I say that 35 minutes is not enough time to get to a connecting flight.You seriously need to look into changing this to at least 1 hrs or more to get your next flight.
On this flight from PHX to PHL...I might add that the flight attendents were they most miserable ones I ever encountered. We had decided to get a sandwich once we settled in the flight..Rushing around that morning gave us no time to eat..Welll guess again... by the time they got to our seats they ran out of food. The bad part is... we ask ahead about getting a sandwich and got a VERY rude remark.Like we cannot save u one or everyone else would be back here asking for one. I can't help think they purposely went to the front of the plane to be sure we did not get one..They blamed the airlines on cutting back on supplies.Soooo we went 8 hrs without food...
Lets get back to missing our connecting flight... when it was time to get off the plane in PHL I asked the flight attendent to help us get off the plane so we could try to get our flight home..Again...SHe (Nancy) did nothing to help us..WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR Society no one will go the extra anymore to help anyone.. WE had to WAIT 6 hrs to get the next flight...I am sooo disappointed with US airways...I will think twice next trip on chosing this airlines...I don't know what your PR people are doing but someone needs to have a meeting and regroup. SOme of your employees are not doing there job.
Oh yeah...by the way how did our luggage get on the plane and we didn't..It was waiting for us when WE finally arrived at AVP. A VERY DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER!!! This probably won't make a difference but I needed to let you know. Linda Price of Tunkhannock, PA

Never fly Us Airways if your life depend on it

NEVER FLY US AIRWAYS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT. We were on a flight from San Diego to Cancun, Mexico and flew 5 hours with no meals. US Airways was out of food. On our return, Sunday April 26th, flight number 316, departure time 4:07 p.m. Cancun, Mexico to Phoenix, AZ with a connecting flight to San Diego final arrival time 9:40 p.m. Sunday, April 26th we boarded the plane and waited 2 hours on the plane. They finally drove steps up to the plane and had everyone get off. There was something wrong with the fuel pipe. We all sat in the airport for 4 more hours to learn that the airplane wouldn't be fixed. Everyone went back through customs and baggage. They then opened 2 lines up for the entire flight to get new flights and meal vouchers. We were then bussed to a hotel and were told that we should get up at 4:00 a.m. for a 8:00 a.m. flight to go back to the airport. By now, its 11:00 p.m. Sunday night. Everyone gets up at 4:00 a.m. to a welcoming sign in the lobby saying that they would now come get us at 10:00 a.m. for a 2:00 o'clock flight. Everyone waited around for 6 more hours for the buss to come. The bus came at 10:00 a.m. and we were supposed to leave at 2. All the passengers waited all day until 5:00 p.m. at the Mexico airport. There were no representatives from US Airways to tell anybody anything. We also learned that US Airways wouldn't fly another plane to pick us up but they were going to fly a mechanic from North Carolina to try and fix it. They also were going to ship the part. This occurred during the outbreak of the Swine Flu. We were literally held hostage in the Mexico airport. Finally, we boarded the plane and sat on the plane for 45 minutes and left at 5:45 p.m. We then arrived in Phoenix and ran as fast as we could to the connecting flight only to learn that we missed it by 3 minutes. US Airways wouldn't hold the flight for 5 minutes, but they held over 150 passengers over 30 hours in the Cancun airport. US Airways then had us on another bus to another hotel in Phoenix. There wasn't one person from US Airways that offered to help, knew anything or offered any sign of hope. We finally arrived in San Diego at 8:45 a.m. on Tuesday, April 28th 40 hours and 45 minutes after we boarded our first flight. Hopefully none of my family contracted the Swine Flu while being held hostage by US Airways.

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Unauthorized billing

On a U S Airway trip from Mexico last November, I signed up for their frequent flyer program. Subsequently they sent me credit cards. I decided not to use those cards and so never "authorized" them. After receiving a billing for the annual membership fee, I wrote them telling them I wanted to cancel the account.

I am now out of the country for an extended period and the person in charge of my mail tells me that I have a current billing from them for the membership fee. Of course I would assume that if it isn't paid, they will start charging a late fee and that it also could affect my credit. I am not at all happy about this.

What can I do?

Barbara Votava

  • 8o
    8opele Jan 31, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After being customer since 2006, I can't get US Airway reps to lower my interest rate. There is always an excuse. Late payment you need to be 6 months on time.. Made that happen and the next excuse was we can't do this at this time.. Now I've all but zeroed the account and they want to sell me a protection program for .99 cent for every one hundred dollar balance and free for the first 30 days. Why would i want to do that. I was kept on the phone and told they had to check if my interest rate could be changed while they tried to sell me this program. when i said no to the program they told me "They couldn't lower my interest rate at this time. But the rep said the protection program could cause my interest to get lowered. Go figure. I just want people to watch out for this credit card by BARCLAY. In addition, they are not very nice people. I called a couple times about my dividend miles. They can't find them and someone was suppose to call me back. They never did. At this point I'm paying off the card and telling everyone i know about this.

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Puerto Vallarta gate attendant

I arrived 4 hours early for a flight from Puerto Vallarta to Phoenix, AZ connecting to my home in San Diego, CA. I checked into to fly on my scheduled flight which was paid for by a friend who had asked me to deliver a part for his boat in Mexico. I was not sure whether my flight was able to be moved forward to attend a business meeting in San Diego.

The gate attendant advised me to wait and someone would speak with me. Before she began processing passengers for an earlier flight to Phoenix, I approached her 2 more times before the plane left the gate and as it left the terminal I raised my voice and asked her if she could please get someone who could speak English as the plane taxied away from the terminal. She threatened to call the police.

Before I knew what was happening, airport security officials, then Federale Police officers began arriving at the gate. A US Airways spokesman came over to me and insinuated that I may not be allowed to travel at all and asked for my boarding pass. I assured him that all I wanted was to inquire about flying earlier than my scheduled flight. All I wanted was to speak to someone with the authority to make a decision and she immediately escalated the issue to a police matter.

All she needed to do was have someone come over to speak with me. The fact that she left me sitting there in her immediate line of sight was what made me so upset. She never gave me the coutresy of checking my boarding pass or even engaging me in a discussion of my flight options. The other woman at the gate behaved as though she couldn't speak English and until I heard her speaking English to other passengers, I had assumed she could only speak Spanish. I was shocked that she completely ignored my repeated requests concerning an earlier flight where seats were clearly available.

Moreover, they had not followed international flight regulations in terms of searching all passengers until the next flight and when my flight finally was boarding and proceeded to search my belongings (along with the belongings of all the passengers) with a diligence reserved for terrorists. The US Airways representative had asked me to wait until all other passengers had boarded and generally heightened my anxiety further by his brusque and rude manner. There was not even a hint of courtesy for a paying customer in their demeanor nor in the actions of any person associated with US Airways. I am registering a formal complaint with the FAA.

  • harry_palm69 Jan 03, 2010

    Well. serves you right for raising your voice to an airline employee. Let me remind you of something: this is a new era. we are living post 9/11 and it is highly recommened you behave yourself . Gotta a problem? Write to your congressman.

