Turkish Airlines / didn't get the seat we reserved.

We reserved seats on Flight 80, October 21st, from San Francisco to Istanbul, Turkey. Tickets #235-[protected] and #235-[protected], seats 11H and 11J. We specifically chose those seat months ahead of our flight so we would have more leg room. When we went to print out our tickets on the evening of October 20th we were given seats in the back of the plane. We immediately called Turkish Airlines to see why they changed our seats and talked to a very rude man who told us to file a complaint. When we checked in the morning of October 21st at the San Francisco Airport we asked the lady at the counter why we weren't given seats 11H and 11J. She couldn't give us an answer so she asked the manager and they had no idea why our seats were changed.
On our return flight on November 1st on Flight 865 we were supposed to have the same seats, 11H and 11J, but again were given different seats.
We are very upset and disappointed with Turkish Airlines with the fact that they decided to change our seats without our knowledge and had no idea why this happened and didn't give us comparable seats.
We've flown many different airlines and have never had this experience before and with that said, we never plan on using Turkish Airlines again and will discourage anyone and everyone we know not to use your airline.

Turkish Airlines

Nov 18, 2017

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