United Airlines / Extremely Unprofessional Cabin Crew

Portland, CT, United States

Hello Madam/Sir

I the undersigned, is a well traveled, educated (I have two masters: Economics and Business Administration) and a responsible Mileage plus customer with United Airlines. My extreme frustration and rage roots from the fact when in a 4 hours flight with due respect and consideration I ask a cabin crew member for water, and she rudely dismisses me.
I was travelling on flight UA1491 on july 2nd, when I requested Terressia (Name not properly known of spelled due to reasons mentioned ahead) for water. I had slept through maximum portion of my flight and missed the cabin crew first service cart. I got up and requested if I could get some water as my throat was parched and my legs were totally stoic due to no movement in them for couple of hours. The lady outright refused me water, when I asked her is she could give it to me in my own bottle. I asked her if that was the policy and process with the airline and she said yes. I said, few weeks when I asked another crew member for the same, he obliged me and didn't have a problem. She in an extremely rude tone mentioned she wouldnt and I would have to wait for 20 minutes before she gets the cart out and ask for beverages.. I found her tone demeaning and extremely unprofessional and asked if I could have her employee id. She refused. I said Ok, no problem, May I have her name please. She said" I am not going to give you anything!" and walked away. I as a responsible flier, didn't create any ruckus and maintained my calm as I do understand that july 4th is a peak travel season and anyone and everyone can be tired. The matter got worse when I approached another cabin crew member and very respectfully asked if he knew the name of his colleague, and his response was caught me be surprise as if a employee isn't doing something wrong or inappropriate shouldn't have a problem sharing the name as its a very public information. He said" I don't any name.. I dont her name!" and kept on doing his business rather than talking to me or listening to what I had to say. This was kind of below the belt as I felt I a non rev customer who was flying for free and shouldn't be treated with any respect ( I don't know if this could have something to do with race or culture as I am not born american or is of Caucasian decent)

My ending notes on this pathetically sad situation will be : How difficult is it for airlines to treat their travelers with very basic respect of serving them water when asked for? How can an Airline and its employees be so callous that they cannot treat a frequent flier ( its 6 months in to the year and I have traveled United 5 times domestically) with extremely basic courtesy. My request for water ONCE in a 4 hours flight was so out of proportion that the lady had to treat me obnoxiously and rudely?

I am strongly hoping there is some action taken against the airline and mentioned member so that a non american traveler doesn't feel helpless and intimidated by cabin crew for simple requests like water.

Many Thanks
Aman Sachdev

Jul 4, 2015

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