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Comsuner Service

To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to registrant a complaint concerning a US Airway experience, my name is DL Smith of OKIC Travel Agency. OKIC Travel along with Donna Sistare (Tour Conductor) planned and organizes a group trip (42 Passengers) to the world famous Las Vegas.
Donna Sistare (Tour Conductor) will summarize the events from start to finish.
In March of 2009, OKIC Travel planned and booked a five day, four night trip to Las Vegas, Nevada for forty-two passengers. The trip was scheduled for September 10, 2009 through September 14, 2009.
Specifically, we were scheduled to leave on Thursday, September 10, 2009 on US Flight 48. US Flight 48 was scheduled to depart DCA at 8:30 p.m. and arrive at LAS at 10:52 p.m. Our return flight, on US Flight 49, was scheduled to depart LAS on Monday, September 14th at 11:55 p.m. US Flight 49 was scheduled to arrive at DCA on Tuesday, September 15th at 7:16 a.m.
On June 23, 2009, OKIC Travel received a “Schedule Change Notification” via fax that indicated that my previously scheduled flight had been change to an earlier time with connecting flights. OKIC Travel declined the change because the group preferred direct (nonstop) flights. Subsequently, OKIC Travel went to the US Airways website and found a morning flight from DCA to LAS. This flight was US Flight 873 (nonstop) which was scheduled to depart from DCA at 8:35 a.m. and arrive at LAS at 10:47 a.m. on Thursday, September 10, 2009. The return flight was US Flight 872, which was scheduled to leave LAS on September 15, 2009 at 12 noon and arrive at DCA at 7:34 p.m. Please find the original travel itinerary and the revised itinerary attached. (See Attachments).
Later that day, on June 23, 2009, OKIC Travel received a second “Schedule Change Notification” via fax which indicated the changes that OKIC Travel made with the new times and flights that OKIC Travel booked for the trip.
On September 3, 2009, while reviewing the room manifest, I discovered that one passenger’s name was incorrect. OKIC Travel then contacted US Airways Vacation and spoke to Ms. Patti Huish and was told that because it was considered a name change there would be a charge of $150. The money was paid and an updated rooming list was sent to me; however, this time I found that two passengers’ names were incorrect. OKIC Travel informed Ms. Huish again of this error and the names were corrected. Although the names were corrected for the airlines, the names were not changed at the hotel. OKIC Travel was told by Ms. Huish that the charge for the name change would cover both the flight, and the hotel.

On September 10, 2009, when the group arrived at DCA, we were told that our flight was not scheduled for September 10, 2009. Instead, US Airways claimed that our flight was scheduled to leave on September 11, 2000. Mr. John B., Supervisor, told me that it did not matter what my itinerary stated because the computer showed our group was to leave on September 11, 2009 and that there was nothing he could or would do for us. He was very nasty, uncooperative, and rude. After numerous discussions with other staff members, our group was separated and placed on four different flights, all of which were connecting flights. As a result of this mishap, there were sickly and elderly members of the group who did not want to continue with the vacation they had planned for 5 months, including myself. It was devastating for me and the other group passengers to have to get on one plane, then another, only to find out that the first plane was so tiny. It caused, Mary Parker, Kristy Fisher, and I to have panic attacks. For Ms. Parker, it was more devastating because she had never flown before, and was separated from her friends.
Once passenger Kristy Fisher saw how small the first plane was, she was so stressed and disappointed that she did not travel to Las Vegas. As a result of the stressful flights, I had a migraine headache, which made it impossible for me to attend the show (Cirque de Soleil “O”) which I reserved in advance for $170. In addition, 41 people were yelling and screaming that I needed to fix this problem.
The group paid for a 5 day, 4 night vacation, which we did not get. At best, we got 3 days and 4 nights. We were scheduled to arrive in Las Vegas at 10:30 am on September 10, 2009, but we did not arrive until later that day. Furthermore, members of the group arrived in Las Vegas at four different times: 2:30 p.m.; 4:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. As a result, I was unable to enjoy my first day, because as the coordinator, I was at the hotel, with room keys, waiting for the entire group to arrive. We only had 3 full days in Las Vegas, not the 4 full days that we paid for.
In addition, on September 9, 2009, OKIC Travel spoke with Ms. Huish at US Airways Vacation about the charge for luggage because one of the group members discovered that the price had increased from $15 to $20. Ms. Huish assured OKIC Travel that because we booked our trip in March, the price change did not affect us. However, at the airport, we were told that our group was not booked until July and the price increase applied to us. According to a US Airways attendant, the date change was switched on September 3, 2009 by Ms. Patti Huish.
Ultimately, OKIC Travel requests that all passengers be reimbursed $250 for the inconvenience, time lost and the stress that was caused by the flight error. Further, I am requesting to be compensated $170 for the price of the ticket of the show that I was unable to attend due to being stressed out, which caused me to have a migraine. Finally, OKIC Travel requests that all passengers be reimbursed for the baggage fee (copies attached) increase because our trip was not booked in a timely manner by Ms. Patti Huish.

My negative experience and the negative experiences of the group have tarnished our image of U.S. Airways. OKIC Travel and I are hoping we can settle this because I’ll group and I are looking forward to travel back to Las Vegas trip in September 2010 with a larger group OKIC Travel and I would like very much to travel with your airline. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at DL Smith [protected], e-mail @ [protected]@AOL.COM

DL Smith

Cc: Better Business Bureau
American Society of Travel Agents
Office of Consumer Protection
State Office of the Attorney General
U.S. Department of Transportation: Consumer Affairs
Federal Aviation Authority: Consumer Protection Division
Aviation Consumer Action Project

  • Re
    Really? Dec 31, 2009

    Nice letter but:

    Is this the first trip you ever planned for a group? It sounds like it.

    Isn't your group coordinator there to take care of the paid customers rather than "enjoy my first day"?

    You just posted an advertisment for not using OKIC Travel. Anyone doing a google search will also get to read this detailed letter of a travel agency unable to handle a group.

    Good Luck in 2010!

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  • Re
    Really? Dec 31, 2009


    I just googled OKIC Travel...The first lsiting is this complaint!

    Good job tool!

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  • An
    anthony petraccone May 18, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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delayed, cancelled, treated like dirt and not compebsated

This is a 3 or 4 part series of complaints and information based letters we wrote after being delayed, delayed again, had our flight cancelled, etc...

