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UK Mail Its stating my order has been delivered but hasn't

Hi my jd order number is Your JD Sports order [protected] and the tracking number I have for delivery is M7621140531979 It was supposed to be delivered between 6 and 10 last night but had a emergency at work so had to nip out. While I was out received message stating been signed for and delivered. When I returned home there was no calling card or package or left with a neighbor's. ?

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    Absolutely awful!!! Waited in all day for my parcel to arrive an nothing?? Said would be here today on tracking page. Yet i received no notification it wasnt coming. Not via tx, email or phone... very slack and unprofessional. Have rearranged delivery at about 10.30pm tonight, for tomorrow but we will see if gets here. I have to go out in morning so hopefully will leave with a neighbour if im not in. As cant wait in all day tomorrow too. Very unhappy..

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      UK Mail lying to & ignoring the customer

      Day off work waiting for delivery scheduled before 10.30am. 10.36 tracking info updated 'We're sorry but we haven't been able to deliver as our driver was unable to gain access to the delivery address'. Have been sat in full view of front door and entrance to drive way all morning waiting. No attempt to deliver, no phone call to request direction. Simply appalling service having paid nearly £14.46 for delivery. Would not use again or recommend. Avoid at all costs. Parcel number: [protected]. UPDATE: it has now come to my attention that I was lied to by UKmail, in fact the delivery driver was unable to locate the item within their van. The sender was not updated about this until 16.40pm after the cut off for sending another item. If I/the sender had been informed of this earlier in the day the issue could have been resolved, but instead UKmail have kept both I & the sender in the dark.

      Another update: Informed item would be delivered between 9.29 - 10.29 18/10 via text. Waited in until 10.45 and nothing, tracker hasn't been updated. It has been one of the least enjoyable experiences of my life trying to deal with UKmail / DHL.

      26/10 Update: Over a week with zero contact from UKmail/DHL, their customer care is laughable. The fact there is no option to leave a complaint on their website contact from speaks volumes now... they wouldn't be able to keep up with the number of complaints if they treat all customers the way they've treated me!

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        UK Mail shoddy, slow, time wasting and beyond awful service!!

        When my order arrived in the UK, I took the option to change the delivery address. I had it ordered to come on Wednesday near my place of work at a pick-up point. However the delivery driver could not find the location of the shop and instead decided to do an address check. I first called customer service at 9 a. m the next day, whom informed me of this. they said my order was still in the depot and the driver for that area had left. She said she would try and get my delivery taken in the afternoon - this did not happen. I had asked if I could change the address to my home address and I was told that I was unable to do this. I was told if I needed to do this I would have to go through the company I booked from - they said it would take them 3 days minimum to contact you to do this and asked why I could not do that?
        On the Friday, I called at 8am and the worker was taking actions for my delivery to be sent out as it was still at the depot and nothing had changed. I called again at 9.25 and my delivery was still at the depot and they advised they might be able to get it out today. I spent 20 minutes on the phone, where I was given the option to go to the depot. The depot is 1 train, 2 busses away then a journey on foot, taking more than an hour. I asked for the manager and was told the manager had called the depot and my delivery would be out that afternoon. I am yet to see if they've kept their word and if this was true!!

        In addition to this I had to search extra for a number where I could speak to a person rather than an automated service which was useless for what I wanted.
        The company gives an option to change the initial delivery address, but does not follow through with their actions. They're customer service team appear to be people talking crap, who can't follow a job through. This is not a service worth paying for!!

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          UK Mail unreliable

          The parcel should have been delivered yesterday, I was given a revised date of today. So I've lost two working days, and will now lose a job as I won't be able to meet the deadline on Thursday. Somehow I have missed the delivery? The driver can't have knocked. My windows are all open my car is in the drive. I'm clearly in the house. You would also think that they may call you? It has taken 10 mins to find a number to speak to an actual person, who was extremely unhelpful. She said that the driver has over 100 deliveries, that would explain why he didn't take the time to fill out the card that was pushed through.

          My options are to take another day off work and do the 1 hour round trip to our nearest depot or wait 6 days for another delivery attempt. APPALLING customer service, shocking for an item costing so much money.

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            UKMaildelivery service

            I must agree with the last reviewer - the worst company I have ever dealt with AND NOW they are being rebranded as DHL - what a disaster for DHL.
            A package was sent on September 5 from Germany and on September 18 it is still not here. Their customer services telephone number will not all ow you to speak to anyone and if your parcel is coming from abroad you only have the web site to access. This information is wrong and out of date.

