United Airlines / The way my kitten was treated

Chicago, IL, United States

I had purchased a beautiful Savannah kitten from a breeder in Illinois, and he had dropped her off at the Ohare Airport at eleven o'clock in the morning, and the kitten was scheduled to arrive at the Petsafe location at the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California at 7:00 that evening. I was concerned and distressed when the clerk at the John Wayne location had no clue where our kitten was. A half an hour on the phone with the Ohare location, we found that our new cat was still at the kennels in Illinois airport! The flight had been cancelled and nobody thought to call either the breeder or I to inform us!

The clerk told us our furbaby would be put on a nine A.M. flight, and arrive at noon. We were assured that the kitten would be given food and water, removed from her portable kennel and fed and given water. I was upset knowing she was sitting in a airport all day, but the women seemed sincere.

This was all lies. The poor kitten was not fed, the food was not even touched. She had no food or water, and her blanket was soaked with urine and feces. She was not taken from her kennel. The blanket was so saturated, I had to bathe her the second we got home. I was forced to bleach the kennel, and when I washed the blanket two days later, it was still wet from urine.

I will never give my business to United or trust in what they say. After this debacle I would never trust them with anything! I am surprised the kitten was not emotionally distressed after such a ordeal. It speaks well of how wonderful the breeder raised her. How United can treat animals in such a horrid way, I have no clue. They are a evil company!

Jun 6, 2015

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