We paid for First Class passage on a flight that was suppoosed to take off at 4:15pm on the 9th, land in Phoenix, pick up passengers, then fly to KC. THIS is what we paid good money for. What we got was:
Delayed in the airport for an hour due to a service issue with the plane. Then told our flight was cancelled and we had to stand in line for another hour and a half where we were told we wouldnt be able to fly out on that day, we checked and Southwest Airlines could have got us on their plane, but US AIRWAYS wouldnt do it because they didnt have a deal with them...clearly, satisfaction of their customers wasnt a priority. We even listened to the "customer service" person next to us make rude comments about a guy who was upset about the situation he was in, who wouldnt be upset...but making that comment after he walked away was unfrofessional. Anyway, we were shuttled to a hotel after standing outside in 48 degree temperatures waiting for a van. We were put in a room together instead of getting seperate rooms, we have to leave the hotel at 4am to get back to the airport we were in yesterday, go through security again for a flight that is gonna put us in Phoenix where we now have A FOUR HOUR LAYOVER and we have to change planes and get home a day later and too late to get to our job where were gonna lose pay. THIS is what we we ended up getting for our money and First Class booking. We paid extra money for basically a nonstop flight and First Class seating to KC. We did not get what we paid for so why are we being charged full price for this unprofessionally managed disaster? I even watched the lady at the counter tell a guy she would take care of his refund, 20 minutes later when we asked for some type of refund for all of this, she said she didnt have anything to do with compensation or refunds...we just watched her do it. Bottom line is that we were delayed, cancelled, lied to, treated like we didnt matter and charged full price for something that isnt even close to what we paid for and not one person gave a darn during the entire ordel...which, by the way, were still dealing with because were still awaiting our flight at the hotel now. We are tired, upset and through all of this were gonna have no choice but to sit in the same clothes for two days.

ok, we are now at the airport, we got here 2 hours prior to our flight as we were told to do and guess what, there was nobody at the ticketing counter when we got there and we are still traveling first class so we stood in the first class line. when somebody did show up, he sarted taking care of the other people while us first class passengers stodd in a line with no attention given to us until we finally spoke up. now were at the gate and theres nobody here either. this airline cant even follow the guidelines they gave us. Why should we be here 2 hours early if they'e not gonna be here? we also found out that we arent even sitting together which is something else we paid for and are not gonna get. weve noticed alot of bad things with this airline including not following their own written procedures. theres a big sign on a RESTRICTED area door that say each person must swipe their I.D badge before entering, no piggy backing, no exceptions...they were following each other in and out of this door all the time, half the people never swiped their badge. this doesnt instil a feeling of security with this airline. i will continue topost everything that happens including taking pictures and video of all of these rules vilations, code violations, etc... im sure theres gonna be somebody who works for the airline that gonna slander us or talk bad of us for posting this stuff, but the truth is the truth and if they're gonna cost me time, money and aggravation, im gonna report it.

we just arrived in Phoenix...and only about 17 hours later than we were supposed to be here. After all the headaches, the delays, the cancellation, being shuffled aroud, being lied to, etc...etc...the airlines finally saw fit to compensate us for out trouble...they gave us a $5 meal voucher...yes, hats right, $5...FIVE BUCKS! Wow, their generosity overwhelms me and surely that $5 makes up for everything, were trying to decide if we shold get a pack of gum or share a coffee at the airport while we sit here for the next FOUR HOURS waiting for yet another flight that we have been told we may or may not get onto. I hope someone reading this uses our experience to make the decision NOT to fly US AIRWAYS, maybe if it costs them some money, they'll stop doing this to people. I can back up and prove everything i have been writing. id be glad to contact anybody who wishes to know all the details. They keep telling us that we have simply been slightly inconvenienced but it has not cost us any more than it would have cost us before. To everybody whos read this so far...are you doing the math? we lost a days pay, we had to spend the night in a hotel and buy 2 meals at hotel rates, we have to pay another days parking rate at an airport parking lot and we stil havent got what we paid for in the first place which was a simple, first class flight to kc with one stop and no deboarding. were getting the shaft by this airline and have even had a few employees laugh when we tell them how bad we feel about whats happening.

We are now home, we have lost wages, been charged extra parking fees, had to pay for meals we wouldnt have had to pay for if we had been given the flight we were supposed to have, the female in our party had to walk almost a mile through airports on a knee that she had surgery on and is considered partially disabled (we werent even supposed to deboard at all but had to, as well as walk through the whole airport and wait for over 4 hours for our next flight) and now this is a direct copy and paste from the email they sent us:

We understand our decision to decline your request for additional
compensation is not what you anticipated and are sorry we cannot honor
your request.
Athena Monroy
US Airways Customer Relations
Corporate Office

i dont think weve ever been so politely @$#!#ed over in our entire life. To state a fact, we are only asking for the amount that we paid for the 1st class upgrade on our tickets and only the portion of the return trip and nothing more, simply because we endured so much during this series of headaches, delays, cancellations, wages losses, etc.. I should also mention that we booked the return flight so that we would not have to deboard the plane or have an extended layover or gate change because the female in my party is partially disabled and has had knee surgeries and can not deal with walking across airports. as mentioned, we got none of that, we had to deboard, we had a 4+ hr layover, we had to walk a huge distance across the airport. theres tons more to this story than were writting but were gonna leave it at that. We appologize if we garbled up a few things or got some stuff out of place but we wrote most of this while sitting in airports, parking lots and other places. Im sure they're spelling errors and a few things that may seem out of place, please chalk it up to being us frustrated and tired while trying to keep all the times, dates, monies and other facts as stright as we could. If we made any errors in this series of letters, we will do our best to correct them at a later date.

  • An
    a_n_a Dec 24, 2009

    From the agent letter that you posted its looks as if you were asking for more compensation...posting the agent at US Airways name without doing your own is ver discourteous as maybe her hands were tied and she was not able to do more for you. We as consumers may not like it but they have jobs they have to do as well and they have to answer for their actions...They story is understandable but berating the agent for doing what they get paid to do is not tolerable in my eyes.

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My 2 year old son and me were supposed to fly with the above mentioned itinerary from USA to India;

"13Oct, Tue US Airways Flight 2640
Airline reservation ID: E5N5D6 Operated by US Airways Request Seat PNS - Pensacola Mcpl 10:44am-13Oct, Tue CLT - Charlotte 01:20pm - 13Oct, Tue Nonstop Econ

13Oct, Tue US Airways Flight 704
Airline reservation ID: E5N5D6 Operated by US Airways Request Seat CLT - Charlotte 04:20pm-13Oct, Tue FRA - Frankfurt 07:00am - 14Oct, Wed Nonstop Econ

14Oct, Wed US Airways Flight 5684
Airline reservation ID: E5N5D6 Operated by Lufthansa Request Seat FRA - Frankfurt 11:55am-14Oct, Wed BLR - Bangalore 12:10am - 15Oct, Thu Nonstop Econ

Total Trip Time: 26hr 56min Return Date Flight Depart Arrive Duration 08Dec, Tue Lufthansa Flight 755

Airline reservation ID: X6OLCW Operated by Lufthansa Request Seat BLR - Bangalore 03:30am-08Dec, Tue FRA - Frankfurt 08:45am - 08Dec, Tue Nonstop Econ

08Dec, Tue US Airways Flight 705
Airline reservation ID: E5N5D6 Operated by US Airways Request Seat FRA - Frankfurt 11:40am-08Dec, Tue CLT - Charlotte 03:40pm - 08Dec, Tue Nonstop Econ

08Dec, Tue US Airways Flight 2555
Airline reservation ID: E5N5D6 Operated by US Airways Request Seat CLT - Charlotte 08:15pm-08Dec, Tue GPT - Gulfport/Biloxi 09:16pm - 08Dec, Tue Nonstop Econ
Total Trip Time: 29hr 16min

I was traveling with the below listed documents;
1) Valid Indian passport
2) Valid Employment Authorization document (EAD card)
3) Valid Travel Document (Advance Parole)

First of all US Airways rescheduled our flight to 14th Oct from Mobile to Charlotte, Charlotte to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Bangalore due to delay in their flight on 13th Oct where in myself and son waited for 5 hours in the airport. Then we started our travel the next day where in they let me travel from Mobile, Al to Charlotte, NC, but they denied me to board on flight from Charlotte to Frankfurt saying I did not have proper travel documents to travel, they said that with the above documents I need an airport transit visa in Germany. Also they have denied us to refund money or re-schedule the flights. They harassed me in the airport from 3:00 pm till 9:35 pm with my 2 year old son, and finally they put me on the 10:35 pm flight back to Mobile.

