UK Maildelivery driver

Serious complaint about uk mail delivery drivers

We have just received a delivery of 13 boxes for a client of ours 11.05.17 @13.29 the driver (He refused to give me his name) has been extremely rude to my staff and when I got involved he swore at me and was very rude. I do not expect to be shouted at and sworn at by a delivery driver in my own reception area. He was simply asked to deliver the large consignment to the clients office - he refused. We then asked him to wait for the client to come and sign for the delivery then he stated he didn't have all day for this bulls*t and kicked off because we wouldn't sign for the end I had to get the security team to remove him from site. His attitude was disgusting and I would like a formal apology about his behaviour towards me and my staff but I very much doubt I will get one.

May 11, 2017

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