[Resolved] UK MailNon Delivery of Parcel

I find it hard to put into words my distress at the way I have been treated by UK Mail. I ordered an item from a company specialising in bed and bath linen, and was sent various information by them and UK Mail as to when it was to be delivered.
I waited in over 2 days, as varying times of delivery were scheduled and rescheduled, and when nothing was delivered I attempted to contact UK Mail by phone and email.
I cannot overstate my feelings of anger and distress when I was informed that my case was closed, and the driver had delivered my item and I had signed for it. As this was completely untrue, I contacted Soak and Sleep, the original company, and they arranged for another item to be redelivered. I have been waiting in all day so far, and nothing has been delivered.
A request for information from UK Mail resulted in a rude email saying Case Closed and that my signature was clearly legible. I have requested a copy of that signature, and tried phoning. To no avail. I have bought hundreds of items online and have never ever had a problem with any other delivery company. UK Mail is in a league of it's own when it comes to appalling service in every respect. The trouble is, what can I do about it? Making a complaint helps get some of the anger out, but leaves me with nowhere to go. I am recontacting Soak and Sleep who have been helpful so far, but how does UK Mail get any form of censure for what it is doing?

  • Resolution statement

    Having contacted the original company who supplied the goods, they have just managed to get the next parcel delivered. The courier turned out to be a delightful woman who admitted that she had delivered it to the wrong address and had it signed for. I need to make clear though that the complaints and query procedures via phones and emails of UK Mail, need to be much improved. The drivers who make genuine mistakes, are being let down by the staff in the office. I received no customer care from them at all, quite the opposite in fact. I was rudely treated and made out to be a liar, accused of receiving and signing for an item, then saying that it hadn't been delivered. UK Mail need to treat their customers with more respect, and if it hadn't been for the fact that the customer care from Soak and Sleep was so good, I'm not sure that the outcome would have been so good for me.

Jan 12, 2015

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