My husband emailed the German Consulate General, Miami about the whole scenario sending them the flight details and below is their reply;

"Dear Mr Gowda,
we reviewed the flight schedule and do not understand why the airline refused your wife, the present travel documents (valid Indian Passport + Letter of Parole) are legal to pass through Frankfurt airport for up to 12 hours as a transit passenger on her way to her home country India .We do have a publication on our website at www.miami.diplo.de /Airport transit visa information, exemption Nr 4 applies exactly for your case .You may print it and submit with your complaint to Lufthansa Airline.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Sincerely

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
Visa department
100 N. Biscayne Blvd, Ste. 2200
Miami FL 33132

Tel.: [protected]
Fax : [protected]
e-mail: [protected]@miami.diplo.de
Internet: www.miami.diplo.de

When I told this to the US airways international reservations person about the German Consulate's reply, they are telling that as per their data I did not produce the Advance Parole at the time of travel which in reality, I had produced and they had mentioned that I needed a transit visa for Germany with the advance parole. It is very clear that they are covering up their mistake by tampering with the data. Please help us as we have been harassed and cheated blatantly. I know that I am right and that my son and I have been harassed because of our brown skin color (as the US Airways supervisor on floor duty at gate D3 in Charlotte airport who denied me to board on flight said “I will see how this brown skin lady will get on this flight”).
We need help as our hard earned money of $2600.00 has been stolen from us by the US Airways.

I am writing this letter as a last resort after having two days of traumatizing experience in the airport. As we believe in my culture that when the world turns its back on you, turn to God. My family and I are trying to make this country our home and you are the only person to voice our bitter experience in public and bring awareness to of what is happening.
We need justice,

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    Ram76 May 31, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Very sorry to hear about the suffering you underwent, finally did you get any justice.


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RUDE and lying staff, Terrifying pilot

My new husband and I had an absolute nightmare experience dealing with US Airways. We left for Las Vegas for a short wedding weekend and flew out on American with NO problems...they were wonderful. When returning, we unfortunately were flying US Airways. We had no clue how horrible of an experience we would be dealt and the lack of respect or concern on the part of the airline was beyond appalling.

We arrived at the Las Vegas airport 3 hours prior to our flight and were the second and third persons to check in and get to the gate. We were told the flight was overbooked by several people and offered first class seats if we transferred to the later flight, leaving at 7PM. Since the later flight was direct we would have made it home sooner than the one with the layonver so we said we would be glad to do that and were told to confirm an hour prior to departure. When we went to confirm, a VERY rude and snide male with dark, scruffy facial hair (I only give this description b/c I didn't get his name); told us there was no way he would be putting us in first class on any flight and this one was not overbooked. He made it sound as though we had asked for the transfer when in fact they had asked us! Obviously, someone at US Air thought lying and misleading us was okay, and he felt comfortable treating us like second class citizens.

When we finally boarded the plane, we walked to the back and the flight was full. My assigned seat was being occupied by another person who did not budge or blink an eye when I told the flight attendant about the error. The flight attendant had no problem moving me to the last row and seating me next to strangers even though I had a RESERVED seat that was paid for, next to my brand new spouse. She did not even ask to check the man's ticket who was in my seat and did not give one single thought to honoring what we had PAID for and purchased! Meanwhile the man and his girlfriend made out the entire flight and relished in their new seats next to each other. The unprofessionalism on the part of the airline was over the top.

Now the story gets even better (insert sarcasm). We pulled out onto the runway...(each of us seated apart), when the pilot said "we are number 45 in line to leave". What??? Turns out there was only one lane open for the planes at the airport. The flight itself was horrendous with many passengers certain it was going to crash-an obviously untrained pilot that added physical terror to the emotional battering we were already experiencing.

By the time we landed in Phoenix our connecting flight was in the final stages of the boarding call...on the OTHER side of the airport. Again, the attendants did not even consider rising to the occasion and no priority was given to those on the plane to depart first if they had a connecting flight. They even commented on the overhead that many would be missing their connections. Of course, they did not offer an apology for this. We ran to the gate and got there just as they were closing the door. We were told we would be separated again and they were going to check our bags and that's just how it was. We said "NO" because everything up to this point was at the fault and inconsideration of the airline and it's staff. We were certainly not going to give them the opportunity to screw up another matter.

When we walked down the jetway leading to the plane yet another rude staff member promptly told us our luggage had to be checked and began taking my husbands luggage out of his hand. I told her (an African/Jamaican woman with a thick accent) that we were not checking our luggage as it was the airlines fault we were late and mistreated up until this point. I got on the plane and was physically shaking with a red face and almost in tears because of the flight attendants we had already encountered. At this point I was offered a glass of water and the first decent gentleman attendant said he would make room for the bags...which he did. I was back on the jetway waiting with my spouse when the woman took my husbands luggage from his hand, handed it to the man on the ground and said "IT WILL BE CHECKED"!! Right after, the male flight attendant came and asked for our luggage to which we told him she had taken it anyway and had completely disregarded our wishes and his statement that he had made room. She did not care at all and continued giving an ugly look with a sense of satisfaction that her mission had been accomplished...and that was the last straw.

When I sat in my AGAIN newly appointed seat on the last row, I was placed next to a gentleman with horrible body odor and a woman who was sick with the flu. The point again is that I was never to be in this seat placement anyway. When we finally arrived in DFW after midnight, my husband's luggage was the last bag off even though it was the last one put under the plane so abruptly. Not one apology was made during the entire course of our experience with US Airways and not one individual cared that we had been misled, given false information, had our money virtually stolen and our honeymoon trip home absolutely ruined. These are experiences I wish upon no one.

FROM MY NOTE TO US AIRWAYS: I am an avid flyer and have NEVER witnessed anything of this magnitude. While you may think we do not matter and our business is small in comparison to how many customers you have, we will do our part in informing everyone we know not to ever utilize this airline. A repsonse acknowledging the many errors and rude treatment given would be appreciated as well as a refund or something this airline deems appropriate for the situation. The response we recieve will be taken into play as far as our next step goes. We will not stop here if nothing is done and the company where we purchased our tickets from will also be notified.

You can contact us at the phone number or the address provided. We hope this matter will be given serious attention. Please note that with the state of our economy the way it is, one would think a company would be concerned with their reputation and ability to maintain customer care and retention. How sad it is that so many businesses operating under a model of integrity are failing while a company with such poor service and rude employees is still surviving. What a terrible shame.

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    Really? Aug 25, 2009

    GET OVER YOURSELF!!! Everything is not a personal attack against you! There is not a plot by US Air to ruin your day.

