United Parcel Service [UPS]ups freight delivery driver

E Nov 28, 2017

We have had the same issue with this driver almost every time he comes to our store to pick up a pallet. Only managers have keys to the gate to open the back gate and it takes a little bit of time to get them there. He's very rude, impatient, and arrogant. One time he even drove off while we were standing there sifting through the BOL paperwork to make sure we gave him the right one. Today, he came and waited no more than 2 minutes and he took off. 2 pallets were supposed to be picked up and delivered to Amazon. Now we will inquire late fees for each pallet. We would like this problem to be addressed as soon as possible. If he's in such a rush, maybe he should call us 5 minutes in advance to have a manager ready with keys and the BOL to deliver promptly.

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