            Deliveries are said to have happened and they have not. All they keep putting up is "your parcel is delayed" - no explanation.

            Absolutely hopeless organisation and I would discourage everyone from using them and if you are abroad do not send using DHL because this is where it will end up.

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              UKMailinternational delivery

              Stay away 100 miles my parcel [protected] since 6/8/18 today 11 September, after it was sent to wrong country, they have not managed to deliver until today, staff rude and unprofessional, How could you send parcel to different country and still asking for documentation from a wrong country, receiver had to travel to do the clearing but when they acknowledged their mistake they said we can not give you here it should proceed to the right destination but you will need to pay to do new documentation, until today nothing is received

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                UK Mail delivery

                I ordered bubble wrap and tape dispenser for moving houses, I ordered it early morning on 9 Aug, Thursday, for the next day delivery. Today is 14 Aug 4 pm, and i have not received anything. I was in all days and uk mail just posted blunt lies on their tracking systems that they attempted to deliver, they claim that they made several attempts, i was in all the time and received zero "you were out" cards. Nobody knocked and buzzed the front door. There is no phone number to speak with the real person. The most horrible service and delivery i have ever experienced. Blunt lies form uk mail, no contact numbers, failed delivery, i was trapped in my house waiting for delivery for 4 days waiting for delivery, it is just unbelievable.

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                  UK Mail — 2 lost parcels in 2 weeks

                  Got a notice via text with expected delivery day and estimate time frame. Stayed in all day as parcel was a...


                  UK Mail cc823aa6. this case is regarding consignment number [protected]

                  Dear sirs
                  according to your policies one must make a claim within 3 days of a package being delivered or 7 if lost.

                  I don't know where we stand in that you claim to have delivered a package when plaintively have not.

                  The package was paid for and should have been delivered on a Saturday.
                  Saturday- Out of time, no call
                  Monday- out of time no call

                  On the Monday as it was obvious you had failed we asked for a new delivery address, at the RHS show at Tatton Park and were promised a Tuesday Delivery
                  Tuesday- nothing
                  Wednesday- nothing
                  Friday- nothing
                  Saturday- nothing

                  I was informed on Friday that management at Hemel Hempstead had failed to do anything with the package due to staff problems

                  Tuesday-still nothing
                  Thursday-an email claiming to have delivered
                  Friday- nothing

                  Stopped caring

                  Monday-not even responding to my complaints

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                    UK Mail — international delivery

                    I arranged a collection/delivery from the uk to spain, they collected the 5 parcels and 10days later 3...

                    UK Mail parcel delivery service

                    This company is terrible!

                    Again, I've had the same issue. Three deliveries I've had from UK Mail and I've had to collect two and the third (I'm assured by an automated response service, not a human) will be redelivered tomorrow...I won't hold my breath.

                    The regular con being employed that I recognise (having been a delivery driver myself, throughout the 4 years I was at University), was done to me today, same as last time:

                    I got a message from them, thus:

                    "Your order is estimated for delivery by UK Mail between 14:06 - 15:06"

                    'Happy days', I think. 'How convenient.'

                    So I take the afternoon off work, and am home by 1230, to see a (completely blank) UK Mail card. I know this scam...The driver did not write the time of visit, and the number (6539704) on the 'We missed you' card is, until now, not recognised on their system.

                    I frantically called all of the UK Mail advertised numbers solidly for an hour and a half, all still before my allotted time, in the hope that maybe the driver could be tracked and I'd meet him somewhere.

                    All their numbers are redirected to the same automated attendant, and there is no way of speaking to anyone.

                    For the next 3 hours, whenever i enter my consignment number, the system tells me my parcel is out for delivery. Only after the time of the delivery actually passes, does the interactive voice response message tell you that a delivery was attempted.

                    This has become their standard practice, and it is no coincidence that the option to speak to an adviser has been removed.

                    Not happy at all.

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                      UK Mail lost my parcel and don't answer my emails!

                      They lost my parcel!!!
                      Now they dont answer my emails and they dont provide a phone numer where I can speak to a human.
                      Very clever to user an answering machine instead of humans for the telephone service, so they dont have to deal with issues!
                      Contact only via answering machine or contact form. Very frustrating.
                      Since weeks I am trying now to get a refund. And the parcel was even insured.
                      Avoid this s... Company at all costs!

