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heli ball

Order #15890
2 heli balls never received! Never a response and no refund!
Total BS emailed them 3 times.
Now looks like company site is defunct.
This was for my 2 sons. Another company that couldn't deliver.
Wish the internet would ban these types of companies.
It wasn't expensive but at least give a refund and communicate!
I work hard to just throw away my money

have not received an item ordered in december

I ordered a Heli Ball for my kids in December to give as a Christmas gift. It never arrived. I received an email in January letting me know that the item was going to be late but that is was definitely going to be shipped. In February I received an email with a shipment order and a button to track my order. When I click on the button it says that Joy Toys is currently unavailable and to come back later. It has been saying that for months now. At this point, I would just like my $21.05 back so that I can purchase a Heli Ball elsewhere. Thank you!


delivery/ refund

Ordered 3 Heli balls in December 2018.
Received an email Feb 2019 stating they had shipped my order. A couple weeks later I informed them I had not received the package.
It's July 2019 and I have not heard back or still do not have my order. My money has not been refunded either.
Just sent out another email to try and get this issue resolved.
Order #21248

delivery/ refund
delivery/ refund

  • Je
    jerry mcdonnell Jul 17, 2019

    I received my kegal exercise kehel joy on and it would be fine if it worked. It charged and worked in spasms once but no more. Cannot get it to vibrate and it just doesn't seem to connect. I never did nor do i intend to download the app for my pnone. I was told in the literature that it would work with or without app. Please help me.
    [email protected]

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  • Je
    jerry mcdonnell Jul 17, 2019

    @jerry mcdonnell realize this product is an expensive joke. It is not reliable and customer service doesn't exist.

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did not receive my order

I ordered 2 heli balls in december of 2018. We thought we would receive it before christmas as stated. Christmas came and went with no heli balls. We received an email that their orders were backed up and they would be sent soon. I still have not received the product 6 months after placing my order but the money was taken out of my account. I would simply like refund since we purchased others through a competitor. Attached is a screenshot of my order receipt.

did not receive my order

ufo heli ball

I ordered in December 2018 the UFO Heli Ball. I never recurved it so I contacted Joy Toys via email. Didn't receive a response until 2 months later. Apparently they were having some kind of trouble with their distributors and/or investors and promised my order would be fulfilled. I then received an email on Feb. 19th stating my order had shipped. Still did not receive my order. I again emailed again and again over and over and to this date no response. My money was taken from my credit card. How do I get that back? Truly a bad company and should be facing criminal charges. The money myself and probably countless others went into their pockets or somewhere. There must be something that can be done!!!

  • St
    stitcher01 Jul 28, 2019

    I too ordered this item and never received it. I have e-mailed them and have not received any response either. Is this just another scam????

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heli balls

I ordered 2 of these for Christmas and have not received them or a refund. I cannot get ahole of Joy Toys to speak/talk/write/email them. $40 was taken out of my checking account for these. These were supposed to rise as the kids touched them and be colorful. I would like either the toys or a refund. I have waited patiently and emailed several times and am getting frustrated. I would like the company to respond.

merchandise or refund not received

original orders were on December 5, 2018 order numbers 9860 & 9919 amounts $34.92 & $44.89 Items ordered were 4 Heli Balls. I have made several contacts .Joy Toys Inc. claim...

world tech toys comet ir ufo heli ball × 2

This product was ordered on 12/09/2018, to date 04/17/2019 it has not been received.
I have emailed the company on multiple occasions, no response. I have received an email once or twice from Joy Toys with the notice "your item has been sent" when I try the tracking number it always comes up no such number or try later as it may not be in the system yet. I would like the merchandise I ordered and a real tracking number. If the item is no longer available I would like to know as I will order from another company for Christmas 2019.

merchandise not received

original order dec 5th for 4 heli balls never received several times i have contacted Joy Toys claims they were shipped every time i contacted them.last time it was suppose to be shipped by DHL i tracked packages, it said packages not found. please contact me ASAP.refund requested again. I don't want the please send refund for both orders #1 $34.92 and #2 $44.89. I would appreciate your immediate attention. contact person Cindy Cruise order #9860 and 9919

  • Updated by rombold · Apr 13, 2019

    refund please

  • Updated by rombold · May 08, 2019

    contact me 724-816-7414 about order never received i want refund

comet ir ufo heli ball

I ordered this product in december for a christmas gift. They took they money out of my account but I still have not recieved my product!! I recieved an email in january apologizing stating it would be mailed soon. Not until the end of february did I recieve another email stating it was just shipped. It is not march 26 and I still have not recieved my product!! No one answers when you send an email to inquire either. Still have not found a valid phone # for them either!!

