Turkish Airlines / inability to change within a limited time without paying penalty

Beirut, Lebanon

Dear Turkish Airlines,

I have booked online on Turkish airlines website on the 22 October three round-trip tickets from Beirut to Istanbul. By mistake, I booked the return flight of after midnight assuming it is in the afternoon.
After I bought the ticket I realized my mistake and tried to correct it within half an hour of making my first booking but was charged a penalty of 60 usd per ticket. There was also an extra charge because there was an upgrade in the return ticket, but this I accept. I do understand that I am obliged to pay the upgrade but I can not understand that a mistake can not be corrected within less than an hour without penalty which is a huge amount since they are three tickets (180 USD) please I would really appreciate if you can waive the penalty, refund me the amount and allow people who book online to have no penalty for any change within a certain limited time like even 24 hours free cancellation/change.

If you need any further detail, please let me know
I really appreciate your feedback and look forward to hear from you soon.

Million thanks,

My booking reference is SYSLWS.
Flights from beirut to istanbul.
email: [protected]

Oct 24, 2018

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