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Good Morning,
I would like to lodge a complaint - I am very sad about the service I received at Toyota Carnival! I am really not one to complain as for a very long time in my life I worked in the service industry! So for me to complain it surely must take alot! This was the first time in my life I purchased a vehicle- sad to say it wasnt a pleasant experience!

Firstly, once I showed interest in purchasing my Hyhundia IX35 - I had to keep on calling the dealership for feedback! Almost 3-5 times a day being promised a call back which never happend! I ended up calling them back! The Sales person Lloyd Lill could never give me straight answers, it had me so frustrated and asking myself the question if I had to buy the vehichle based on service if I would still take it! Definitely not!

On the day of collection, there was a huge delay after they wanted me to collect the vehichle the day before I unfortunately couldnt as I had back to back meetings and after work my ill son needed care! Giving them much more time for collection the following day- Friday the 30th November 2018! When I arrived at Toyota Carnival I was advised that the vehichle is in the workshop and car track is being fitted! I wanted to have a last good look before signing the documents. None the less I signed all paperwork and waited another while and eventually the car arived!

I then noticed a couple of things, there was no jack in the boot, the tires of the vehichle was in a really bad condition and this was ticked off on the 120check—?????

One back wheel tyre even had a side wall plug in- this is very dangerous and I cannot believe that a dealership would let this slide! Both the front tyre were worn off on the sides even had chunks of the tyres out! I showed this to lloyd and he advised to speak to the manager, he returned and stated that they will only replace one tyre, I was upset and asked to speak to the manager Christiaan! Loyd returned and stated that Chritiaan is busy and does not have the time to speak to me! I was willing to wait- loyd came back and reiterated that he does not want to come outside!

My father in law and partner then went inside to speak with Christiaan! My father in law mentioned the condition of the tyres on the vehicle where he agreed to replace only two! My Father in law asked him to come outside and look at the tyres himself he refused and stated that he is not making enough provit on the vehicle to replace all 4 tyres!

At this time Lloyd only stated putting the ribbons on the vehicle for photos and hand over, I was in shock as to the service at Toyota Carnival.

I left heavy hearted and this was meant to be a really happy moment that was stolen from me!

Yesterday, I realized that a sticker remained from the previous owner on the window of the vehichle - this did not make any sence as I paid an additional R3500 to fit the vehichle with smash and grab on all 4 windows! I called Lloyd the sales person I have been dealing with- but once again he could not give me a definite answer as to whether or not the smash and crab was fitted!

I know for a fact it wasnt, how can they take a paper sticker off the back window apply smach and grab and without a trace replace the discovery emergency sticker??

The previous tint that was added to the window is scratched and this is still the same!

I have also come to realise that certian buttons on the stearing wheel does not work! Even the reverse camera says no signal all the time! Surely these are the things that need to be checked before selling a vehicle???

Please advise me on the way forward in regard to this!

Looking forward to hearing from you soonest!

Kindest Regards!
Not a happy customer
Susan Erasmus

Dec 02, 2018

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