    Things happen when you travel and you must deal with it. The general public expects cheap fares with all the extras. Well guess what... staffing levels had to drop, stretching the remaining employees very thin. Rudeness is unacceptable, but think about your own behavior as well.

    Just a thought...

    Have a great day!

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  • Li
    lilvixen69 Oct 21, 2009

    You got to your destination and back, didn't you? Quit whining. The whole world doesn't owe you.

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Unacceptably rude with total disregard for customers time

In my 52 years I have never experienced such a lack of respect.
With the unemployment at 10%, why would you employ the rudest of the rude for customer service?

Long 47 hour trip (should have been 10) in short:


From the many stories I have heard now about US Airways, it is amazing to me they are still in business. Hope we aren't going to be bailing them out and supporting their deliberate mismanagement and incompetency’s.

  • Ih
    i hate complainers Oct 04, 2009

    Cut the dramatics... First off, wouldn't you have noticed the information on your reservations was wrong??? Who doesnt check their reservations?? Also, something tells me your attitude was in fact an issue that didnt help the situation.

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Airline Stewardess yelling at 7 year old

I will never fly with US Airways and I will make sure my friends know what took place last Wednesday on a flight to Toronto, Canada. My niece was traveling with her 3 kids. She was told that there would not be a problem with finding seats on the plane and that the Stewardess would be able to help her. She has a 7yr, 5yr old with Down Syndrome and a 3yr old. When she got on the plane, no one helped her, they told her all of them had to sit in separate seats. Imagine a child having to sit between strangers and also another child with other strangers. The children got scared and started to cry, the Airline stewardess started yelling at the 7 year old and telling him to get his act together. The mother was so embarrassed because the stewardess started yelling at her and told her that if she doesn't control her kids they will be off the plane. This is their first time flying from Canada to GREAT OLE USA. Apparently that woman had no kids. she failed to see the dilemma these kids were in. The mother cried all the way home, no one was nice to her, the service was terrible. She paid money for her tickets and was told that her child could not sit at the window because the customer paid extra for his window seat, To me that is hogwash,
This was my niece's horror flight back to Canada on US Airways, I understand after 9/11 but these Airline stewardess have no authority to treat customers this way, the others on that airline had no backbone to tell her that she was rude and wrong, I am an American Citizen and I will never fly with US airways and I am telling all my friends what happened.
Putting children to sit between strangers are not safe, we have no clue who are child molesters on a plane. I am not happy with this airline and I hope people have the nerve to stand up for their rights and not let these airline stewardess bully them. Granted there are times when they have to be tough but yelling at children and then embarrassing the mother in front of passengers, that is uncalled for and unprofessional.

  • Ih
    i hate complainers Oct 04, 2009

    First off, why would your niece book a flight in which she could not ensure they were all seated together. The airlines do offer advance seat assignments. So booking a flight in which they all could not be seated together is the fault of your niece and not the airline. The airline did not put the kids with your strangers that was the doing of your niece and her poor planning. Plus I cant see the flight attendant (which is what they are called, they have not been called stewardesses for a long time) just yelling at the kids unless their behavior was truly that bad.

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Canceled flight, missed wedding

We scheduled a last-minute wedding based on my father's ability to walk his daughter down the aisle. We booked a flight to Las Vegas and utilized their "TEXTUS" program to check flight status throughout the morning in which it listed our flight as being "on-time". Upon arrival to the airport we were notified of a minimum 1 hr delay due to mechanical problems. Upon learning of this we asked for assistance to ensure we would arrive to Las Vegas on time and were told we would have to speak to a manager. In the mean time we contacted customer service via phone in an effort to make other arrangements and were told the best they could do was change our flight to one at a different airport. Considering we were flying out of Sacramento, the closest airport was 1 1/2 hours away and we had been dropped off at the airport and were without transportation. After waiting for over 30 minutes for the manager to arrive, we again approached the gait crew and and were told they had forgotten about us and the manager had been there for approximately 10 minutes already as we watched her arrive. We were ultimately placed on a flight to Phoenix ( and weren't even allowed to sit next to each other as nobody wanted to switch to either of the middle seats we had been given) where we had to transfer to a flight to Vegas with only 5 minutes to spare. As were were running to our gait, my fiance twisted his ankle which slowed him down considerably and when I approached the gait which had just called for final boarding, I explained the situation and told them he was approximately 3 minutes behind me and was told they would only wait for 2. Fortunately he arrived in time and we arrived to Las Vegas 1 1/2 hours after our wedding was scheduled.
In an effort to gain some compensation for our emotional and financial damages, we have been offered 2 $75 vouchers for future flights. Are you kidding?? Had US Airways "TEXTUS" system been accurate, we could have made alternate arrangements. Even the departure board at the airport listed that flight as being "on-time", even after the flight had been scheduled to leave. Had a manager gotten there a little sooner and not forgotten about us, we could have possibly boarded a Southwest flight which would have gotten us there in time. Had US Airways lived up to their Customer Service Policy as is stated on their website, they could have perhaps gotten us to our wedding in time. US Airways is SOLELY responsible for ruining my wedding and they think $150 is adequate compensation-I THINK NOT!

  • Ih
    i hate complainers Oct 04, 2009

    Give me a break!!! Why would you book flights so close to when a wedding was to occur? Why would you not fly in the day before and that would have allowed you plenty of time in case something like this happened. Flights get delayed and cancelled all the time. Poor planning on your part is not the fault of the airline, its your fault. It sounds like the airline did what it could to assist you. Also, the flight status system I'm sure was correct as they will not post a delay unless the flight is absolutely going to be delayed. Sometimes mechanical problems can get fixed and the flight wont be delayed. It sucks that your flight was delayed and that your rushing caused an injury (which is not the fault of the airline either), but nothing really that bad happened here.

    Also, its called gate not gait.

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Bad food, unkind flight attendants

I took a 9 hour flight from Rome to Philadelphia where near the end of the flight I was served some sort of sandwich wrapped in plastic. I ate part of it and shortly after I started to feel nauseated. So then about 2 hours late immediately before I boarded my second flight I started to vomit. I continued to vomit throughout the whole 5 hour flight. I asked the flight attendant if I could have a blanket because I was getting the chills and she just informed me that I could buy a nap sack. The flight attendant also asked me if I could limit my vomiting to just one bathroom, which I found absurd considering my condition, and rude. While we were landing I had again used another barf bag and hit the service button to ask for some water. Before the flight attendant had a chance to come my friend gave me some of theirs. When the attendant arrived I told her what I had wanted and in a rude tone of voice that suggested she wouldn't have even attempted to help me in any way shape or form said "well good because we were landing anyways".
I'm sorry but are they really too cheap to spare a blanket and some sympathy to someone who was vomiting for 5 hours straight because she ate some tainted food on her last flight by the same airlines? Needless to say I will never fly on US airways again.

  • Ha
    Harry K Jun 25, 2009

    you probably had airsickness. why do you have to barf in all the washrooms. no one else got sick, even your freind did not get sick. you have airsickness. you still have to pay for the blankit. sometimes if you are rude they don't help you.

