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UPS ruined the Christmas for my family with ineptitude and compounded it with lies. I sent by UPS the Christmas gifts for my brother and his family on the 1st of December. On the 8th I was contacted by UPS that they need a different address because it was a rural PO box. This made no sense at all since they have been delivering to the same address for 8 years previous AND everyone knows that the procedure for this is to leave a notice in the PO box for the receiver to pickup. But since they called I gave them the residential address, but they messed up when they took down the new address because they changed the numeric portion but NOT the name of the street. I had a premonition about all this and called the 1-800 number to get tracking info on 9th and found this out, so I corrected them (or so I naively thought). On the 11th, my brother call to tell me he received a notice about a package but the UPS center at his end could not or would tell him what happened to the pack. So on the same day, I call UPS again and found out that they tried to deliver to the wrong address because NO ONE made any correction to the records dispite my previous calls. The operator told me they would attempt another delivery on the 15th or the 16th. But since my brother told me he did not received it I called that day (17th) and was told it was being "delivered as we speak". Friday, 19th December 2008, 14 business days later, I called UPS and was informed that the package was missing. The further demonstrated just how bad UPS is, I had sent on 16th Dec a package by USPS (that's United States Postal Service) to the same address, and it arrived on the 18th. It took USPS 2 days to deliver what UPS could not in 14 business days.

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