Comet ir ufo heli ball

I ordered #40049 World Tech Toys Comet IR UFO Heli Ball before Christmas 2018. It's now March of 2019 and it has still not been received. I have sent several emails to [protected] demanding a full refund with no response. I did receive an email on Jan. 4: Dear Jessica,
First and foremost, we'd like to wish you a Happy New Year! We'd also like to apologize for the delay of your shipment. We want to be honest and upfront about why we haven't replied to emails and it's because we've been understaffed and all of our staff have been working very hard to answer as many of you as possible.
As you may probably know, we're a new store that just recently opened and thanks to you, our video went viral and we've sold out and delivered most of all of the Heli Balls and a few other toys in high demand. Some have had it in time for Christmas and got the chance to gift it to your loved one(s). Some were unlucky and haven't received their order yet. The reason is and usually, a company wouldn't disclose this, but running a business can have many challenging factors and one of them is dealing with the merchant who's processing your payments. Our merchant accounts PayPal and Stripe has put a hold on our payments starting in December because of security reasons due to our volume of orders which basically made us unable to receive daily payouts to pay for your shipments. That is why some orders were delayed in December. We are still fighting for this but we are putting as much money as possible behind your shipments from our own family pockets. Another challenge of ours was that our supplier wasn't reliable for delivery time to our warehouse and didn't communicate with us that he was sold out of them either as he also supplies for the big retailers such as Amazon, Groupon, Walmart, Target, Kohls, etc.
Good news is that we have the inventory for you guys and that we've found a lending partner that can pay all of the remaining shipments.
We sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience that this has caused to you and we will be giving out a gift card of $10 if your order has been delayed for over 2 weeks to make up for the inconveniences.
What happens next?
You will receive a shipping confirmation email within 24 hours with your tracking number.
If you have any questions please reply to this email but please allow us time as we're a family business and we're doing our best to answer all of you.
Again, our apologies for this unfortunate event.
Yours truly,
Joy Toys Family

heli ball

I too ordered a Heli ball for Christmas and it did not come until 2/1/2019 in a plain box with no shipping information. Now I am receiving emails that my order has been shipped. I did not order any more products, and there is no way to contact this company besides a "help Button" on my "new Order" They do not provide an address or phone number and googling the company shows that there is no web page. There is something very suspicious about ths company and now I have to cancel my card to stop them from charging anything else to my account.

heli ball

On December 20, 2017 I order a Heli Ball for my grandson for Christmas. I was given Order #39729 and my debit card was charged $23.96. As of today I still have not received my order and I have attempted to reach out to the company on numerous occasions to find out when I could receive my order. The company has no phone number you can call to check up on the order status. I believe this company is a SCAM. I will never order anything like this from Facebook again.

Joytoy.coHeli balls

I purchased two Heli balls on Dec 8th. Site stated 2 - 5 shipping days. Waited two weeks. Sent an email to complain and got no response. Its been two months and I've never received my purchase. I've sent multiple concerns through email and lastly wished my money to be returned to me with absolutely no response. Now the site is gone.

