UPS / deceptive business practices

United States

Unfortunately, the only shipping option for several oversized items ordered from a farm store was UPS. Since UPS delivers after 5pm at my residence, I surmized that there would likely be a small risk of delivery difficulties. I obviously underestimated the situation to a vast degree. Unique to these items, UPS refuses to deliver them at the normal scheduled delivery time for the area and insists they be delivered between 9am-12pm. Much to my chagrin I'm not independantly wealthy and must work, so daytime delivery is not going to happen especially since UPS is requiring a signature for these items. There is "allegedly" the option to change the delivery day online, but interestingly each time a patron tries to select that particular option, the UPS website yields a pop-up indicating that "selection is not available at this time". It doesn't make a difference what time the patrion attempts the online change; 6pm-1am, 4am-5pm, I've tried it all and at anypoint during the day the same pop-up rears it's ugly head. Of course you can call UPS to change delivery schedule, but of particular interest is the fact that the fee to do so via phone-in is costs more than if the change is performed online. To validate my hypothesis that a scam was afoot, I called UPS to inform them of the online issues with the "change delivery" option. Initially they vehemently denied there was a problem, since they obviously "had no problem getting into the system and changing delivery day options" from their system. At my insistance that they try to access their own website externally like the "average joe", they found much to their "surprise" that they couldn't access that particular option online either. Website malfunction, or purposeful deception to increase monetary gain? You decide. To add insult to injury, UPS call center reps indicated there is no way to change package delivery to Saturday, although that option is clearly stated in the terms on the website with the fee for doing so specified.

Needless to say, the items ordered will be going back to the original supplier due to failure to obtain the delivery signature that UPS requires. I also have informed the supplier that I will not be ordering from them again until they provide another shipping option... I'll be [protected]@mned if I use UPS anymore.

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