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UPS / low quality employee and control system

1 Philadelphia, PA, United States Review updated:

I totally Agree UPS is so far the worst shipping company in the US. i have numerous of problem with UPS that i just hope the online retailers won't use UPS as their carrier. But, sometime they just do, and its a pain. UPS is rotten from the top to the bottom. I had so many problem receiving packages from UPS, partially because we do not have a door bell system in our apartment, and the delivery people just refuse to give me a phone call so that i can come down stair and sign it. they would rather waste all of our time going back and forth. But this is not the worst, after 5 days of useless back and forth conversation and redelivery request, i asked the customer service, when exactly do they deliver the package in my area, i will just wait outside for them, the customer service A says from 4pm to 5 pm. so i went outside and wait in the cold for one hour, no success, call customer service B, now this guy says 5pm -7pm, i was very pissed, but still i thought if i gave up right now, the past hour that i waited would be totally wasted. so i waited outside for another 2 hour. the UPS person never came, how ridiculous! they were supposed to deliver that day, but they didn't. Next day, same situation repeat. Out of furious, i decided i would talk to their supervisor, i got Mr. Farid from California i believe from the main office to talk to me, he was very apologetic and assure me that he will personally take care of my case and make sure the delivery person leave my package the next day. Still, nothing came next day, i called again, he told me sorry he doesn't know why they didn't deliver, and tell me i had to go to like there temporary storage center to pick it up, i was so upset, didn't i pay for the shipping fee? why do i now still need to go like a thousand mile to pick my stuff up? who will compensate the time i spend on waiting and explaining the situation patiently over and over again with the Customer Rep? NO BODY. IS THIS HOW THEY RUN The BUSINESS? i really don't understand. And finally i decided alright i'm going to have my friend drive me there to pick up my long waiting package, we found out that the package weren't there as they said, it was on the truck, and we had to wait for like 3 hours for it to come back. we don't have time to wait, so we decided that we want the rep in the center to give us his name so we can assure we get the package next time. Interestingly, he doesn't have the name tag, refuse to give us his name, and he wasn't even looking at us while he speak, like we are people who don't exist. i ask him to bring his supervisor, ha, he said the supervisor is not here. how amazing? so we called the main office and decide to report this situation, the supervisor just suddenly popped up from no where. of course she cannot do nothing either, useless, but at least she got a name this time. I really hope people who suffer from their terrible service would all speak up, and let this company knows who is the boss.

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  • Ke
      8th of Jan, 2010
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    First of all, speak correct english. Second of all the drivers do not have company issued cell phones so they arent required to call you and waste their minutes on someone whos doorbell is broken. They offer you the option to pick it up because they want you to have your package. Delivery times cant be guaranteed either unless its sent next day air. If youre too cheap to pay for air, dont complain about no guaranteed delivery time

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