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  • Ih
    Ihateuanditshows Jul 28, 2009

    Are you dog? Do you need to mark your territory by barfing in every bathroom? Seriously what is wrong with you?? It sucks that you were sick but no one else needs to subjected to your puke in all the freaking bathrooms.

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So Called 'Perks'

US Mastercard is offered with the promotion that you will get two $99 companion tickets to fly US Airways. What they don't tell you is that the certificates come in August and you have to book within 2 months. If they had told me that somewhere in the information before I signed up at least I would have been forewarned. The ad said only that you got the companion tickets... I was stupid enough to think that they were good for the year.

I complained about it and they sent me another certificate. I wrote them and told them that the certificate they sent me had expired. Their answer was that a new one would be coming as soon as my year was up. No attempt to make the customer happy whatsoever.

This $99 companion fare is being misrepresented. They need to be upfront about what the program is and what the offer is so you don't feel scammed.

Shame on US Airways for allowing Barclays to do this!

  • Cg
    CGDoc Aug 20, 2009

    The entire switch from Bank of America to Barclay's Bank is a scam. If you transferred your previous U.S. Airways Visa from Bank of America to Barclay's, the annuqal fee is $ 99 and you got 10, 000 miles. If you apply for a new Mastercard from Barclay's the annual fee is $ 79 and you receive 25, 000 miles. If you were are former Bank of America customer and apply for a new card, Barclay denies the application.

    Well, I'm going to apply for a Southwest Airlines Chase Visa, guess who I will be flying with in the future!

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Terrible Experience

This is the absolute worst airline every. I flew from San Francisco to New York and had a connecting flight in Philadelphia. Well to start a flight was delayed a hour and twenty five minutes. Then while on the flight the flight attendents were no help or even compromising. To make matters even worse by the time I reached Philadelphia I had missed my connecting flight by 45 mins and had to spend the entire night in the Philadelphia airport. When I talked to US Airways Customer Service they told me that I was already rescheduled on a flight at 7:30am in the morning the next day. This was completely unacceptable. I tried to get a food voucher from this airline for the inconveinence but was told that they were not responsible. No one from the airline wanted to help. This was my first time flying US Airways and it will be my last. This airline sucks.

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    rebecca pearson Jun 19, 2008
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    I am not going into detail on the original complaint because u s airways did respond. I sent an email about a week ago asking for an extension to a voucher for file 2121815a because we have had 3 deaths in our family which included lengthy illnesses. We won't be able to use our vouchers before they expire so we asked for an extension. We were looking for a response for the airline. Hoping that at least that courtesy would be extended.

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    Mgckhpns Jul 03, 2008
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    Verified customer

    By the by, I spent approximately $3000 - $5000 per year on US Airways, I am seriously reconsidering that. I called, spoke to an agent, to make a reservation to Las Vegas. I explained that I wanted the coach class that would provide me with the automatic upgrade (silver preferred member). I was quoted a price, agreed to it, provided a voucher number (from when they didn't provide a requested wheelchair) and my credit card information. When I asked to get the seat assignment, was put on hold for over two hours (this is the first call) and then was hung up on. After I called back to find out the status, I was told that my card was charged and the vouchers applied but the fare class was wrong for the upgrade and told must either pay additional $1200 per person or forfeit the vouchers. I protested, was put on hold for another hour and half and hung up on again. All in all, I was hung up on three times and on hold and talking to US Airways for over FIVE hours and still lost the vouchers, despite the original error being attributed to their agent.

    All I got for my time was was this e-mail...

    Dear Ms. _______:

    Thank you for contacting Customer Relations at US Airways. We appreciate hearing from our customers and having an opportunity to address your concerns. The Terms and Conditions assigned to the Transportation Voucher state they cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, or mutilated. May be used toward the price of one ticket/one fare on US Airways, US Airways Shuttle, or US Airways Express. The voucher and subsequent tickets issued against an E-TUV are non-refundable and have no cash value. I certainly regret the personal circumstances relayed; however, we are unable to give consideration to your request in this instance.

    Again, thank you for contacting US Airways. We appreciate your giving us the opportunity to explain our position. Thank you for understanding.


    A______ C________
    US Airways Customer Relations
    Corporate Office

    And this is how US Airways treats its customers (preferred at that)... Sorry, I redacted to protect the innocent.

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  • Bi
    Bill G Aug 19, 2008
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    Verified customer

    We booked with US Airways to Manchester, UK. The airline canceled their flights. It took 10 seconds for them to process our credit card and take our money but takes 2 to 3 months to get (maybe) refunded. Be warned. Never fly US Airways!

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  • Ba
    Barney Jan 08, 2009

    We purchased tickets to fly to FT Lauderdale, FL for $748. Prior to the flight I was diagnosed with stage IIIC colon cancer. DR wouldn't allow me to leave. I called US Airways and asked what my options were, they said I could use the tickets for a later flight but they had to be used prior to May 5 2009. I asked what happens if I die before I can use the ticket. The man said, ' Send us a copy of your death certificate and we will send you a refund.'

    My e-ticket says I can change the reservation subject to a $150 change fee and the new itinerary will be priced at the lowest available published fare at the time of the change.

    I found tickets to Colorado Springs for $579 total to fly for Christmas. I figured if I paid an additional $131 over the $748 I have already paid, I could buy the tickets. US Airways tells me I have to pay $300 in addition to the $748 I have already paid and this is for a 1 1/2 hour flight to Colorado Springs from Phoenix. The oncologist is telling me I have less than a year to live.

    If I were certain he was correct, I would fly to Colorado Springs on Frontier and let US Airways refund the price of my ticket after I die. However, I don't intend to die just to make them provide a little customer service. After talking with their customer service, I think even dying wouldn't get them to provide any customer service.

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  • Mo
    Monty Apr 07, 2009

    In March of 2009 I decided to fly the newly popular US Airways, or 'Sully Air' as I renamed after Cpt. Sullenberger's fantastic emergency landing into the Hudson. I departed from JFK in NY and flew to Phoenix to visit my sister. When I landed in Phoenix and arrived at her house, I unpacked my baggage, where I had mistakenly packed my digital camera and gps unit. When I looked inside my luggage I noticed that my camera, packed inside its carrying case, and my gps were missing. However, I did still have my battery charger for my camera and gps mount.

    As soon as I realized these items were missing, I contacted US Airways and explained my situation, at first the agent on the other end was confused wondering at first if I lost my baggage, if my bag was delayed or if my bag was stolen. After multiple attempts of clearing up the situation, I was finally transferred to the Baggage Claim Dept., which of course was closed. The funny thing was that US Airways is based out of Arizona, but they operate on EST Office Hours. Nonetheless, I was forced to go to sleep feeling very screwed and unsettled that I was unable to at least start a path to a resolution.

