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Toyota reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 4, 2006. The latest review 2021 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid was posted on Apr 10, 2021. The latest complaint damaged car battery service and no support provided was resolved on Aug 15, 2018. Toyota has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 1050 reviews. Toyota has resolved 291 complaints.

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Leuvensesteenweg, 369, 1932 Zaventem

Dynamovej 10, 2860 Soborg, Denmark

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Toyota-Allee 2, 50858 Köln 

Via Kiiciro Toyoda, 2 - 00148 Roma (Rm)

Steurweg 8, 4941 VR Raamsdonksveer

Plot № 1, Bidadi Industrial Area, Ramanagara District -562 109, State of Karnataka, India

Toyota Special Economic Zone Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Highway, Sta Rosa City, Laguna 4026

South Africa
Stand 1, Eastern Service Road Wesco Park, Sandton 2012

Toyota Complaints & Reviews

Toyota — service of repair at the legends toyota in kansas.

On 2/12/2018, I took my car to Legends Toyota for a check-up of my car. They informed me that I have a...

Toyota — credit card scam

Toyota company can't keep their words even it's in their terms and conditions. I made a $14, 000 purchase at...

Toyotaexpensive repair of spiral cable after recall work in 2015

I was driving and a car pulled out in front of me and almost hit me. I tried to use my horn, but found that it did not work. I took it to the Toyota dealer on 2/16/18 and asked them to determine the issue with the horn. They called me and said it was due to the spiral cable being defective and it needed to be replaced. There was a recall on this very same issue and we had it replaced in March of 2015. This could not have been a very good part if it only lasted for a few years. I am very unhappy that I was charged $401.13 to have something fixed that was a known issue (and was subject to a recall) just a few years ago. I think Toyota should stand by their products and reimburse this money to me.in addition, when they called me to tell me about the part I needed, I declined since I thought this only impacted the horn. I ended up doing some research on the internet and found out that this could impact the functioning of the airbag as well and that this was a major safety concern. The service advisor did not tell me that and I think this is very concerning.in fact, when I called to tell them to fix it after all and asked her about it impacting the airbag, she had to put me on hold and ask someone else. Your service advisors should be more knowledgeable about these types of things especially when it comes to safety matters.

expensive repair of spiral cable after recall work in 2015
expensive repair of spiral cable after recall work in 2015

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    Toyotaball bearing

    Have Had 4 toyotas, had ball bearing replaced 1 1/2 years ago 9900 miles. Kool toyota on plainfield grand rapids mi said only guaranteed 10, 000 miles or 1 year, which ever comes first. Wouldn't you know. They put in a Napa and girl that authorised that is no longer there, was it from a junk yard? and she never told me it was only Guaranteed a year. Called your complaint dept and no one ever called back. I will be looking for a new car but unless something is done, it will not be another toyota. Its a 2004 Camry. The cost was over 330.00, certainly that should be enough for you to pay to keep a Toyota customer.

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      Toyota2018 toyota camry le-no airbag deployment

