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University Of Phoenix Financialaid Processing Department / failure to release financial aid information

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Phone: 1-800-921-1904

I have been requesting information from the University of Phoenix financial aid processing department for two months now. I have completed and faxed to them several FERPA forms in order to retrieve information consisting of my financial aid and loans. I provided them with a student verification form to complete and the first time it was sent to me by mail and e-mail filled out incorrectly. I was requested by a supervisor to re fax another FERPA form and student verification form to be completed and they would return it to me within tree to five days. When I returned the FERPA form asking it to be mailed to me, I also faxed a letter with it asking that due to my delay it be emailed to me, since I needed this information promptly. I was informed by two supervisors that it was okay as long as it was e-mailed to the e-mail address that the school had on file for me. I also stated in this letter the supervisors I spoke to the wit I have endured, the exact information I was seeking for on the form and for the school year. Not to mention I even sent faxed to them the error copy of the sudent verification form. Since this has been done I have not received anything back. I have even contacted them on many occassions trying to find out whats the delay.My financial aid officer has even tried contacting them for me as well and the third party I have been trying to supply this information to for two months now. They have been very unprofessional and uncooperative. They are now stating that it has been e-mailed and mailed to me but yet I have not received it. I want to add again that the final FERPA form I faxed, I asked for it to be mailed. It has now been another month. I and my financial and third party are becoming very drained and stressed with this situation. I want to add that the information I am requesting is for emergency housing so that I may continue to attend school. I am really needing to have someone contact me regarding this issue and investigate. Thank you

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  • Ke
      19th of Sep, 2009
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    I have no knoweledge of me being in default, the only recollection I have is a $400.00 student loan I owed Mattatuck Community College (Naugatuck Valley College) in 1978, which resulted in my FEDERAL TAX RETURN being intercepted total about $369.00 around 1988.

  • Mo
      9th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    how long does it take to get a mail out date for checks the course will be over by the time students receive the checks. I am not understanding why the checks are just sitting. I have been waiting for two weeks just to get a date of when the checks will be mailed out come on. People need that money to get microsoft for their computers so that they can do their classwork on their own computers instead of having to use someone else's computer that have microsoft Why does everything have to be so long no reason why just because you can I guess. When people think they hold the keys to the castle they do what they want when they want and how they want. BUT KARMA IS A MUTHA***** you will get it back some way some how it's coming to bite you in the a**

  • Mi
      12th of Jul, 2010
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    Hi. My name is Michael A. Outlaw. I do not have a complaint, but a request. My IRN # is 9030485870. I applied for graduate plus loan on accident and no longer need it. School ID:DLID:G20988. Thank you for your assistance. My financial aid counselor is Marquita DeLaCruz

  • Ta
      11th of Aug, 2010
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    I am in a very similar situation with University of Phoenix. I have been waiting on a copy of all my loan/grant information for well over 2 months now. Not to mention that I am still waiting on my Pell Grant to be processed. I have been told numerous things on several different occasions and here it is almost mid August and yet to hear of anything new happening. I have completed one full year already and still haven't seen my excess refund nor my papers I requested in April of 2010. I had to recently drop one class because my laptop caught a virus and I have been taking time out my work schedule to complete assignments. I couldn't keep up with all my classes on top of being a full time mom. I think that this University is a joke and I am really getting to the point where I would like to seek legal advise.

  • Qt
      22nd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I was an employee of UOP Financial Aid Processing Center as of yesterday. The employees that you call at that number is a call center. Those people are not the employees that are actually processing that actual financial aid. They take inbound calls and inbound calls only. As far as docs that you request you need to be as detailed and thorough as possible. Any information that you are requesting is called an NFR (Non Federal Resources) form. There is a certian number that you need to fax both the FERPA release (where the completed docs are going) and the actual document that needs to be completed, i.e. housing verification forms. Processing of the financial aid is based upon the number of files that the certification department is receiving. And just for the record, excess funds are not processed via Financial Aid Processing Center, the timeframes that we give you over the phone, are the Department of Educations timeframes.

  • Ms
      1st of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Since, it's the call center number and not actually the number to tell students the corrected information, what is the corrected number that the student need to call. I to feel that this university is one big scam. I've been waiting since July, and haven't receive no award letter or anything of that matter. Give me the real number so I can check on my financial aid myself.

  • Ki
      25th of Feb, 2011
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    I've been trying to get my financial aid processed since Aug. of 2010 and its almost March 2011. They keep telling me my academic counselor has not built my schedule and all kinds of other crap. They even sent me a award letter and then told me that its not valid they need to go back and re-calculate some things. I WOULDNT RECCOMMEND this school to anyone and I dont think they should allow people to start classes until they get their funds in order because I feel like I'm doing my finance counselors job.

  • Th
      18th of Nov, 2011
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    I have been taking online classes since October 24 of this year and every time I contact my financial aid advisor I get the run around they tell you this and that and it is really sad to say that this school sucks and I ahte that I even applied to it. I recently found out today that my financial aid has not been awarded yet, and that my financial aid advisor just sent off my papers, so they say. I fcompleted my financial aid, admissions, transcripts have been received and credits have been transferred since Sept 20. So why is it that I am able to attend classes with no aid. Can someone tell me the best way to handle this issue.

  • Za
      15th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    I graduated in September 2011 from the University of Phoenix, and in November 2011 they are still requesting money from my studenet loan company and grants, even though I am enrolled in another college. Now, after I have called and emailed financial managers, I am told "they are looking into it". What BS! I will never recommend this "rip off college" to anyone! I just wish I knew then what I know now about this place!

