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M Nov 27, 2017 Review updated:

On 11/27/2017 I received an email telling me that I had three packages delivered at my front door at 1:33pm. I get home at 4pm and have no packages. There was someone home all day and no one tried to deliver anything. I call UPS to find out where my packages are. I explain to the person on the phone that since July of this year UPS has managed to lose 2 of my packages and deliver 4 other packages to the wrong house, the house that received them has the same address but it is on the south side of town and I am on the north side, and that I had called twice to complain about this and emailed UPS 3 times about it but still got no resolution. Now I am missing 3 Christmas presents that can not be found. The representative tells me she will have someone from the closest UPS store call me about my packages. About 10 minutes later I receive a call from the closest UPS store which is Washington Indiana and the guy on the other end doesn't apologize for the problem he simply tells me that he will TRY to find a driver to TRY and find my packages and then deliver them to me. As I am trying to talk he interrupts me to speak to another employee and laugh about my situation and how stressed they, the UPS employees, are. After explaining the fact that these are packages number 7, 8, &9 that UPS has said was delivered and wasn't he tells me" its probably a labeling problem, and the machine is putting an S for south when it shoulder be putting a N for North". I explain to him I understand things happen and I understand it is the holidays but this started back in July before the holiday season even started and that it wasn't just a package or two its 9 packages. When I ask him when I can expect my packages his reply was "mam something is going on and I have to go" and then while I'm in mid sentence he hangs up on me. No sorry, no bye, no nothing he just hangs up on me. At this point I am still missing three packages, I have no idea if they are trying to locate them or if I will get them at all, and I am very angry at the treatment I received from my local UPS store employee.


  •   Nov 27, 2017

    So, if you have an address that mirrors another address across town, and your mail gets sent there often, it seems like you would be smart enough to get a drop box or post office box for packages.

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