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United Airlines review: Rude and Abusive Flight Attendants

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I am writing to complain about a specific flight attendant her name is Emina Salcinovic on flight CO 1624 N,

Me and my girlfriend where flying back from Houston to Mexico City, After the plane took off, half and hour in to the flight, me and my girlfriend decided to go to the batroom because she wasnt feeling well. WE walked from seats 12E and 12F to the back of the plane to go to the bathroom, as we were getting there the cart with the food was about to leave the back, we were orderded in a very agresive and rude manner to go back to our seats, I commented to them that we would but there was no need to be mean and rude about it, when the passed our seats we went to the back of the plane again and used the bathroom, i left the batroom no problem, but my girlfriend got stuck with the cart, since they were rude, she decided to wait till they passed again and took a seat in one of the attendants seats since she was feeling sick. When the attendant found her she was told she was breaking a flight regulation in a horrible way, she apologised and went back to her seat, after that Mrs. Salcinovic came to our seats and in a horrible way asked for our names, we gave them to her and she wrote them down in a menacing manner. When Mrs. Salcinovic came to our seat to hand the immigration form she said the following:

Spanish or American?

Is there only two types of passengers on your flights, This was a flight to Mexico, there are many types of passengers, If she meant English or Spanish, she should have said that. The comment she made implied that all spanish speaking people are the same.

Just like she assumed we should know the flight security measures, I assume she should know that people canor would take offence to that.

When we arrived in mexico there was police waiting for us at the exit of the plane, like we were criminals, making us look like criminals to the rest of the flight and crew,

It was never said at any point of the flight that could not be done, and since my girlfriend was feeling sick we think it would of been an educated desicion to ask her if there was something wrong instead of making us feel like criminals and getting the police involved.

We did nothing wrong according to the instruccions given to us in the plane, Our responsability as clients is to pay for our tickets and behave on the flight, and WE did, the flight attendants job is to make sure everything runs smooth on the flight and care for the wellbeing of everyone in the plane, She did not, not only did she ignore us on the flight by not offering us something to drink and or eat, but offered the passenger next to us and ignored us. And ofcourse the fact that she was rude and mean to one of the passengers who was not feeling well on the flight.

Treating your passengers as criminals is not the right way to operate a flight. Your flights are not cheap and WE as much as the other passengers on your airline deserve to be treated well.


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Jan 02, 2014 8:29 pm EST

Yes, for United Airlines all passengers are annoying hitchhikers. It is very unpleasant to fly with them.

Sep 08, 2012 9:32 am EDT

2 3/4 hours on tarmac deplaned for 15 minutes reboarded and on tarmac another 2 hours before takeoff. United flight from Tampa to Chicago on 09/07/2012. No dinner served on plane on board from 3:45 PM EST until 11:30 PM EST. Missed connecting flight got shafted at cusomer service 1 1/2 wait line. left and got hotsl on our own. I am diabetic and we should have been served a meal not car filled snack boxes for $9 per box. Asked for a bottle of water and was told bottled water is for 1st class only got a small cup of ice water. I am retaining an attorney on Monday to deal with this airline! Additionally, our flight from Tallahassee to Tampa was on a 19 seat 25 year old Beachcraft 1900D (D is for Deathtrap) on some Rinky-dink unknown commutercairline started in Dec of 2011.

Aug 02, 2012 6:30 pm EDT

I agree the flight attendants are extremely rude and act as if they are not getting paid for the work they do. I am a passenger not a by stander that hitched a ride. My husband and I also had a bad experience with a flight attendant and threatened us with authority to the point that my 6 year old daughter was crying because she thought my husband was going to jail. I was so disappointed to have paid so much for a plane ticket and get the worse treatment ever. What happened to our friendly, kind flight attendants that made sure we had the most pleasant trip.

Apr 19, 2012 10:45 am EDT

United Airlines flights attendentes they ar aniimais

Oct 29, 2011 4:32 am EDT
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stop acting like children and you wont get treated like one. just think before you act and follow instructions. and if you are sick dont get on the plane!

Apr 10, 2011 11:17 pm EDT

OMG! I am so happy someone finally put this up. They (United) act as if we are on ConAir, and they are doing us a HUGE favor, transporting us from point A to point B. Really?!? They look like servers that got rejected from TGI Fridays and have let the lack of oxygen go to their heads. Have fun with your surge of power when you are mile high, because when the jet lands so does you status. Have fun taking out your hatred on life up there, it last a max of 6 hrs... Reality for you is far worse than jet lag.


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