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University of Phoenix [UOPX] / new financial aid policy

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States

I am a Focus to Finish Scholarship recipient, and the new financial aid disbursement policy has negatively impacted my ability to receive the proper funding I need to comfortably complete my classes. The only reason why I took out financial aid and a student loan (although my school tuition is already funded by my scholarship) was to get by with my living expenses as a single mother going to school, now I am left in debt due to not receiving my financial aid when I needed it most (my disbursement was supposed to be October 30th, 2018, it is now November 25th, 2018). I contacted Financial aid, scholarship office whom sent my information up to the director of Financial Aid, in hopes he could release my desperately needed funding (that is in my student account). I was then denied. Not all of the students that attend school are financially set, some of use rely heavily on our financial aid to get by while attending class. Which leads me to my next point, (After asking for my financial aid to be released I was told it could not, because many students mismanage there money, so the school holds it till classes are paid for- but I am a scholarship student and my classes are already paid for). Withholding all of the students financial aid just because a select students mismanage their money is logical fallacy all its own. University of Phoenix has not taken into consideration the many financially responsible students the new policy has negatively impacted. What I see is a corporation that is forcing students to continue courses, withholding students needed Financial Aid and releasing in disbursements once courses are taken to cover the University own end. Its also a way to keep students in school granting more money to University of Phoenix's pockets. I know the University says its to help students but I fail to see the help I am getting as a scholarship student. As a scholarship student, none of my financial aid is going to be covering any of my tuition. So I see no reason scholarship students should have to be under the same policy, exceptions need to be made for the release of Pell grants and student loans.

Nov 25, 2018

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