      I have a claim filed with toyota over my 2018 camry le I leased on november 19, 2017. I only had this car 2 months and it had a odometer reading of 3, 643 at the time of the accident. I filed the claim/case with toyota a few days if not the day after the accident. I explained everything in detail about the car and what happened in the accident. The case then went to a case manage who I had to explain everything to again. Upon completion of filing the claim I was told I would have to sign a edr consent form, in order for toyota to send a field tech. To inspect the camry. No big deal. I received that email with a few days, at that time insurance had already deemed my camry a total loss, and was instructed to clean the car out of my personal belongings and turn over the keys. At this point the camry was at a body shop in georgetown ky. I followed promptly with those orders from insurance and left to go clean my car out and turn the keys over., (the same day insurance called and deemed it a total loss). I called customer service for toyota and explained this to the customer service rep., I told them I no longer had possession of this car and it was in the hands of my insurance company, he (the customer service rep.) said no big deal I will note all of this on your case file and we (toyota) will deal directly with your insurance to get the edr form signed and get the car (camry) inspected. I said great sounds good to me. I am not for certain as to when that phone call took place, possibly around the 2nd or 3rd of feb. It is now february the 24, I called back to toyota customer service on the 22nd. Keep in mind I had not heard a word from toyota about my case from the 2nd or 3rd until I placed the call on the 22nd. Almost 3 weeks and not a word. I never once heard if they had contacted my insurance or if they had gotten the edr form signed, not a word. No phone calls or anything. (the last three weeks I had been in the process of taking my rental car back and buying yet again another car, as well as dealing with insurance.) I called the 22nd and spoke to my case manager (cheryl is her name). I had her on speaker phone and a witness with me. I explained I had not heard anything about my case (as to if toyota had gotten the edr out of the car or if they had gotten in contact with my insurance company which I gave toyota all of the contact information for my insurance as well as my adjuster handling the claim with my insurance, so toyota had all of this information needed to get ahold of my insurance company) I explained all of this to cheryl when I spoke to her on the 22nd. She then proceeding to tell me that toyota had since closed my case because "of many failed attempts to get ahold of insurance". At this point i'm upset. Why would toyota close a case and not contact an individual to get the correct information if needed? Not a good way to handle customer service! I explained to cheryl that toyota has all of my insurance information all the way down to his name and direct office number. Cheryl told me that there was nothing more she could do, I would have to contact my insurance company and find out why toyota couldn't get ahold of them. Which i'm still puzzled as to why toyota would close a case and not inform the consumer/customer who has the case filed. I have not had a good experience with toyota customer service at all. I have not gotten call backs from my case manager (cheryl) when I was instructed I would, I have gotten nothing but a run around from this department. For a case that should have already been completed or close to being completed. I have been lied to on multiple occasions, toyota customer service saying they've contacted people they haven't, which leads me to my next problem. I hung up the phone from cheryl and called my insurance company directly, I spoke to my adjuster and he gladly explained that toyota had made no attempt to contact him or the insurance at all. Keep in mind cheryl told me on my phone call the 22nd, that ("we have closed the case because of many failed attempts to get ahold of insurance). So once again i'm getting the run around from toyota customer service. I spent 30-45 minutes on the phone with my insurance adjuster asking him if he had a record of toyota calling anyone, he said I see no mention or phone calls from anyone with toyota customer care. So I once again got his name and direct phone line as well as fax line. I thanked him for his time and hung up. I then called toyota customer service back and got to speak to cheryl again, I explained everything in detail as what my insurance company explained to me. I told her that their department had made no attempt to contact insurance. Her attitude completed changed and then cheryl then placed blame on me and told me it was my job to tell toyota that I no longer had possession of the camry. Wrong, I did tell toyota customer service I no longer had possession of that car nor did I even know where the car was currently. Cheryl then went as far to tell me its not her fault and then placed blame onto her claims department. I said okay can I speak to that department, she said they don't have a phone number nor do they speak to customers over cases, I said okay can I speak to a supervisor over that department, she informed me they had no such supervisor and that it what the case manager is for. So at this point i'm boiling mad and upset. Then I explained to her that she told me they had closed the case because" we cant get ahold of your insurance company"she told me I was a liar and she did not tell me that. Keep in mind on the first phone call she was on speaker and my witness heard her tell me that is why toyota closed my case. So after arguing with her and to what she said and explaining that is a poor way of handling a case, I told her I would expect a phone call back from her the next day to get an update. She was"contacting"the claims department to find out what was going on with my case. I don't even know if that e-mail was ever sent or not. Like I mentioned before I get nothing but the run around from toyota customer service. This department blames this person and that person blames that person, this department failed to do this and so on. As you can probably see my frustration. Fast forward to last night I got a phone call back from toyota but it wasn't cheryl, like I mentioned I never have gotten and actual call back from her on anything, I have always had to contact her. The customer service rep I spoke to was very understanding and probably the most helpful out of anyone in that department. There was some confusion when I answered because cheryl didn't say why I wanted a call back she just stated that I wanted a call back. I explained it to the gentlemen on the phone what was going on and he did help and answer what he could. He did tell me I"would" receive a phone call back monday. Not going to hold my breath with this department. This situation has been nothing but a headache form day one. I have been more than willing to help in anyway possible as well as my insurance company, my patience are wearing thin with toyota customer service. Any help would be greatly appreciated as to what I should do!

