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I ordered a Fisher Price Smart Cycle for my 4 yr old grandson from Toys R Us on Dec, 2 2007 and received a Fisher Price House Learning Home for a 1 yr old child on December 10, 2007. I called ToysRus and they admitted sending the wrong order but I was told I had to return the item and I would be charged the cost on my credit card until the merchandise received had been returned. I was also told the item originally ordered would be an additional charge to my credit card in the same amount and the item would not be guaranteed for Christmas delivery. I told the "extremely" rude customer rep that those terms were not acceptable to me and requested to speak to her supervisor, I was hung up on. I cannot afford to add an additional $120 to my credit card without an immediate refund from this company. I requested they deliver the correct item and pick up the one they sent in error but that request was refused.

I hope something can be done about this and I am stunned that a company like Toys R Us can adhere to such a shameful customer service policy. After all, the mistake was theirs and I have email documents to confirm my order.

Think twice before you use this company.

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  • Am
      Nov 22, 2010

    Obviously too late for this consumer, but if anyone else has a similar issue arise, just file a dispute directly with your credit card company. Most of the large CC companies are VERY good at getting action from bad retailers. I had a retailer trying to rip me off, one call from the credit card company to the retailer, and they realized/agreed that the customer service guy was being a complete jerk, and refunded me immediately. Said I didn't even have to return the item because I had tried in good faith to get the retailer's error resolved, and the retailer had refused and said I was stuck with the (error) item. I got my money back (via the credit card dispute process) and was able to buy the right item from another retailer!

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  • Ch
      Nov 30, 2010

    yeah so I'm writing again to wanr anyone away from buying anything from Fisher Price that place is such a goddam ripoff. I bought my kid a pirate ship that [censor]ing broke before I could put it together and they blamed me for braking it. So I called and called them and wrote in everywhere I [censor]ing could and what do you know? They decide to send me another piece of [censor] ship that misisng the mast piece that broke on the first one? Son of a [censor], I am not [censor]ing kidding you. I am so pissed. its such a piece of [censor] company and the [censor]ing stores that sell them do not deal with them they are just [censor]ing with you.

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