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Didn't tell me about canceled flight!

I booked a flight to London England to visit my Family and Friends via US Airways online. My flight was booked, confirmed and payed for via credit card, the trip was to fly from my local airport to Pittsburgh - Philadelphia to London, pretty straight forward right? Ok, well yesterday I went online to check my Itinerary again and it was missing my local flight to Pittsburgh, I called them and they told me they do not fly from my local airport to Pittsburgh anymore (damn foreigners) So I explained to them that they did when I booked the flight.

There was no offer to refund any difference either, I had to ask what the difference would be, I then got hung up on, I called back and another 3 times I got hung up on, now I am pissed. I go online and speak with someone on the live chat thing, they offer me a small refund, I told them I want my flightpaid for, I was then told to speak with a supervisor so I had to call in again, waited 15 minutes on hold for a supervisor I can hardly understand (damn outsourcing).

He asked me, would you like me to cancel the whole flight, I told him it was not going to do me any good so he might as well, then he tells me it will be credited back to my Credit Card within 7 - 10 days!, 7 - 10 days? now that is just great, it take them 7 - 10 seconds to take my money and 2 weeks for them to give it back!

Now I am stuck, I have taken time off of work to fly out, my friends and family have taken time off to see me, my money is gone for almost 2 weeks and I have to purchase a flight with another carrier because US Airways are to damn incompetent to do there job. Thanks US Airways, next time you whine and ### your going bust, I hope you suffer and go out of business, maybe you could employee some more of them Outsourced people to run your aircraft and bookings for you!

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    Dean Dec 26, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Follow up...

    I filled a complaint on their website a couple of days ago and got what appears to be a canned response to my problem.

    Here is what they had to say to me...

    "Thank you for contacting Customer Relations at US Airways. We appreciate the opportunity to address the difficulties you encountered as a result of a schedule change.

    I sincerely apologize for your inconvenience. Although schedule changes of this nature are commonplace in the airline industry, we realize they can be frustrating for everyone involved. For this reason, they are generally posted well in advance of the implementation date, and all travel agencies are notified through their booking systems. Our Reservations Agents attempt to call all customers who have made their travel plans directly with us via the phone number in their reservations. I'm sorry our efforts to notify you through this process were unsuccessful.

    We value your business, and hope we'll have the pleasure of seeing you on another flight very soon.


    US Airways Customer Relations
    Corporate Office"

    Hmm... Lets break down the last sentence a little.

    We value your business, (No you don't, you don't give a crap!) and hope we'll have the pleasure of seeing you on another flight very soon (So you can cancel another flight of mine? I don't think so).

    Did they address my needs? no, did they offer anything in return? no, did they offer to help me sort the situation out? no, do they care about their customer? I doubt it very much.

    Merry Christmas US Airways, thanks for all this added frustration I now have trying to book another flight, Ohh, when you return my payment I will book it, if the seats and dates are available.

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    cecile s guzman Jan 07, 2008
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    I called my husband today and informed me that his digital sony camera and portable DVD were missing from his luggage on his flight from philadelphia to france US airwys 754 on jan. 5 around 8:45pm and france to dublin aerlingus 525 on jan.6 around 4pm. I dont know as to how and where they were missing. He has never locked his luggage since twice of his many flights before the locks were destroyed, maybe for inspection purposes. I never thought someone would take advantage of other people's belongings. Please check your people if they're worth trusting, you should know who they are and address this issue seriously. Whoever is the culprit, hope you're happy now.

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    Jessica Apr 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow... recently, I had an issue with them, and LITERALLY got the EXACT same e-mail.

    I was on an early afternoon flight home that was canceled and we were automatically switched to a flight 6 hours later. Unfortunately I had a conference & dinner benefit to attend that night that I had paid $170 for that, because of the delay, I fully missed. I got that e-mail and responded, telling them their blatant hypocrisy was pathetic, and that, yes... I could somehow understand them not calling, e-mailing... but if they really wanted to pull this, they could at least have the lady who checks you in tell you. I had to discover it after checking my bags and looking to see my departure gate. Sad... the actual check-in rep couldn't even say anything! I told them I would accept full compensation for what I had missed or a roundtrip voucher, straight up. There was another woman on my plane who had missed a connecting flight to AUSTRALIA on the ticket that she had booked months in advance, as well! It wasn't just me, it was almost all of my plane.

    That was followed with an "I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do, " and I told them to check again, because I more suspected there was nothing they WOULD do.

    Then I got offered a $15 coupon off my next airfare - oh, that made me almost pee laughing. Once again, I told them that was horribly inadequate and kind of a joke, they told me it was all they could do, and I told them to review it AGAIN.