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        Toyota Of South Floridatoyota camry 2014

        Hi, my complaint it's about toyota of south florida in doral miami, I went up there at the end of last year to do a transmission factory recall job. During the job they broke my axels and seals. My car was in excellent conditions when get in the shop, when I get it back I feel a sound while I was turning so I went back there and they told me that I have to pay $820 to fix what they broke. My car still broke because I have no money to fix it. I would like to know what can I do to get this resolved. I'll be waiting for your response, thank u so much.

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          • Sh
            Shaun R. Feb 25, 2018

            Hi Mr. Gonzalez.

            Appreciated reading your concerns. Would like to be of some assistance.

            Is there any evidence that the axles were damaged while in the care of South Florida Toyota?

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          To Whom It May Concern
          I am writing to you from Turkey.
          I have had endless confidence in the Toyota brand for years. I used an auris, then my husband had an avensis and lastly I got a Prius hybrid car in 2011 which I had read and dreamed about. Not a lot of people knew about hybrid cars in Turkey during that time and there were not a lot of hybrid cars in my country. Of course it was a risk for me to buy a car wich was not very well known in my country. My friends thought I'm crazy for buying a car which was not well known in Turkey. Toyota was a well known brand but the hybrid technology was not well known. Even TOYOTA services were not educated and experienced enough about these new technology cars. Just because of my endless confidence in the TOYOTA brand I decided to buy it. It was the only hybrid car in my town for a long time and I made personally a lot of publicity for the technology. People were stopping me on the street and asking many questions about my car. Even policemen stopped me several times just to learn about the technology. I loved my car and still love it. I encouraged many people around me to buy hybrid cars.
          Now I will mention about my disappointment about the TOYOTA regulations in my country.
          My Prius is 2010 model. I always went to the official TOYOTA service
          in İzmir (Tokullar) for regular maintanance.Last year it happened to be a problem with the hybrid battery. They said they have to change it and that I have to pay for the cost of it. I was shocked and diappointed for many reasons.
          First of all how is it possibile for an essential part of a new technology car to fail so quick without having an accident with the car? I learned that the warranty period for the hybrid battery in other countries is 11(Eleven) years
          but in Turkey 5 (Five) years. What is the reason for it? Does TOYOTA use inferior quality parts for hybrid cars in Turkey? Why do I have to pay for it in Turkey after 5 years where as it is warrantied in other countries for 11 years ?
          I disagreed with it and finally they have reset the battery and it worked again for a while but later it happened again, then they have reset it again and it works for another few months again... this was repeated several times but the problem was not solved completely.
          Last month I took the car for 120.000 km regular maintanance to Tokullar service. They made the maintanance, reset the hybrid battery again and I took back the car. Next day in the morning the car didnt work. Neither hybrid nor regular. We applied to TOYOTA assistance, they came and took the car to Tokullar service again. Afterwards they said that the hybrid battery and another part ( I dont remember the name) has to be change and that the cost is 19.000 turkish liras ( 5000 $US).
          This is half the price of the car today and they expect me to pay that
          for a TOYOTA car which is 8 years old, has no accident and regular maintanances made in the official Toyota service.
          I applied to TOYOTA headquarters in Turkey and days later they returned saying they cant help us with the situation because its out of warranty period.
          I am really diappointed with this answer.
          I dont think that this should be the reliability policy of TOYOTA.
          I am writing to you in hope of your help and keeping me as a faithful TOYOTA fan.

