Toys r usmisrepresenting of products, and overcharging, emotionally abusive towards costumers with children


i went with my son to toys r us to buy a wii game system.earlier we saw a promotional offer, upon returning we inquired about said offer (wii system 20 dollar gift card and 2 free accessories-25 dollar value) the gentleman in that department did not no what the accessories were, he called the front desk and and you could hear the lady reply"they don't know what there talking about"so the gentle man said choose an accessory, so i grabbed a paddle and proceeded to pay for it and so it didn't ring up right., so the lady from up front came to assist, she disclosed that it wasn't the right accessory and showed me paddle cases, by this time other customers are starting to inquire, and i pointed out that the ad didn't say what accessories it was .and at that time another customer said heres a wii sign with accessories listed on it, by then the store manager intervened and stated only these items [paddle cases] and then I said your ads don't say which items, and then she snapped at me and said these items do you want it[it scared a child of another customer] i replied you don't have to snap at me she did apoligize, i then asked for the number to your corporate office and she gave me it along with her name.three other customers gave me there names and wanted to complain as well the father of the frightened child i proceded to buy it as my son was looking forward to it, after ringing it up i look at my receipt i'm overcharged 21.88 i point this out so they try again and so they try to hand me 1.88 and this isn't right so they try again and hand me 20.07 this isn't right, i say you forgot the tax, finally over an hour later and pressured into an accessory i didn't need i finally got out the door.

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