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Uhaul Truck Rental / bad service

1 United States

UHaul Truck Rental, The Alameda, San Jose, CA I rented a 27' truck for a local move on 29 Oct 2004 assuming the truck to be serviceable. I was mistaken. I had requested at the time of rental a one-way rental with allowance for 2 trips back and forth from San Jose to Modesto, CA (about 90 miles point to point) in order to avoid having to return a truck, adding 90 miles to it. Hector, the GM, told me nothing was available; I believed him even though the lot was full of trucks. I accepted the truck after the customary damage inspection. The first trip was completed without incident but it was too late to make another trip and still have the truck back in time...I requested another day from the was granted. On the second day it rained, slowing my progress on the freeway. My wife was following me and as it grew darker she noticed the truck had no taillights, no brake lights and no running lights on the box. She had also noted I was going much slower than I should. We compared the readings of our speedometers and the truck's was reading about 15% faster than her minivan...a rather large discrepancy. I asked her to call the UHaul facility immediately for guidance on what to do (I was trying to negotiate a rather unruly vehicle in the dark, in the rain, no lights, San Jose Friday night traffic). An employee at the San Jose location told us to call the 800# for service, adding the speedometer issue was "no big deal because it also read too slow, being a wash in the end". Incorrect, I'm not stupid...apparently he was. The 800 service number told us to bring it to the UHaul dealer at our destination (I'm still driving an unlit truck at night in the rain!) and they will fix it. With the other choice being leaving my parents' worldly belongings on the side of the freeway 'till daylight, we complied. Upon dropping the truck off at the Modesto location, I and the GM I turned it over to noticed the truck had bald tires all around. Granted, I should have noticed that earlier, but I also assumed I would be rented a serviceable truck when I certainly was not. We contacted Hector to let him know we were going to do this, also asking for a discount on the mileage, since it was obviously out of calibration, and for the inconvenience of having to drive an unlit truck for two days, risking injury, life and property for me and anyone behind me. His very professional response: "you don't have to return it to San Jose...that's your discount." He charged my credit card in absentia (after also charging my brother's card that was used to reserve the truck). I will be reversing the charge with my bank and forwarding this letter to someone up the UHaul chain-of-command who cares to listen.


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