          Yours sincerely
          Melekşah Şeker

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            Toyota2006 toyota tundra

            Hi I just purchased a 2006 tundra
            VIN: 5TBDT48196S537588
            I was looking the truck over underneath after I bought it and noticed a large hole in the frame between cab mount and sway bar bushing bracket about 10-12 inches long this is on the left side of the frame. The right side has not completely rusted out but appears to be very soft as well. So I called my local dealership in white river junction vermont and told them my concern I was told that they could look at it and determine if the fram is dangerous and if so what they could do to help me. So I brought the truck in and when the service writer was scheduling my appointment he said there is nothing we can do you can try contacting corporate. So I'm wondering if there is anything you can do to help me they claim this truck has had some type of undercoating recall and now the recall is expired. I would like to know if there is anything else I can do to possibly get toyota to look at it and possibly repair it.

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              Toyotacustomer care centre

              Multiple emails sent and still no answer to my queries!?

              From: berenice wilson [mailto:berenice. [protected]@gmail.com]
              Sent: 13 december 2017 06:50 am
              To: '[protected]@tsb. toyota.co.za' ; '[protected]@ice-sa.co.za' ; '[protected]@toyfin.co.za.'
              Subject: re: 2013 toyota fortuner 3.0d-4d 4x4 - new nudge bar & bracket size
              Importance: high

              Good morning,

              Please reply to my query below - or forward my request to someone who can assist?

              Kind regards


              From: berenice wilson [mailto:berenice. [protected]@gmail.com]
              Sent: 18 october 2017 10:23 am
              To: '[protected]@tsb. toyota.co.za'
              Subject: re: 2013 toyota fortuner 3.0d-4d 4x4 - new nudge bar & bracket size

              Dear toyota customer care centre,

              You have sent me the same email I received from you on 22nd june?
              — original message —
              From: zenobiaswartz [mailto:[protected]@tsb. toyota.co.za]
              Sent: 22 june 2017 04:12 pm

              I have already replied to all your queries listed - see below

              As per my email dated 13th oct, I insist this matter to be escalated, due to the delays in action/reply to date.

              Awaiting urgent response to this request.

              Kind regards


              — original message —
              From: zenobiaswartz [mailto:[protected]@tsb. toyota.co.za]
              Sent: 16 october 2017 04:04 pm
              To: berenice. [protected]@gmail.com
              Subject: 2013 toyota fortuner 3.0d-4d 4x4 - new nudge bar & bracket size

              Dear berenice wilson

              We acknowledge receipt of your e-mail.

              We have been in contact with our parts department and they confirmed the part number that you have provided to us.

              Kindly provide us with answers to the follow questions:

              1. where was the nudgebar ordered and fitted? ref my email sent: 07 may 2017 06:50 am
              2. was information supplied to you regarding the nudgebar fitment? sent: 22 june 2017 04:53 pm
              3. who has been assisting you in this regard? ref my email sent: 22 june 2017 04:48 pm
              4. your contact number? ref my email sent: 30 may 2017 03:45 pm

              Thank you for your time.

              Kind regards

              Zenobia swartz

              Customer relations
              Toyota south africa
              Tel: [protected]
              Fax: [protected]

              From: berenice. [protected]@gmail.com
              Sent: 2017/04/22 09:51:52 am
              To: [protected]@tsb. toyota.co.za
              Subject: 2013 toyota fortuner 3.0d-4d 4x4 - new nudge bar & bracket size

              Good morning, please assist with our query re the new nudge bar supplied for our year model. at the end of 2013, we purchased a new toyota fortuner 3.0d-4d 4x4. after an accident earlier this year, we had to replace the original nudge bar. the new toyota approved nudge bar has bigger brackets, which doesn't fit through the grill to the mounting points. is there a way to accommodate the larger brackets without cutting into the bumper grill or is there a new bumper grill compatible with the new nudge & brackets? thanking you in advance and awaiting your reply kind regards berenice wilson toyota head office address: stand 1, eastern service road wesco park, sandton 2012 tel: +[protected] gps: 26.085s : 28.087e customer care centre tel: [protected] email: [protected]@tsb. toyota.co.za

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                Cobb County Toyota — run my credit hard inquiry where I buy full amount of cheque money

                I buy a car from Cobb county Toyota Atlanta Georgia I gave them $ 16000 cashier check and my driving license...