    Next, they offered my an e-voucher thing (i.e. $15 off of $199, $25 off of $500, yadda). Well, I travel to to see my boyfriend, a $220 ticket, every other weekend. That has even less value than the first offer! Once again, I said that wasn't going to work, and repeated my initial request. The service agent e-mailed me that, unfortunately, there was nothing more s/he could do, and (by this point, getting pissed), I replied that, unfortunately that was not my problem (as they had earlier told me about my issue!) and that perhaps s/he could find someone capable of doing something beyond cutting and pasting replies to me. I also informed them that small claims court was very inexpensive for me, worth my time apparently, because it would cost less of my time than actually trying to deal with customer service, that they would escalate my claim to a lawsuit (as they have almost 100% of the time), that lawyers were sure expensive, but it was OK, because I wouldn't have to retain one like they would.

    Funny, someone who actually even spoke clear English called me the next morning to inform me that, in addition to the first two items they tried to pacify me with, one for $15 and one pretty much useless to me, they had issued a $200 gift certificate to me and a Region 1 aircheck (good for continental US roundtrip airfare) and hoped that, combined with the other two, we could 'reach a satisfactory resolution together.' Most amusing yet, they didn't even want proof that I had actually had been scheduled for and paid for my conference and dinner benefit. Idiots. Though in my case, I was not lying, that stupidity just shows how lacking they are in intelligence. You'd figure if they waste that much time wasting our time with those e-mails, they would have enough time to verify my story and insure that I actually DID deserve compensation. One fax. Sad...

    In sum, if you write them about a dozen times, and every time they tell you they are unable to assist you, just write REALLY long e-mails back (most of mine were about a page long). Also, randomly in the verbose e-mail, drop in stupid but personalized questions. That way they actually have to read it. I actually cut and pasted parts of my original e-mail in subsequent ones (much as they do), to make the burden of looong e-mails less taxing. Then, every time they apologize and tell you there is nothing more they can do, tell them it's not good enough in about 900 words. It's amazing how much, though "there is nothing they can do, " that they come up with after a few e-mails.

    If none of that works, always remind them that, if pertinent, you are a very frequent traveler (as I am), and that you know your rights - to sue in small claims court, which generally costs under 20 bucks, and that it's going to cost them a hell of a lot more than it's worth in comparison to just basically paying you off in the form of a crappy, limited travel-date voucher.

    That small claims court bit actually works very well in my experience. I've used it on Sprint, the worst company in the known universe, after 7 months of paying for and not having a phone their repair center lost and extending my contract a year without any consent or request from me. Once again, with them, I had an English-speaking guy call me THAT day (Miraculous, considering it takes an hour to get a rep who is ALWAYS from India, as are all the people he could ever transfer you to. None of them can spell Jessica, even when I spell it for them. Then it takes an hour + of talking to them, and being transferred incessantly, to eventually get a case number that will have never existed next time you call!)

    And, no, I have never sued anyone. I think our society is too litigious; people should stop suing each other. It's sad that you have to threaten suit to get ANYTHING at all done. Better than nothing, at least.

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  • Mi
    michael t cendana Sep 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Departed Thurday, 11th Sep 2008 with usairways from SEATAC-LAS VEGAS. For some reason, TSA would not let my wife's bottle of oil olay. So I took it to the front desk and spoke with USAIRWAYS employee name (Randy) and offered to keep it for me and pick it up on Sunday when I return. (* it will be on his mailbox behind the door)

    I came by Sunday and spoke with Employee (Angie), went behind the door (back to mailbox area) and "said", I don't where it is and Randy is not working today. So I asked nicely and told her that it supposed to be on Randy's mailbox. Angie, just went off with an attituted and "said" He is not supposed to keep that for you anyway. I "said" well I thank Randy for doing that, I am your customer and you should help me. Angie "said" you have to wait and get in line, I "said" I have been here for more than 10 minutes and you should help me like you do on other people in line, and she went off with attitude. I "said" you're wrong, I am a customer and you should not argue with me. I asked her for Supervisor, and last word she she "said" I'll go get the Supervisor when I get a chance. I "said" forget it, I call back later or get my lotion later. Her customer service was very poor and I don't think she could handle the stress at work the way she was talking to me.
    Your promt response is highly appreciated

    Michael Cendana
    (cell # 360-259-6827)

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    MANUEL M. TIBIGAR Oct 11, 2008
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  • Fo
    Former Employee Nov 16, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I totally agree with everyone here. US Airways is the worst airline in the country. The management there makes decisions that any would put any other business out of business. Keep in mind that US Airways reservations is *not* wholly outsources, only one call center is. There are call centers in Tempe and Cary. (As well as one in India/Asia region) I just want to say Eff US AIrways and their treatment of customers. They won't last past 2010 the way this is going. They have placed more importance on butt volume than elite members, the ones that actually TRAVEL A LOT MORE than leisure travelers who may fly once a year at most.

    Damn US Airways. I hope Doug runs off with that money, shutting down US Airways, and then goes BACK to prison, this time for stealing. A$$HOLE.

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  • Ro
    ROSITA MARTINEZ Sep 02, 2009


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