Turkish Airlines Beirutdisrespectful staff

I booked my two way flight to Beirut and did all the needful hectic procedures to get my cat with me on board of the same two way flight on the turkish airlines through Turkish Airlines Toronto Office. The booking for my cat and confirmation number that i got was for the two - way flight and it took me two days of calling and being on hold all day long to get confirmation for the booking for my cat done. I was told on the phone that I would have to pay for my cat a sum of $ 160.00 on each way from each airport. The way to Beirut was fine. Surprisingly, on my way back, as I was checking in the airport, I was faced with a shocking situation, where the staff told me, sorry you can't get your cat on board !! In shock, I asked for help. I told them to route me through what needs to be done, simply because, I already did the booking and got the confirmation number. The staff told me they can't do anything for me. I asked to talk to their manager when I was shocked to receive very insulting, disrespectful and rude statements from him (Charbel at Beirut Airport) : he said things like: its not my problem that you didn't do your reservation through the airlines directly. I replied saying : I did that with the turkish airlines in Toronto Airport. He replied saying that "IF I NEEDED HELP FROM HIM, I SHOULD BEHAVE MYSELF AND STOP COMPLAINING !!!" although, I did NOT say anything that was disrespectful at ALL. He continued to literary abuse me by saying, you would have to cancel your flight (FOR WHICH I PAID $ 1600.00). HE SAID ITS NOT HIS RESPONSIBILITY TO SOLVE CUSTOMER PROBLEMS AND HANDLE CUSTOMER RELATED ISSUES !!! and he asked me to wait till the very last person on the flight. I had to run around in the airport to seek help from any other party or get to any person who can solve my problem; I SPENT AN HOUR WHERE I WAS LITERARY SHAKING AND HAVING A NERVOUS BREAK DOWN AS I COULDN'T LEAVE MY CAT BACK IN BEIRUT AND FLY WITHOUT HER. I DON'T EVEN HAVE A PLACE FOR HER TO STAY AT. AND IF IT WAS THAT EASY AN ISSUE FOR ME, I WOULDN'T HAVE BROUGHT MY CAT WITH ME ALL THE WAY FROM TORONTO IN THE FIRST PLACE !! After he saw that some staff where guiding me to a place where I could leave a complaint about him, he called me and told me that i can get on the flight !!! It was such a horrible experience from their staff manager at the checking point in beirut airport. I will never even use this airline again in my life.

Dec 17, 2014

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