                Toyota — peeling of the coating in large areas of the car - licence car # 9132866

                The agency in Israel is not willing to paint the car at no cost. Peeling paint is clearly caused clearly, by...


                There are a few reasons for my letter First your customer server personal Ms. Cymatia Wagner
                Who I contact on 12/4/2017 to explain my situation first of all she would not listen to what I had to say
                and kept talking over me that is very disrespectful the first thing they teach you about customer service is to Listen, take note and then solve the situation. Ms. Wager is definitely not a woman of her word, she state on 12/4 that she would contact me back she has not, I have left 6 messages and she still has not called me back. That proves to me that either she does not care about your customer, the reputation of the company or this is not the first time this problem has come up. Maybe she is thinking that if she ignores my calls I will go away. Well I am not.

                Mr. Slviglla I purchase a 2018 Toyota Corral from sale rep Vernon West, Vernon then went ahead and purchase car insurance from Progressive insurance online, he took all my info I paid my deposit $258.60 with a monthly payment of $202.00 and everything was fine, until a week later I get a letter from Progressive stating that the insurance was going to be cancel. I called to find out why only to be told that Toyota of Orlando is NOT an authorized insurance agency, or licensed agent and had no authority to sell their insurance. So I HAD repurchase insurance at $302.80 with a monthly payment of $302.80, with a 1st payment of $302.80 and then a monthly payment of $270.12. So right now it has cost me $419.48.
                If this was an honest mistake then some up to date training need to be done. However if this is a common practice which the Progressive rep seem to be implying then some other action needs to be taken. I am giving you a chance to make this right.

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                  Toyota — unethical behavior

                  On the morning of Friday, January 16, 2018, my son took our Toyota Rav4 to the Glendale Toyota Dealership to...

                  Toyotalakozy toyota

                  My name is khushwant singh hoonjan, staying at andheri east mumabi.
                  I own a toyota innova car, car no: mh-04-gj-3076 that has done 60955 km's.
                  I have given my car for general service on 19th jan 2018 for 60k km's at lakozy toyota service center located at 1, mahal industrial estate, sanghi oxygen compound, at mahakali caves road, andheri east, mumbai-400 093.
                  My car's service adviser was mr. Keten gothankar.
                  He said my car needs few things to be replaced like oil filter, air filter, air cleaner etc. Etc. And even he told me that some extra work of carbon cleaning to be done in my car, I agreed all and asked to do the work as I will be travelling to pune on 20th jan 2018.
                  When I took the delivery of my car in the evening the brakes were not working properly when I call my service adviser and complained about the same he told me to bring back my car to service center, service adviser checked the car and told me that your break drum has to be replaced. My car brakes were working properly till the time I gave my car for service.
                  Your service advisers are cheater and had created this issue to loot money from me.
                  Even when I had sent the car to change front brakes at the same service center (service adviser some mr. Anthony) after taking the delivery the brakes were not working properly when I took my car back for the complaint they created the same kind of scene and forced me to change my rear wheel liner.
                  This kind of service is not been expected form the toyota service center.
                  I'm complaining the same to consumer court and even giving all the bills and service report to media.

                  Khushwant singh

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                    Toyotarav4 se 2016

                    I was in an accident on the freeway. Hit and run. Car deemed totaled. My drivers airbags did not go off. All my electrical system was shut off and couldn't use my hazard lights in an emergency situation. Very scary. I was rear ended from on right. Spun 360 and hit the center divide. My rear end was in the fast lane still and no one could see my car since it was at night. Why did my electrical system shut off? Shouldn't the hazard lights work no matter what since that is what they are for?

                    rav4 se 2016
                    rav4 se 2016

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                      Maita Toyota of Sacramentonew vehicle purchase