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                        UK Mail non delivery

                        Email received stating delivery window, after window (in which delivery not made) email received stating parcel left safe in porch (we do not have a porch) and card left through door (no card left) . Emailed query where is my parcel, this was Monday. Called Thursday and spoke to an extremely laid back male who said he would look in to it and call me (he didn't). called again Friday another too laid back male, said they were not there at weekend so he would call Monday ‘Is that ok?' Well no it is not but what can I do! Disgusting service

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                          UKMail — driving

                          Driver in UKMAIL van driving down centre of a narrow road towards me totally oblivious to oncoming traffic...


                          UK Mail — delivery of package

                          The most awful service for a delivery company imaginable. Brief overview. Email from them telling me delivery...

                          UK Mail customer services

                          Ordered a lens for my camera from Jessops. Get a text and an email telling me it will be delivered on the Thursday. I waited in a nothing arrived. I emailed to ask where it was, to see my tracking updated shortly after that I had rearranged delivery. I have no idea why they put that. I couldn't speak to anyone on live chat as they were too busy, and there phone line was just plain influrating.
                          Friday morning I check tracking to see it's coming and I'm number 54. Wait in all day again, for it not to turn up again, and tracking disappears at number 20! Now arriving Monday. No explanation, no appology. In total I emailed 3 times with not a single response to any, despite their website listing a response time, and a mere 3 hour response for complaints. Still too busy for live chat. Eventually turned up today. the whole experience has been infuriating. I doubt I will ever get a response. According to Twitter I am far from the only person having this problem.

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                            UK Mail Delivery or lack of it

                            Waited for a delivery all day, as it was a next day delivery item.

                            At 16.31 they change the delivery date for the following day - without even informing me and even record that this was due to the recipient - really - I have not spoken to you or requested the delivery to be delayed., in fact I have been at home all day waiting.

                            The truth, In fact was that you forgot to load the item on the van and hence it was your error - no apologies or anything - from this experience, I will be informing the sender that your service was not of a standard their business deserves.

                            Even with DPD, this rarely happens and in instances when this happens they inform the receiver that this is what is happening and why.

                            If you are owned or part of DHL I wonder why DHL would like to have their image tarnished - but I guess that is their responsibility.

                            One very pissed off punter that UK Mail does not care about, will be putting the same inform on various sites that require reviews UKMail...

                            Welcome UK Mail - your service sucks, dishonest and incompetent at best somreally have lots of improving to do.

                            Hope someone higher in the organisation reads this as otherwise it will only get lost as all other complaints I have seen on line.

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                              UK Mail lied about parcel delivery and unable to contact

                              Consignment Number [protected].
                              Having been informed online by yourselves (UK Mail) that my parcel was on its way, 26th July 2017, I waited in all day (I am a very busy person) specifically for this. There was no delivery by 6.00 pm so I messaged you asking where my parcel was and received an email reply within seconds – obviously fully automated to avoid you having to read anything – saying you could not help me, the Royal Mail were responsible (this was not a RM tracking number you provided – it was one of your own) and telling me I should contact the original sender.
                              Unbelievably bad! Have you no shame.
                              You had the parcel - your website confirmed this. You marked its progress. Yet when it disappeared somewhere between your depot, your courier and my address you had the temerity to blame others. Do not blame the seller or the royal mail- you are at fault – no one else. Where is my parcel?
                              Your stance then changed.
                              The next day, 27th July 2017, you (UK Mail) again informed me, via your website – “Manage My Delivery”- that you had delivered the parcel at 8.30 am, it had been signed for by someone, at my home, that I had never heard of and who most certainly was not within these walls. I contacted UK Mail again and AGAIN you blamed the Royal Mail.
                              I cannot imagine how often this must happen at the expense of others and it seems to the profit of those involved.
                              You are completely dishonest!
                              You do nothing but lie and I have every intention of posting this complaint everywhere I possibly can and offering screen shots of your advices and responses.
                              You make it impossible for anyone to contact you by using automated only systems.
                              I do not intend to let this matter rest.
                              I will also check in future to see if the businesses I buy from use your company. If they do I will not buy from them again and I WILL let them know why.

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                                UKMail — parcel delivery

                                UK Mail are the worst delivery company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Ordered from a reputable...


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