Heli balls

heli ball

Placed my order for 2 Heli balls for a total of 47.61 in early December 2018. I was guaranteed delivery by Christmas. I still have not received them. I have received several emails from them saying they were out of stock, etc.. etc.. my responses to them have gone unanswered. Two weeks ago I received another email that the toys were in stock and I should receive a confirmation shipping tracking number within 24hrs. Ha! Still haven't seen any email confirming shipment. I have been unable to find a phone number for them. They are frauds! DO NOT purchase anything from them!

heli ball

642989 I ordered 3 heliballs on nov 24, 2018 and after receiving an email stating it would not arrive in time for christmas I demanded my money back or immediate shipping of my product...

never received product... haven't given me a refund

I ordered 5 UFO Heli Balls. My tracking number says they were picked up by USPS in Valencia CA on Dec. 19th, 2018. I thought they would arrive by Christmas. It is now Jan 21, 2019 and The tracking number still says the same. I have not received them. I contacted customer service 7 days ago. They are looking into they say. It shouldn't take 7 days for a refund.

JoyToys.comnon delivery of products ordered/paid

Ordered 5 helicopter toys December 10, 2018 said delivery by Dec. 22 2018. Get email with 5 different tracking #'s, 1 for each item (DHL) Received one 12/26/18, one 12/27/18. Others "still in transit", expected delivery 12/27/18! After several emails, as of today 1/13/2019 still no delivery and NO response from the company. Have requested refund but no response

  • Th
    Thomas 2019 Jan 26, 2019

    Ordered a Heli ball and never got it. Tried to email then 3 times no responds. Don't order from them sorry dam company.

    Thomas Davis

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  • Th
    Thomas 2019 Jan 26, 2019

    Ordered a Heli ball and never got it. Tried to email then 3 times no responds. Don't order from them sorry dam company.

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Joytoys.copaid never filled order

History Order Date #31577 Dec 15, 2018 paid unfulfilled $34.92 i ordered 2 heli one spiderman and one unicorn and they have not filled order or refunded and customer support has not reply to any of my email as they have no phone number or address to get ahold of them From: Joy Toys
Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2018 12:54:54 PM
To: [protected]
Subject: Order #31577 confirmed

Joy Toys
ORDER #31577

Thank you for your purchase!
Hi shirley, we're getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.
View your order

or Visit our store

Order summary

World Tech Toys Emoji Unicorn IR UFO Heli Ball × 1 $19.95

Marvel Licensed Spider-Man Homecoming IR UFO Heli Ball × 1 $19.95

Discount LUCKY25 -$9.97
Subtotal $29.93
Shipping $4.99
Total $34.92 USD
You saved $9.97

Customer information
Shipping address
shirley white
5315 Baycrest Road
Hillcrest FL 32205
United States Billing address
shirley white
5315 Baycrest Road
Hillcrest FL 32205
United States
Shipping method
Standard (2-5 business days) Payment method
Payment method — $34.92

If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at [protected]

  • Updated by Shirley A White · Jan 10, 2019

    its been almost a month and has not been filled or refunded


I ordered on November 20, 2018. I expected delivery before December 20. 2018 when I was to leave the state WITH the toys for family Christmas. The toys did NOT arrive before I left and were delivered on December 24, 2018 while I was out of town and it was too late to give them as gifts. I was forced to spend more money at the last minute to replace them for my grandchildren.
I have contacted the company numerous times by email (they have no phone contact!) and receive nothing but form email replies.
I want to return the balls...I have no use for them since they were not delivered on time. I want a refund.
The website states a return label is included with the was NOT!

  • Eu
    Eugenia Sokol Jan 05, 2019

    I ordered Mini flying ball December 15th and received email that order will be shipped within 3-5 business days. My credit card was charged next day even that order hasn’t been shipped yet. On December 23rd I sent email with the question about status of my order but didn’t receive a reply. I sent second email December 26 and finally on December 29 I emailed that I want to cancel my order. I haven’t received ANY replies from the company until January 4th that my order will be shipped within 24 hours! It’s the worst customer experience and it spoiled my holidays. I expect to get full refund and never have any deals with this company

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  • El
    Elizabeth Howard Jan 27, 2019

    @Eugenia Sokol This happened to me and now their website is down. Was this a scam?

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  • De
    Debbie Roxann Doshier Jan 21, 2019

    I placed an order with this company on 12/16/18 and still have not received my heli balls. Have emailed the company asking for my money back and no answer. I think this company is a scam will never order anything through Facebook again.

