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The driver that just delivered my package was totally rude and unprofessional. Granted my dog barks at everyone and especially the door bell. However, I have never opened the door before and had any delivery person start swinging their clipboard madly. That's probably why my 20# mutt started acting like he was going to protect me. Mind you... he only barked... but this driver wouldn't quit swinging his clipboard aggressively even though I asked him to stop. Then when I finally caught the dog who was chasing this wildly swinging clipboard back and forth the driver was very short with me. He told me he couldn't bring the package up our snowy driveway and I would have to have someone come to the truck. I requested his name and he got real defensive and wanted to know why. I told him he was rude and of course then I definitely didn't get his name. I guess I should have asked him if he preferred me to send my 5 year old or 2 year old down the lane to get the package. Gee, what happened to the UPS drivers having 2 wheeled carts? Oh well, I left my children unattended and drove my SUV to get the package.

My suggestion is don't hire drivers who have a dog phobia and secondly teach the drivers to ask for assistance if needed and not just be rude and demand customers do things.

I am sorry if our little mutt scared him. However, I had already figured that a 100# package would be difficult to bring up our snowy lane and if he'd been a little courteous, I would have offered that I drive down the lane to get the package. I did it anyway, but now I know what I never ship my packages with UPS.

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  • Up
      Jun 25, 2010

    hi sorry to hear about ur prob, but the real prob is with the bosses they expect that driver to delivery that package in secs if he dont they will ask him why when he gets back most driver r really nice but ups dont look after driver or cust, its all about money, the driver prob a really nice guy but ups bully and stress driver out, but he had no reason to b rude,

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  • Si
      Dec 30, 2013

    If they don't like the job get a new one. UPS services are costly and jobs are hard to come by.

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