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I took time off work today to wait for a parcel I had ordered last week and I was tracking it online to make sure it would actually arrive. The status was set to "Out for Delivery" this morning so things were looking good. As it neared 5pm, after a day of waiting at home for it to arrive, I called them as the status had changed and it was now "In Transit" despite no communication, a knock on the door or a redelivery slip. There was a note saying there had been an "Exception" next to the tracking number. I spoke to a person in customer services who passed my details onto the depot where my parcel was dispatched from this morning. They promptly phoned me and then very abruptly told me that they couldn't deliver my parcel to my house as it was a Jewish holiday and quickly hung up with no apology. After thinking it through I decided to phone the main customer service department back and make a complaint. They were very understanding and got the supervisor of the depot to phone me to see what they could do... It transpires nothing! The supervisor was as abrupt and unapologetic as her colleague ( I can now understand why the people under her also have bad customer service skills). This is in no way an argument against religious holidays, but for an international company as big as UPS not being able to deliver for another 4 days to my address is outrageous.

I saw a UPS truck today on a short trip to the Post Office about 5 blocks away so I am still in wonder as to why they couldn't deliver to my address. I live two blocks away form a Jewish community but that still doesn't excuse the fact that they are completely unable to deliver a parcel for four more days!

Guess I will have to wait and write a letter to the head office...

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  • Er
      Sep 26, 2012

    Yeah, the samething happened to me .. i live in Boro Park, Brooklyn and UPS doesn't make delivery just because of Jewish Holiday, It is not Federal Holiday but they don't give [censored] about it ...

    I called the UPS and field manager called me and she said the same thing, after i started to complain about it UPS field Manager hanged up the phone, she kindda has ghetto accent and i was not surprise to me why this thing happinging with UPS ..

    What i got from this, UPS dont give [censored] for other people and they don't make deliveries on Jewsih Holidays !

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  • Th
      Mar 27, 2013

    Same thing just happened to me!! I also took the whole day off and finally called ups after 8pm. (Same as above) I stayed on the phone with UPS and told them I needed corporate's number and address and then they started to listen to me. Not that it helped getting my package that day or the next even. They told me it was mixed up with the packages on the trailer for ***passover*** and they couldnt open the trailer and retrieve my package!! So my package was basically QUARANTINED for religious purposes could not be touched. I told them this was reverse DISCRIMINATION and that my holiday (MY DAUGHTER"S BIRTHDAY) was important- if not more IMPORTANT than someone's religion. HOW dare they?? This is NOT a FEDERAL HOLIDAY.. Well maybe in NEW YORK?? Pay attention people to WHAT IT HAPPENING and ASK QUESTIONS. (like the commenters above). Im writing to UPS corporate soon, if youd like to also attach your letters please let me know. We can avoid this in the future before it gets worse and others are affected. We have to let UPS know that we notice. Oh by the way my daughter's main birthday present (THANK GOD) was delivered by FED EX and arrived in time.

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  • Jo
      Oct 12, 2017

    The same thing happened to me. My package, which I need for my business, is being held for 2 weeks because of a Jewish holiday, and I was told they can not unpack the trailer.

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