Turkish Airlinesconnection flight missed due to huge security checking queue


I, Chanchal Gupta, was travelling from New Delhi, India to Berlin via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines. My flight from India (TK717), landed at 11 am at Istanbul airport, where I took a bus from runway to reach airport which again took time. My connecting flight to Berlin (TK 1725) transit time was 1hr 10minutes, wherein at the security checking, there was huge crowd, around 400-500 people from different flight gathered their. I took so long in security checking, that I missed my connecting flight to Berlin. When I approached Airline TGS team, they without telling anything routed me to Ticket Sales team, where despite of giving alternate ticket, I was asked for money for the new ticket, The airline was taking any responsibility for the same, they should set some priority if they know there next connecting flight timings at security check-ins else plan a better arrival gates why to choose a gate where already other flights passengers are in queue. This is my second such experience with the airline, first time, my luggage was missed and this time such a mess. I would like to file a complaint so that airline shall take the responsibility and be more sincere about passengers timings and comfort.

Dec 03, 2018

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