Truworths / my id was used for an account opening

Good day

Please note that there is a person activated my Truthworths account, I have never been in Truworths and I do not have an account with Truworths.
My probroblem is when I phoned regarding phurchased that was done on my name, I was told to bring Affidavit from Polistation with my ID book. How is that going to help me if my account was open without me being there, I believe that before an account opened, ID need to be verify for security Check, so if this was never done from the first place how am I going to get any assisitennt from Truworths.

My phone number [protected] and my ID [protected]

  • Updated by Zwinazwo, Nov 18, 2017

    Good day

    An account was opened at Truworths on my name and the person is busy using that card.
    I phoned Truworths to enquirer and I was told to bring an affidavit from polistation with my ID. I wonder how is that going to help me if an account was opened with my original ID, i believe that Truworths should have done security checks before an Account opening .

    Right now I must do up and down to stop this faudlent account is time consuming, Truworths people are very ignorant and I must suffer . CAn someone from Truworths do something about this, I phoned to stop the fraudulent account that was opened but it can only stopped after I have submitted affidavit and ID and in the mean time the person is busy transaction, who is going to pay for that money used on that account ? .
    Is this your way of ding business activating customers account and make it difficult for them when they trying to stop fraud ?

    This is really bad service, Truworths is now starting to operate like any other fake shops here In SA.

    Can you please investigate the matter and close this account, you can not tell me that your are waiting for my ID and affidavit where when the account opened non of that never requested.


Nov 18, 2017

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