    The next morning, I was able to start off my vacation with a friendly phone call to US Airways Baggage Dept., again I had to go through the entire process of explaining my story and get to the point of the fact that no, my bag is not missing, no my bag was not stolen, I finally blurted out 'A US Airways Employee stole contents from my baggage !', the response: 'So you are a US Airways Employee ?'. After finally making the agent understand my situation, he informed me that US Airways does NOT have a 'Form' for Stolen Contents, Only Stolen or Missing Baggage or Delayed Baggage. I then asked him what I should do, so he decided that I should fill out a report for stolen baggage, evidently that should be sufficient. After giving the agent all my info, about five times, he gave me a case file # and said someone would be in contact within 14-21 business days. I was enraged by the response time, so I asked to speak with the customer service dept, guess what ? They don't have a phone number for the Customer Service Dept., I guess this happens all the time. The agent informed me that the only way I could contact customer service was by mail, fax or email, so after I hung up with the agent, I filled out a Customer Service Complaint via email, their response time was slightly better, estimated 3-4 days.

    After realizing I was not going to get anywhere soon, I went out to the local Wal-Mart and purchased another digital camera for our vacation, as we really wanted to capture the beauty of Arizona's landscape. When I returned home, about 7 days later, I still had heard nothing back from US Airways, so I decided to give them a call again, I got in touch with the Baggage Claim Dept. and was promptly informed that they had no record of any claim on file with them. Shocking !!! After debating with the agent for awhile, she then informed me that their 'Baggage Claim Escalation Dept.' may have my file, but like the Customer Service Dept., they don't have a phone number either, lol. I was told they would be in contact with me the next day, its been 10 days, still no word.

    In conclusion, I was given the traditional run-around by one of America's most respected domestic airline, no answers, no responsibility. The worst part of all was not the financial loss, not the run-around, but that the fact that my girlfriend had not had a chance to upload the recent photos of our niece and nephew's birthdays and christmas, which cannot be replaced with any amount of money. To add insult to injury, it just feels like crap to know that an American company has no responsibility and no care for how they treat their customers. We pay for their services and expect at the least for them to transport us to our destination and hope that we get their on-time with our baggage. Understandably we incur delays and sometimes lost baggage, but to have an airline employee opening your personal belongings and taking out items of yours feels so disgusting. I hope that filing this complaint will have at least opened our eyes a little more to know that we need to hold these corporations responsible, this type of freedom and cowboy operating standards is what lands these companies in trouble and then they look to us to bail them out.

    I understand I should not have packed my camera and gps in my checked luggage, so please don't comment on my stupidity, only comment of Larceny by US Airways. Anyone who has had a similar situation with this company and is looking for payback, let's file a class action suit, and see if that gets any attention.

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  • Ch
    chrisnyc1 Nov 14, 2012
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    Verified customer

    What was your delay for? If it was due to weather or Air Traffic Control (ATC), no airline is responsible. You are not entitled to meal or hotel vouchers. On the other hand, if the delay was in the direct hands of the airline, such as a mechanical failure, then you are entitled to compensation. The rules are delineated in the contract of carriage, which you agree to when you purchase your ticket. It's interesting how the public demands low fares and wants free meals and hotels when something goes wrong that the airline had nothing to do with.

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free ticket

I was promised a free airline ticket at the phoenix airport last year all i had to do was sign up and i have been fighting this ever since and recently i took a trip and they are still doing the same thing at the airport. I have many emails i sent and talked to usairways they refuse to help. They won't investigate who signed me up, they send response that have nothing to do with my question and when you call they can only state did you read the cardmember agreement let me see NO i did not have the agreement when i signed up ...

> >Thank you for contacting US Airways. > >We are sorry to hear of the difficulties you encountered when you >attempted to use your companion certificate. > >Availability continually fluctuates, so it's not possible to know what >fares might have been available when you were trying to make a >reservation and use your companion certificate. > >In answer to your question, the discounted websites buy airline seats in >bulk, and they determine the rate at which a seat will be sold and the >terms and conditions of the ticket purchased, which is why a discount >vendor may occasionally have a seat open at a lower fare than the >airline. > >The tickets you purchased from Travelocity (confirmation ****) are >non-refundable, and we regret to advise you that we are unable to refund >any portion of the tickets you purchased. > >Thank you for being a member of our Dividend Miles program. > >Best regards, > >Cheri >US Airways >Dividend Miles Service Center > > > >Original Message Follows: ------------------------ > > > > >I did call to use companion tickets, I am so upset with this i was told >i purchased the tickets but since i spent 240 which total cost was >279.80 per ticket I did purchase the ticket on my usairway credit card >, they said no and also travelocity which is through uswest part of >uswest i was told i could not use through them but when i called to make >reservation it was going to cost me out of pocket to go to oregon june >3rd to june 6 sunday 800.00 and then i can use companion ticket for >99.00 and so i asked how much would i need to buy more point 1100.00 i >need 5000.00 points okay this is a ripoff again all i am asking was to >use the ticket, I am so disappointed in this company, i knew as soon as >you said call them this would happen i am talking about going to oregon >wednesday through sunday 5 days, (( I can purchase through a company >travelocity that is part of uswest for 279.80 total cost with tax, how >is it that your company charging me these high prices, you are a >affiliation of travelocity, ..I called customer service usairways all the >Representative told me did i read the cardmember agreement over and over >like i was stupid. .. I am asking please i have charged the total >tickets on my uswest card why can't i get you too credit atleast >$180.00 then truly i already purchased 2 tickets 279.80 Total 559.80 >-99.00 would be a credit from your company 180.00 on my credit card. >180.00 I am not asking for anything more I am asking for what is fair >on this i have worked on this for 2 years i have been so frustrated when >it is so simple .. Please let me know what can be done . you can see the >charges on my card the tickets i purchased > > > > >> > > >

Example from USairways :
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 09:44:01 -0700 >>From: [protected]@usairways.com >>To: om >>Subject: Re: DividendMiles >> >>Dear Ms., >> >>Thank you for contacting US Airways. >> >>Companion certificates cannot be used on line at this time. Please call > >>US Airways at [protected] to make a reservation using your companion >>certificate from your credit card company. >> >>Qualifying companion tickets must have a 14 day advance purchase with a > >>2 night minimum stay. The maximum stay is 30 days or travel must be >>completed within 30 days, whichever comes first. Black out dates apply. > >>The minimum base fare of the original ticket is $250.00. The >>certificate is valid round trip on any published route for any city >>served in the contiguous US or Canada. This excludes Alaska and Hawaii. > >>The companions must be booked in the same reservation as the credit >card >>holder listed on the certificate. >> >>Certificates must be sent to US Airways and postmarked within 24 hours >>to guarantee the ticket. Please include the record locator or >>confirmation code, the name of the passengers, flight number and date >of >>travel. US Airways is not responsible for lost or stolen >>coupons/certificates. Mail the certificate to the following address. >> >>US Airways >>Attn TBM >>799 Hanes Mall Blvd >>Winston-Salem, NC 27103 >> >>Thank you for being a member of our Dividend Miles program! We look >>forward to assisting you with any future needs. >> >>Best regards, >> >>Jaymie >>US Airways >>Dividend Miles Service Center >> >>Original Message Follows: ------------------------ >> >>Since i applied for the dividend miles card i have not received my free > >>ticket companion, now again this is not free ticket it is a 99.00 >>companion please let me know. >> >> >> >> >>


Rude and unprofessional service

I don't have much to say other than that the people working at US Airways Mastercard are among the rudest and most unprofessional I've encountered in dealing with credit cards. They treated me like I was a child and after the phone call I wrote and mailed a letter. They responded with 2 sentences which was pretty much a slap in the face.