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  • Ga
    Gaynell LaRocca Santalucito Feb 15, 2019

    On December 20, 2017 I order a Heli Ball for my grandson as a gift for Christmas. To date I still have not yet received my order #39727, but the company was quick to take my debit card payment of $23.96. I attempted to email the company to no avail. I either want my $23.96 back or I want the order that I placed. On my receipt it shows my payment status as "paid" but Fulfillment shows "unfulfilled. I believe this company is a SCAM and I will never order anything from Facebook every again. Customers, beware and watch who you order from in the future. I've learned my lesson.

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  • Ki
    KittyCamero Feb 21, 2019

    I placed an order for 2 Heli Balls for my grandsons on December 14th. I got a text message last night (Feb 20th) that my order had shipped. What the heck? Since they didn't charge my account in December, I couldn't cancel the order, but now they are shipping me the order nearly 2 months late! I'll be notifying the bank to deny the charges now.

    0 Votes — lack of response and that I paid for a product i've not received.

Here is the email I recs on Dec 10. Joy Toys ORDER #20245 Thank you for your purchase! Hi Patty, we're getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it ha...

ordered products not received

I ordered 3 helliballs on December 16 (#35013) with 2-5 days shipping. On 12/22, the items had not arrived. I contacted Joy Toys who replied they would look into it. On 12/24, I...


Like the others on this board, I ordered 2 heli-balls on December 18, 2018. I even paid the extra postage to ensure Christmas delivery. I have sent 3 emails, received 1 response which was to explain the situation.
Today I finally wrote a review of the company in which I stated that I believe the company is a sham. My life lesson, Never buy anything you see in a pop up advertisement. And like one of the gentlemen stated below, I will have to go back to my bank and Dispute the charges.

  • Sa
    Sandy Kazubowski Feb 04, 2019

    I too bought from this company. They took money from my account in November. I received a couple of emails over the 3 months. Today I tried to contact them about returning my money and found the company no longer in the system. My email to them was returned to me as undelivered, no such address. It is the same one I have been using. I am more than angry and want my money returned.

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  • Ki
    Kirsten Vlaj Feb 18, 2019

    I also purchase a heli-ball from JoyToys. I emailed prior to Christmas 2018 stating I had not received the shipping information like they had said I would. I received an email back 3 days last that said that they are doing everything they an to ensure Christmas delivery and it will be shipped FedEx. I never received a shipping confirmation or the product. I have emailed 4 times (most recently today) and have not received any response. I did purchase it through PayPal and I have just disputed the charge today.

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Deadpool UFO Heli Ball

I placed an order on 121518, as of today I have not received the product, any shipping details, or a refund as requested by me on two separate occasions. The $24.94 was immediately withdrawn from my account and I received an order confirmation email, however no other information has been communicated. Do not order from this company!!! — heli ball

On December 9th I ordered the heli ball after an ad popped up in King. Com games. Siad it would take two to five shipping days. To this day I have not been notified of a shipment...

flying ball

was promised before christmas but no toys for kids because I cant even get a response I am soooooo disappointed they have my money drawing intrest and im still sitting here with nothing I am ready to turn it over to the better businessis this how this company wants to stay in business because after I blast face book with my over 1000 friends some people will at lease no to not have anything to do with this company at this point they should be shut down I am not the only person to be ripped off read the complaints they take your money and blow you off

flying ball

While I was playing Wooga game, there was your add for Flying Ball of Joytoy Co. on December 17 I ordered for the Ball. Till date nothing is heard nor received tracking information. Kindly look in the matter and let me know the status of the shipment. I have already paid amount through PayPal credit. I hope your early response in the matter. My email I'd is [protected]

Ranjit Shah

  • Updated by Ranjitkumar · Dec 25, 2018

    While I was playing Wooga game, there was your add for flying ball of Joytoy Co. on December, 17, 2018. I like the item and immediately placed the order for the same and paid the amount through PayPal credit. Till date nothing is heard nor received tracking information either from your side or from Joytoy Co. Kindly let me know the status of the shipment. Expecting your early actions in the matter.

  • Pa
    Pam Wirstad Dec 25, 2018

    Ditto. Paid, never sent. Joytoys is ripping off people. THEFT

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