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On 1/23/2017, I received a delivery notice from UPS on my door stating that my package will be delivered to the nearest pick up point. I've gone to the store on 2020 Artesia in the past to pick up packages so even though another store's location address was scratched off by pen I knew where to go. I walked into the store and showed an employee on 1/28/17 at approximately 12:45pm and showed the slip and a female employee told me after one look that it wasn't there at the store. I asked if she could check for me and she told me that she knew it wasn't there because the slip didn't have any name written on it and location was scratched off. She told me to call the number on the slip to find out where it was. I walked home and called UPS number. The system stated that the package was delivered to the store I just went. I walked back to the store and told the same employee that the package was here. Only if she checked it for me, I wouldn't have had to walk back home and come twice. She may have remaine calm, but she gave me an attitude and told me to wait. Another female employee came up to me and asked me for a tracking number. I gave her pick up slip and she told me that that's not a tracking number. I told her it was all I got from the delivery person who left it at the door. She asked me for my last name and told me I had to have an ID. I don't always carry purses when I walk around he neighborhood, but keep my ID and credit card under my long sleeve shirt.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Redondo Beach, CA It bothers me that because I was in sweatshirt casual that they automatically assume I don't carry around ID and been looked at like a second rate citizen. She brought the binder for the items left at the store. She told me that she KNEW that it wasn't there because she didn't recognize the name. I pointed out to the card with my first name written on it and she told me that, but you told me your last name was... I told her that the name on the card was my first name. I told her that UPS made mistakes by delivery guy not writing all info on delivery slip and the store assuming they don't have my package first without checking and next mistaking my first and last name. She just said OK. Without any apologies. She turned around without saying anything and practically threw the package at me and told me to sign the paper. Then she said thank you without looking at me while turning around and walked away.

I've been in customer service for over twenty years. I've been to multiple customer service workshops and seminers my employees sent me to. Is UPS a service business? Did you know that majority of language that does the talking to deliver messages are facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice as well as the pitch of delivery? Honestly, I have never written letter of complaints to any companies in the past regardless of dissatisfactory services. This is the first time. While your employees never said anything inappropriate, the gestures, facial expression and tone of voice said plenty. What message does one send when they say Thank you without eye contact while walking away? It definitely was not "thank you."

Jan 28, 2017
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