  • Cm
      14th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have been an UOP student for almost a year and a half now and have had nothing but problems with the financial aid department. I have been overly thrilled with all my courses however. I receive 100% tuition assistance to pay for my classes since I am military but only up to $4500 a year which does not cover all my classes so I have been applying for pell grants as well. The first time I applied was April of 2011, I finally received the excess funds (which was all of it that time) in September after being told numerous different reasons for the hold up and finally calling the call center myself & learning that my financial counselor had been lying to me. Then I applied for the new year on August 1st and have been fighting for that one ever since because I filed my taxes married filing separate and as head of household. My husband and I were separated for more than 6 mths and in different countries...I met all the filing requirements. Anyway so they requested that I send in a statement from the IRS or a professional tax preparer stating that I filed correctly. I filed my own taxes so I was my own tax preparer and I called the IRS and they said they had never heard of such a request and couldn't do a statement for me but gave me the reference regulation and even said well we accepted it didn't we... So I typed up a MFR with the regulation requirements and how I met each one. I then went to the legal office on base and had a LAWYER who is also a certified public accountant and in charge of the base tax office do a letter for me. I sent all this in and they replied with " student sent in letter, military person sent in letter, neither are acceptable. Need statement from professional tax preparer". My financial counselor (who just changed after the lying one went on maternity leave) told me I had to have this before I could start my next class (next week) so I very professionally told them to go screw themselves and I would gladly take my education elsewhere.

  • To
      13th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    I just started a UOP and I was wondering how long it would take for me to recieve my financial aid award letter nut from the looks of it I will be waiting for ever. I am really waiting on my refund does anyone know how long thats going to take. OIf it takes over two months for my award letter to kick in then it'll probably take longer for my refund to be given back to me.

  • Sg
      22nd of Jan, 2013
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    I requested an increase to my loans of $1132. The $1132 was only in increase to my orginal loans. $561 (of the $1132) scheduled 12/28/12, original loan and grant (can't remember how much, will have to check my disbursement letter) scheduled 2/22/13, and $561 (the remaining part of the $1132) scheduled 03/29/13. I still have not recieved the 1st part of the $1132 which is $561. It posted on my student acct on 12/28/13 and was told to allow 14 days. It's way past that. Im being told by my FA advisor that it was re-evaluated and for some reason they did some kind of credit split (whatever that means) and it's delaying my aid until March and she's checking in to it. Seriously? March? I was scheduled for my orginal loans 2/22/13. I'm only waiting on the 1st half of my requested loan increase which was suppose to have been disbursed 12/28/12. I've never had any issues before receiving my financial aid and now Im beginning to regret asking for an increase because it seems like everything just went wrong. Im just confused because I dont understand the problem (thinking increasing my loans was a simple request) and frustrated about the whole situation. I need a better understanding of whats going on and I need for someone to correct the issue. Why does it feel like Im being punish when I have been doing everything Im suppose to do? Can anyone help me other then my FA Advisor? Dont get me wrong, Im not upset with her because it may not be her fault although, I had no problems with my old FA Advisor or receiving my aid. Asking for help seemed to only caused me more problems and now Im getting the run-around.

  • Sh
      27th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have been trying to get in contact with them but the school telling me there no number for the processing center, my pell grant mysteriously disappeared and they were supposed be sending me a $2400 refund, I've been calling my counselor and still nothing has happen, I am getting tired of these people playing with my financial aid money

  • Yo
      10th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    Yes, I am also disappointed with the University of Phoenix's Financial Aid process. Though they've improved significantly with the theoretical part and course rubrics, they need to get better with handling students financial aid money/refunds. Financial Aid (loans) are available, as the website indicates, for dependent care expenses, housing, books, computers or whatever resources deemed appropriately to help one get through school. If I was counting on my refund to be available when I needed it to, and was waiting to assist me with housing costs, I'd be on the streets. How can a student study effectively, when they try to plan to receive their reimbursement funds, around the trying to successfully complete courses, etc? The refund processing time is ridiculous! Extreme delays! And the thing that gets me the most is that they "literally HOUND" you to enroll in their programs and make sure they literally walk you through the financial aid process; however, when it comes to meeting your needs and expectations once you get in their school, you encounter a whole different ballgame. Its like having an insurance company who's happy and doesn't mind taking your premiums; but when its time to pay out, everybody wants to give you a hassle and go AWOL/missing. WOW! There ought to be a law. I may write to the US Department of Education about this. Its a shame.

  • Na
      21st of Jan, 2015
    0 Votes

    I as of Nov 11 2014 have been going back and forth with this schools financial aid department. I am 80percent covered by The Va and for the 20percent I am applying for financial aid. I have completed one class they have collected 80percent from my Va benefits. I have sent in several sets of paperwork. The issue seems to be my Way state drivers license twice now they have said its not excepted, because I am no longer military and my license say military. Its not for myself but because my spouse is active duty.I don't understand why is that such an issue. Here it is almost 3months and I'm not enrolled in any classes and my financial advisor never seems to know what's going on with my process. At this point I really need to look for a school that don't take your moneythen cconstantly look for reasons to not pay you.Wonder if I'll be penalized for applying elsewhere .

  • Va
      29th of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    I have had the same problems with University of Phoenix! They will NOT complete the cancellation of my financial aid so that my new college can get to it. If anyone wants to contact the Director of Financial Aid, it's Rebecca Goff at 602-387-6354

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