UPS / delivery

Asheville, NC, United States

A large box of Christmas gifts was delivered to my house last evening sometime after 7 pm. I know that it had to have been after that time, since that is when I arrived home. The UPS delivery was left in my driveway next to the garage, with no overhead shelter. It had been raining off and on all day and rain was predicted for that evening. Obviously, I did not know that the box had arrived, and when I went out this morning there it was completely soaked. My question is why could the UPS driver not have used thoughtful common sense to take the box to my front covered porch where it would have been protected from the elements? I was furious!!! Fortunately, the inner packing protected the gifts from damage, but what if that had not been the case? I frequently use UPS to ship items, and this makes me reluctant to do so in the future. Aren't theses drivers being properly trained, or are they just lazy?

Dec 22, 2015

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