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UPS - Aliso Viejo / beware a seasonal scam

1 Aliso Viejo, CA, United States
Contact information:

UPS contacted me for a seasonal Driver Helper position. I was told, I would have plenty of work. They did not quote the pay until orientation day, which is only 8.50 per hour.

The web site position stated benefits would be included. However, told during orientation they are not included.

Even though it was part time, I was told I would work more hours - which I was very happy to hear.

The first day was 4 hours to get cleared through back ground in which I did not get paid. Then 4 hours orientation and I had to buy black boots, a rain jacket.

I'm to be ready for work and available between 10-6p - on call and dressed everyday and ready to get out the door immediately on call.

I've been ready every day, dressed and showered ready for work.

Paula, the Manager at UPS called me for a job, and said I had to be there at Carls Jr. on San Canyon in Irvine in 15 minutes.

With stop lights etc. it would have taken me a half hour. I told her it would be impossible to meet the driver at that time - I needed a half hour.

If you cannot make a job call, then Paula's policy (even though she was unrealistic) is to put people at the 'bottom of the list'.

I've tried calling her every day.

Her office people state to call her cell number because she is not available. However, her cell number voice mail is always full and you can't leave a message. Paula NEVER answers the cell phone.

I was promised work and I am available for work. This women needs to be taken off the job.

I applied a week ago, spent money on the shoes that was to buy our Christmas tree and keep my cell phone on for employment calls. I used gas to run around to find the shoes I had to buy. Then the rain coat to stay warm, it's been pouring. I thought I would recoop the money from working.

Now, I'm in the whole for money that was to be used to keep my cell phone on in an attempt to find more work, when UPS point blank told me that I would have plenty of work. I've been sitting here at 10a every morning until 4p - ready to work. Paula is cruel.

Paula is a very unorganized Manager. She has a terrible attitude and a border line B----. It is obvious she cannot handle her job. Because she is unorganized, others suffer and it's cost me time, money, that I did not have.

I really needed this work more than anything and UPS staff lied to me and wasted the last bit of money I had left. They stole from me. This company is baiting and switching people. They hire anyone and everyone, telling them they will be on call and have plenty of work. However, They do not have plenty of work. They just use you, take advantage of poor people in hard times.

I have been treated the worst I have ever been treated by a manager and company. I can't believe they do this to people during the holidays. Cold heart'd and cruel.

UPS is NOT the best company to work for. They 'personally' brag about it a lot, telling themselves this. I am sure they are the ones who place that bragging ad in the articles. But, these people are ### and heartless.

There was NO work for me, they LIED. They obviously over hired and make promises they could not keep. I have to suffer.

Beware, before you assume you have a job or help these people during the holiday season. Try NOT to get on Paula's team which is the Irvine area. You will end up paying for it and making NO money.

All I needed was an extra 300.00 to keep my phone on, buy a tree for Christmas and pay a couple utility bills. I cannot pay rent on Jan 1, but still needed the money to keep my cell phone going for employment calls and gas to get to interviews even if I am going to be evicted.

I use to work for corp america and make about 90K a year. However, now told by HR Generalist's (kids) in corporate america; at 50, I am 'over qualified' for a job I've been doing for 20+ years. So been unemployed for over a year and a half.

I am a grown women. This pay was not going towards 'party money' while home for college. I have serious bills to pay and no parents to bail me out or go home to when hungry.

I'm sending this to the CEO of UPS and all the executives.

You used me for your own benefit. This was 'bait and switch'. There was no real work for me. At least I have not seen any. Or, is it my age. Is this age discrimination ?

Ps- we were also point blank told "even if you have the flu or sick, you have to show up for work - or we won't call you again."

UPS is the worst company in the world to work for.


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