Truworths Gateway / disgusted!!

South Africa

Good day,

I had chatted to your sensai consultant, marlene, about 6 weeks ago and just wanted to know about the products. She was very forceful and made me purchase these products to the value of + r12 000.

After using these products, my skin is terrible! I've developed hyper pigmentation and my skin looks burnt. Marlene had told me that these products are 100% safe and guarantee.

My skin looks disgusting and I had to make an appointment with dr naidoo (Dermatologist) to assist with my skin. My appointment is on the 30th of july at 08h45.

I am utterly disgusted with the lies that this particular consultant had spoken. I had given birth 4 months ago and am supposed to be securing a job at this moment but this quest is impossible due to the condition of my skin. I feel utterly humiliated and embarrassed and as a result consulted with an attorney regarding the best way.

I want to return the products and request for a full refund. Should this not be possible, I am going to place my attorney on record and retrieve costs from truworths gateway for all my dermatologist treatments, compensation for the pain, humiliation and loss of income that I am undergoing.

Your most urgent response is needed. I can furnish a picture upon your request. I would appreciate not receiving any communication from the consultant.

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