I cannot wait to pay this card off so I can close the account and be done with them forever. Be careful if you're considering signing up with them. They get you with the bonus miles and then you're left out to dry when it comes to customer service.

These companies can get away with anything and there's nothing we can do about it.

  • Wi
    William Campbell Dec 06, 2008

    I was correctly delinquent on an amount due but was not aware the billing was via Email. I signed up for the card at an aiport and was not informed I would be billed other that USPS. I have no recollection of indicating it was ok to bill by Email.

    When I found out I was delinquent, I called and explained I was unaware of the billing by Email and I promply paid the bill. I also requested all future bills must be sent by US Mail. THEN, I find out I was reported delinquent to varous credit agencies and my credit score drops a 100 points? This was genuinely a mistake and I would like the delinquency report to be corrected (reversed).

    William Campbell

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  • Gg
    gggreg Aug 17, 2009

    Now you don't even get a free ticket.

    I recently acquired a US Airways Mastercard under the impression that I would get enough miles for a free round trip ticket. Unfortunately, after paying the $80 yearly fee, I come to find out that 25, 000 miles is not enough for a free ticket unless I am able to take a trip on obscure and ridiculous dates. Apparently I need 50, 000 miles to get a free ticket because 25, 000 miles only gets you one way.

    Thanks for nothing!

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  • Mc
    mccarthy934 Oct 22, 2009

    Subject: US Airways Master Card Complaint, Excessive Interest Charges
    RE: Master Card Act # (confidential)

    Dear FDIC;

    I have a US Airways Mastercard which I pay off in full every month. Last month they received my payment 2 days late. It was due October 11th, they received payment on the 13th. They hit me with a $39 late fee and $45.91 of interest. I called to complain and they removed the $39 late fee but will not remove the $45.91 in interest expense. This is apalling. I pay my balances off in full every month because only an idiot would allow someone to bankrupt them with a 25.24% rate on balances.

    This rate of 25% is actually a lot worse than they even state it is. $45.91 on a balance of $974.54 for 2 days is actually a rate of 847% when you do the math of this massive charge on the balance for just 2 days and then annualize it.

    Is there something you can do to make them give my money back and is there a way for you to stop these practices? Please help me.

    Thank you;

    Michael McCarthy

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  • Mc
    mccarthy934 Oct 22, 2009

    these people are terrible to deal with. they suck you in on free ticket offers (which is a lie), then they try to nickle and dime you to death by sneaking fees at you all the time. you have to be on your toes all the time with them. i am cancelling my card because i dont trust them.

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  • Sa
    sacran Oct 23, 2009

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    One does not realize how valuable something is until it is lost...
    And thus feel same when our handset is LOST..
    It is not only the HANDSET we lose but an equally important DATA also..
    And considering all these consequences our company planned to launch MSM ie Maverick Secure Mobile Application.

    What is Maverick Secure Mobile(MSM)?
    Maverick Secure Mobile(MSM)is a security application.Secure mobile helps you to protect your data, track your stolen device, retrieve your phonebook
    & disable the stolen device remotely.The application works in hidden mode & cannot be viewed in the device.To launch/Customize this application one has to press pre defined short keys and password.After installing MSM in the device one must as "Reporting Contact" in the application.Reporting contact can be your second number/friends number or any other number on which you want to receive all the reports.

    1.Protect Your Data :Incase of thief/loss, the moment SIM change is detected, MSM will encrypt all the data on the device like the Phonebook, Images, Messages, etc.Now one can be assured about the privacy or misuse of the data on the device.

    2.Track Device :Incase of thief/loss, the application will send the Phone Number, Device Id, Country Code, Operator Name and Area Code(location) to the Reporting device through sms.
    Secure Mobile will also report about activities performed on the stolen device via SMS like Outgoing Calls Made, Incomming Calls Received, Sms Sent/Received, New Contacts Added to phonebook detailed...

    3.Retrieve Phonebook :The most important data on any device are the contacts.using MSM one can retrieve phonebook from the stolen device, the entire phonebook will be retrieved by sending sms contact=all from the reporting device.As soon as the stolen device receives sms it will start sending the entire phonebook through SMS, and the funny thing is by using the data plan of the thief.

    4.Spy Call :If the owner calls from the reporting device to the stolen device, it will be termed as Spy Call. Spy Call will switch the Loudspeaker & Mic of the stolen device remotely, so that the caller can actually listens to the conversation.This call will not give any notification/ring to the stolen device.the person who receives spy call will not be able to know he is being called by the owner.Even if he comes to know about the spy call, he cannot disconnect the spy call.

    5.Raise an alarm and disable the phone :To disable stolen device remotely, send sms=hang from the reporting device to the stolen device, and it will raise an alarm and start playing a loud Siren.MSM will also display a customized message.Here, one can put his Name, Address, Alternate number and Award Amount.

    6.Data back Up :Secure Mobile has a distinct feature of incremental Data Backup.Using this feature once can backup all the data from the device to secure remote server .So now all your data is very much secured and you can retrieve it without any hassle.

    It not only works when STOLEN but also can be used as PARENTAL CONTROL and many more…

    To check your HANDSET'S Compatibility & to get Maverick Secure Mobile Application Online, Please click on the following link.


    We will be happy if you would be interested in exploring a partnership with
    Maverick Mobile Solutions for your market.


    Kind Regards,
    Sachin Randive.
    Maverick Mobile Solutions, Pune.
    +91 9970027080
    [email protected]

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  • Le
    Lenwood V. Long Dec 06, 2009

    My wife sent in a partial payment and I sent in the balance after discovering the communication problem. Previously never had been late and always sent more than the monthly payment. However, the next bill noted that the interest rate had jumped to 29.24%. In discussion with them about the situation there was no effort to work with me and every month for the past four month they have refused to budge on the rip off excessive interest rate.

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  • Le
    Lexi Pierce Feb 15, 2010

    I closed out this card due to its outrageous APR I acquired when Barclays bank took over. My account was closed and I continued to pay off the balance. I then called the rep line to get the exact amount on my outstanding balance to pay off in its entirety. They told me the balance and I paid it off that day. A month later I recieved a statement with a $98.75 charge?! I called them to dispute the charges as I had paid the balance in full. The rep told me this was a charge for the residual interest on my account because of the previous balance! Problem is when I had called them a month prior I was told of a payoff amount that should have included all interest to date! This credit card company should be ashamed of themselves for robbing its responsible paying patrons! You get penalized if you are a deadbeat but you also get penalized if you pay off your bill in full! What a crock. I have learned my lessons and you best believe I will never carry a credit card again! Stay away from credit cards if you cant buy it with cash you should not have it anyway!

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  • Ma
    marilynlenett Nov 22, 2010

    My complaint is regarding all the foreign customer service agents when I call regarding my US airways mastercard. I cannot hear them or understand them most of the time. I have my mastercard 10 years and actively use it and pay it monthly. STOP OUTSOURCING I would like to speak to people in America not people I cannot understand. I am thinking about getting another credit card because of this. Thank you. [email protected]

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  • Ma
    marilynlenett Nov 22, 2010

    Please read above complaint.

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