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United Air Care / Worst service, Rude language and Scare tactics

1 Ladera Ranch, CA, United States

Recently(first week of 5/11), we responded to an valpak ad to have our A/C duct cleaned for our condo. United Air Care customer service sales person Josh was very polite and explained all the details about the terms and conditions of the coupon. So, we decided to take an appointment to have a general cleaning of our A/C duct at $39 which includes up-to 8 ducts and any additional ducts would cost $16 / duct. Then on the day of appointment, a big guy called Jerry came along with another Hispanic guy, who in the end was doing all the work.

From the time they entered and till they left we were not comfortable talking with Jerry at all. First of all his attitude. He kept on saying the coupon offers a basic cleaning which would do nothing much, and we should get a deluxe clean which would costs $150 more. Worst part was, he mentioned additional ducts would costs $25 not $16 as mentioned by Josh, the Customer Service guy. When my wife called the company, they kept on saying Josh is not working that day. In the meantime, Jerry was showing his urgency as, we should make the decision quickly or else he would charge for his time too. What a Joke!!!

We decided to continue with the basic cleanup. At that time, the whole drama began. Jerry went up the attic to check or that's what he claims, and came back saying our entire A/C duct is in bad shape and needs a complete replacement. His explanations were there are lot of bacterias around the furnace, things are broken etc etc. He would never show a picture of the same(though Josh guy had said they will always take digital pictures and show it to customers). Our condo is just 7 years old and there is no way things could have turned into the ways he is talking about. His way of talking was like, as if we are holding him off from doing that work. Above all, when my wife asked for the price of replacement package, twice he mentioned its too expensive and we won't be able to afford it!!! That's right, that is what he said. At that point of time, my wife called me at work and explained the situation. I smelled something is wrong here and told her to just get them off right away. Since the Hispanic guy was done with the so called basic cleaning, we asked them to leave the place at that time. Of course, they promptly collected $39 and wouldn't really document anything about their findings. There was a point of time, which made me worried about the safety of my wife and our 20 month daughter. Truly, I shouldn't be making these kind of comments about contractors but this situation was little bit too much.

Next day, I called their office and left them a strong VM. Someone called me withing 30 minutes and very patiently listen to me about the previous day happenings. He obliged that Jerry's behavior was wrong and would speak with his manager and get back to me. Its been 2 weeks and no responses from them whats so ever. The same day we took an appointment with another A/C maintenance which is recommended by our home protection plan company. They took a look of the entire thing and said everything is fine but for the Furnace filter. The guy even laughed when we told him, that Jerry told us about the bacteria in the furnace. So in the end, with some uncomfortable and weird moments, we got saved from a big rippoff!!!

I have decided to complain about United Air Company in all the boards out there and even thinking of speaking with the BBB. Any suggestion or advices on them, please let me know. I have seen in this forum and other, about similar complaints. We all need to take this action together and teach them a lesson.

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