United Parcel Service [UPS] / failed to deliver on schedule

Jacksonville, FL, United States
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I was expecting a replacement phone delivered today, 9/14/2017, using the next business day service. Tracking information indicated that the phone would be delivered on 9/14. Sometime during the day that delivery date was "updated" to 9/15. I called the customer service number who said that the local UPS location would call me within an hour. About 20 minutes later I did receive the call. I was told that the package was at their location and delivery was in fact rescheduled to 9/15. Of course with no better explanation the rep played the hurricane Irma card blaming the storm for the delay. I offered to pick up the package myself explaining that it was my business phone and I needed it immediately. I was told it was not possible for me to pick it up and that I just had to wait for it to be delivered. This infuriated me. Why can't I just pick up my package I asked. The person said because it was on a conveyor belt . Here's an idea. Get it off the conveyor belt and hand it to me. Problem solved. Oh no. We can't do that. Absolutely pathetic.
Tracking Number 1Z50E70V1368017154

United Parcel Service [UPS]

Sep 14, 2017

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