                      I went to the dealership to have my 2014 Toyota Corolla Sport serviced on January 6, 2018. On my way to the dealership, I received a phone call from the sales department/trade-in staff asking if I wanted to get an estimate on my vehicle while I wait for it to be serviced. I said no at first, then the sales staff convinced me that it would be a good idea to know my car's value. I was told to go to the sales area to the room right by the pirate ship play area. Prior to coming into the dealership, I was experiencing depression and anxiety. I have Bipolar Disorder and due to lack of sleep and financial stress, I was acting impulsively, making poor financial decisions. At the time, I was actually in debt unable to pay my monthly living expenses and bills. While I was talking to Matt Landing and another young woman (I don't recall her name), the service center called to let me know that my battery was low and they would need to charge it to retest it, but I will probably need a new battery. I asked how much a new battery would cost and he said up to $200 plus. I asked him to go ahead and do the test and he said it would take a while for it to charge. So now having time to wait, the sales pressure was on. I started thinking about the fact that I couldn't afford a new battery and the service center said my Toyota Service Care extension was over after this visit and my next service would cost around $1, 200. I started listening to the sales staff even more at this point as they were reminding me that if I got in a new vehicle, the service is covered for the first 3 years/35, 000 miles with no out-of-pocket expenses. I was really feeling good about looking at a new care now (even though I had no intention to and was in no condition mentally or financially to do it). I began to feel energetic and excited. At this point, I would have bought a castle or unicorn if they asked me to. I started looking at the CHR, but Matt couldn't get the payment low enough. He asked me to run my credit so he had accurate figures to work with. After receiving my score of 667 he wasn't able to get the payment under $400 (remember, I'm only paying $260 for my vehicle). Since I was on a roll with the whole new car concept, I started looking at several new cars that cost less so I could get the lower payment. Before I knew it, I left the dealership with a $378 monthly payment for 7-year, high-interest loan for a Toyota Corolla IM (basic model with no extras) that I never even wanted. The very next day I felt so sick to my stomach after I realized what I had done. I called Matt Landing and told him I could not afford the car and that I made a terrible mistake. He said he would talk to Manny in finance to see if there was something he could do about the payment and/or getting my car back. I pleaded with him that I made a huge mistake because there was absolutely nothing wrong with my car I traded in and how it was fully loaded sport model with 39, 000 miles/$260 payments for 4 years. I felt totally bamboozled, I just woke up from a nightmare. On Jan 9th, I called and spoke to Allan the Sales Manager and he said he would look into everything and get back to me on Wednesday after he spoke with Matt and the GM. I happened to be in the area around 1:30, so I stopped by the dealership. Matt was with a customer, but he said he would let Allan know I was here. Finally, when I spoke to Allan, he said he checked to see if there was any way to resolve the issue, but the bank had been paid and my old car was gone, and that there was nothing he could do. He kept stating that all the sales staff he spoke to, said I was very happy and onboard with the whole thing. I told him about my mental condition at the time, and he still kept saying how his sales team said I was happy with the car. I told him I hate the car I bought, it was very basic with no extra features and it was definitely not as nice as my car I lost. The resolution I would hope for is 1) sales staff is trained on how to be aware of persons with mental health disabilities, 2) replace the Corolla IM with a 2018 Corolla Sport, and 3) restore my original monthly payment of $260 with interest less than 5%.

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                        Toyotarefusing of booking of gli automatic 2018

                        Dear Sir,
                        I have visited to a dealership Toyota Frontier Peshawar Pakistan for booking of two vehicles Toyota GLI Automatic. But they have refused of booking the same be saying that allocation of the said cars are not available and thus we cant entertain. However I have check the availability of the said car through www.toyota-indus.com, which showed that the said cars are available in the month of April 2018, I showed them the print of the availability but still they refused us.
                        After that I have lodged complaint against the said dealer to INDUS MOTOR on 08.01.2018 (Complaint No SJ0225). But regretfully they also failed to solve the issue so far even after so many reminders given to them.
                        I would humble request you to please solve my issue as soon as possible

