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Toyota Collision Center of Escondido / poor service!

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Approximately one month ago I went to Toyota Collision Center of Escondido located at 559 South Pine Street Escondido, CA 92025, they needed to fix small bump on my almost new Toyota Camry. Insurance agreed on the price and Toyota agreed to repair it, so I got quick estimate that job will be done in between one and two weeks (verbally and in writing). That was acceptable especially with low rate car rental that Toyota had at that time. Six days later I decided to call them to see if I may be lucky with only one week of waiting. On my huge surprise assistant told me that they did not even start working on my car and the reason was that... apparently they were unable to contact anyone at my insurance company (21 Century). I called insurance company immediately, and representative told me that no one ever called and he offer to transfer repair check immediately wherever I like to... and it did happen that way. That all telling me that no one for real contacted anyone, or if they did it was not completely and professionally finished business, Toyota people was lying.

Another proof is, why they did not call me telling me that something was going on”. Looks like Toyota office people including manager is more concerned about playing PC games and browsing web, at list that what I saw in few short visits to the office. After sending one complain email and talking to manager I sensed just a another bureaucrat, who likes to iron everything up by being “politically correct” also he kind of “complained” to me that my complain email went to his manager (??????) and he arrogantly agree that he is still going to fix my car making the situation psychologically, on how good guy he was and how bad I am, not to mention that he arrogantly added “we still need to order parts for your car which will take another few days” Interesting how some people just disrespect your money, and they turn everything in to the big favor they giving to you, there were nothing about me paying for something that Toyota was excepted to do, it was more like Toyota is giving me the biggest favor ever. Stupidity arrogance and some misrepresentation of corporate power and big company name beside were unacceptable. NO ONE HAVE RIGHT TO HOLD MY CAR FOR 10 DAYS, THEN DO NOTHING AND MAKE ME TO PAY CAR RENTAL FOR ITS OWN STUPIDITY AND LAZINESS. Considering that manager was totally out of reality with extremely low IQ to reason on the same level, I complained several times by email and left voice mails to general manager. No one ever responded, then I complained to BBB San Diego case # [protected]. Toyota finally responded with again very arrogant and unprofessional statement. Beside regular story they also added, that I did not have an appointment (you see how guilty I am) I just walked in??? Then as they claim, specific person in 21st century never responded (to the royalty of Toyota), also they stated that I am not welcome any more in Toyota Collision Center / Escondido, It appears to me that they do not like foreigners who have brains to think and process basic information, typically and generally we foreigners should be stupid and let Toyota management manipulate us in any way, NOT THIS TIME TOYOTA. Let me ask you something... Does anyone think that I will go back to them to give me another TOYOTA favor? Hopefully this complains will help honest working people to make proper decision about where to repair they car. I was not intimidated by Toyota management and I won my case, they pay for my car rental, at list part of it... NEVER AGAIN TOYOTA COLLISION CENTER OF ESCONDIDO.

I fought for Toyota to pay my car rental, the damages are more moral, Toyota Collision Center of Escondido having a prejudicial problem, of not being able to accept that "dumb" foreigner arguing for its rights, so looks like I hurt someone’s fillings...

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  • Jo
      14th of Jun, 2008
    -1 Votes

    It sounds to me like you do not understand the complexity of having abutbody repairs done to your vehicle, and approached the situation defensively minded because of that fact that you feel not-accepted
    because you are forigen...
    1. if your insurance company is paying for the repairs they have to view and appraise the vehicle damages before the repairs can begin...

    just because you got an estimate from the facility and dropped off the vehicle to have the repairs done does not mean they can repair the vehicle unless you are willing to pay the cost of the repairs especially if uppon dissasembly requires addtional parts or labor which increases the cost of the repairs, which when you sign the repair order, YOU are responsible for.
    in simple terms, if this occurs and the insurance isnt notified and does not approve the additional items, you have to pay for it.
    If anything, they were protecting your interests and exposure in an event
    that the insurance company did not authorize or agree with the ammount of the repairs.

    2. as a person with a self-proclaimed high IQ, you should understand that any service based bussiness does not make any money untill the services are rendered.

    with that being said, what is the benafit to the facility of your vehicle sitting there and not being worked on,
    it cost them much more expense and inconvience then the 20 or 30 dollars a day you are spending on your rental car.
    moving the car. storing the car,
    not to mention the fact that the battery might die from not being driven ona a daily basis,
    which you will blame them for, even tho its in no way, shape or form their fault.

    3. it looks like they followed protocol, and upon your lack of understanding of the situation, made every attempt in a profesional manner to explain the situation, and expedite the process, which in return you took for arogance.

    can you really blame them for asking you not to come back?
    how would you feel if someone with no comprehension for what you do or what it takes to do your job, complained to your boss that you werent doing your job?
    i as a buissness person would decline to deal with too.

    4.please have a general undertanding of the english language, reading, writing, and conjugating your sentences before you go proclaiming to
    'have brains to think and process basic information'
    and make absurd post on the internet degrading people whos jobs it is to provide you with a service.

    your lack of understanding and reasoning was the direct cause of this situation.

  • Jo
      7th of Jan, 2009
    -2 Votes

    My view is the same as what John S. wrote about Mr. Pasic. The customer has other issues and does not understand. He refused to be edjucated! It appears that Mr. Pasic may always have issues. Poor guy!

  • Jh
      28th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Actually I agree with Jacks comments; Toyota Collision Center of Escondido is horrible place, with very disrespectful and arrogant employees. You should understand the meaning of your own language before you post comments explaining how something should be, and not accept how it is. With all do respect I do not think that your explanation have anything to do with subject of Jacks complain. Looks like very personal comment... It is not important that he speak with accent. Jack was brave in off to post this comment and warn other people about problem that my family also experienced with same company. Even if my insurance with out any doubt approved installation of new parts (We checked many times). Toyota installed “after market used parts” in my car. Explanation was that in time of this economy I should be happy that my car is fixed with any parts. And they hold my car for 15 days.
    Jon A. and John S. You are obviously associated with Toyota in some way and you are protecting Toyotas interests by creating untrue prejudicial statements. Shame on you!

  • Re
      29th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    John S..and JonA... Seems to me you are completely clueless as to how a business is run. Maybe just clueless in general.
    Obviously you are trash trolls with a poor grasp of both the English language and rational thought
    Don't correct peoples spelling when you are equally clueless as to the nuances of the English language.

    The job was approved by the insurance company. $Money$
    You get the money after you do the work... DUH! These ###s kept the car for 6 days and then pull their head out of their nether region and say "Oh we need to order parts" well duh, why didn't you order them six days ago???? Answer: because they are incompetent.. Simple answer.

    This has nothing to do with race or nationality it has to do with an incompetent business unable to perform promised services.

  • Ma
      3rd of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    If you care about your car then Collision Repairs Require Patience!

    I recently had my 2008 Camry Hybrid Dark Blue repaired after an accident - The Toyota Escondido Collission Center did an outstanding job - I could not be happier. Great technicians with no compromise on repair quality, wonderful paint and paint work, use of all the right parts and fasteners tied to my car's J VIN number. What a wonderful facility as far as doing the job right! Great Technicians, office staff and a wonderful Manager that makes it all happen!

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