Toys Are Usstole from an 11 year old child.

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My 11 year old son purchased a video game from toys r us during a promotion. He received a $20 gift card due to the promotion, the store clerk told him that this card would not be activated for six hours. Hence he was not able to use this on an additional purchase during this outing.

Saturday I took him back to the store and he tried to make a purchase using this $20 gift card, during this time he was told that this gift card expired on 1/31/11 and he therefore was out of luck! I spoke to the manager and he simply told me that he felt bad but there was nothing that he could do for my son. The card expired and the store took back the $20!

Talk about a bogus scam!! We left the store and both vowed to NEVER purchase anything again at TOYS R US!!! That store preys upon unsuspecting youth and I will not patronize any corporation that steals from it's customers. Let's face it, many stores carry the same items as TOYS R Us and they do so at lower prices!

Boycott TOYS R US family and friends will not support this store anymore!

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  • Ja
      Nov 09, 2011

    when did this happen? If it expired on 1/31/11, why are you just now complaining about it nearly 10 months later? Did you really think holding onto a promotional card for nearly one year wasn't going to be an issue?

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  • Th
      Nov 09, 2011

    First of all it is none of your business when the item was purchased. My letter is about how they abused an eleven year old and tricked an 11 year old. My son asked me the other day if he could go back to Toys are US. I told him that if he ever stepped foot in Toys are Us again that I would not love him anymore and disown him.(Okay I admit I was angry when I said that but I just wanted to make my point clear.) It is a rip of because they lied and tricked an eleven year old into thinking he $20 free. They prey on youth, giving them false hopes and this manager is no better than a child molester who preys on six year old girls. When I can't use my gift card it is considered theft. When an eleven year old can't use the gift card it is considered preying on unsuspecting children. Just like child molesters prey on unsuspecting children he is doing the same.

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  • Fa
      Nov 10, 2011

    Paul is right this is a troll complaint. No parent in their right mind would tell a child that they won't love them anymore for shopping at a particular store. This person posted the exact same complaint on pissedconsumer. Did not get the attention he/she wanted so they posted here.

    If this person is for real, comparing child sexual abuse to this situation is being overdramatic. Sexual child l predators(along with man who threaten women for doing their job and beat children)are the lowest of low. Your child misunderstood the guidelines of the $20

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  • Ef
      Nov 10, 2011

    "I told him that if he ever stepped foot in Toys are Us again that I would not love him anymore and disown him."

    You stole your own love from your 11 year old. Way to go.

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  •   Nov 10, 2011

    Do people make these posts because they think the companies might see it and offer them something to "help" smooth over the issue? Or are they just snerts with too much time on their hands?

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  • Ta
      Nov 18, 2013

    I agree with the original poster. The management could have handled it better. For example, they could honor the promotional discount but just advise the customer to next time be more careful about the expiry date.

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