                        Amjad Khan

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                          Toyotatoyota central motors

                          I have been cheated by Dealer (Toyota Central Motor Pakistan) and Toyota Company Pakistan is reluctant to help me due to the political influence, power and numbers of dealerships owned by the same Dealer. since june-17 I have been subjected to emotional and financial loss because I opt for booking and wait rather than buying from their unauthorized showrooms on 15% premium. Dealer fraudulently Charge me additional money for extended warranty and overpriced accessories by claiming it as compulsory requirement for booking of new GLI, then they didn't delivered till 6 months (originally was a 4 month wait) and after 6 months forced me to collect pre-registered car instead of new unregistered car on 4DEC, where 100% payments including registrations and additional amount has been already paid to the dealer since June-17. now the dealer harassing me with different tactics to take that pre-registered car, my 2 million PKR ($ 20, 000) is stuck with them its been 7 month now. Toyota Pakistan (indus Motor) simply back off by saying "registration has been done by mistake, dealer is apologetic and nothing else can be done as per policy collect the same car and pay the difference as per 2018 current price (after keeping my money for 7 months, delaying delivery for 7 months, pre-registering without my information and consent, over priced invoice fraudulently)

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                            Toyotanorthridge toyota

                            I purchased my 2014 Toyota 4runner from Northridge Toyota 11/3/2017. The vehicle had no Reported accidents in the car fax but I noticed the rear bumper was loose and advised Randolph and Vanessa in Sales before purchasing. They told me to check it out and if there was a problem they would take care of me. I found out the rear bumper had a Dry wall nail to hold up the rear bumper and a tear in it I took photos and advised them of it. According to their "160 Point Quality Assurance"inspection sheet they can't consider a used Toyota vehicle Certified if it has any of the following. So I wonder what type of incompetent people they have inspecting their vehicles. A month into purchasing the Vehicle I get a call from Finance (Bryan) stating I had to return the vehicle or get a cosigner because I was not approved on my own???!!! I told him I would call him back by 2:00 to see if I could get a cosigner and at exactly 2:03 he leaves me a voicemail advising he "moved some things around" and all of a sudden I was approved. Even after all of this I finally talk to Vanessa in sales to take my truck in to get fixed and they can't even provide me with a loaner car, I advised her that the bumper being held up by a nail can cause an accident because it is loose and they did not care. I got ripped off because I thought I had bought a Toyota certified vehicle and that was not the case. My vehicle is the only way of transportation I have to get my two kids around, besides the fact that this should have been fixed even before they tried selling the vehicle. They made it seem like they were doing me a favor by fixing my rear bumper. They lost a customer and the chance of any of my family or friends purchasing from them over a Rental Car!

                            northridge toyota
                            northridge toyota
                            northridge toyota

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                              Toyotasliding door cable

                              2010 Toyota sienna sliding door cable snapped. Learned that this has been a documented complaint that has been ongoing.In fact, there has been a warranty enhancement recall on it.The conditions, are if the vehicle is less than 9 years and has 120, 000 miles or less. My van has 137, 000 and the national customer service rep told me that there are no financial assistance that they can offer me even though this is a well documented problem with these sliding doors. This is my third toyota and they are well maintained thru the dealership. The cost is $1400. Total negligence on Toyota's part on not standing behind this faulty part and at least covering the portion of the repairs. I guess customer loyalty is second to the dollar. Very disappointed.

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                                • Ja
                                  jackiedif Apr 12, 2018
                                  This comment was posted by
                                  a verified customer
                                  Verified customer

                                  2009 Sienna with both rear doors having snapped cables. We ended up using them manually since even though I was under 120, 000 miles, I was told my year is not covered-only older and newer are. I called in over the summer and was told the parts haven't changed, they know it's a problem but don't know the answer so sorry. Well today, the door fell off the track as my son was trying to close it. We had to rig it with a cable to get it home! We bought this van due to what was supposed to be a trusted maker. Not proving to be so.

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