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Toshiba Satellite L355d / toshiba satellite l355d

1 Cedartown, GA, United States

I have two year old Satellite L355D. While it was still under warranty we had overheating issues and the DC power jack broke off three times. The third time I was told that the motherboard would be replaced and the jack "reinforced". We got it back, the jack was already loose. The heating issues never were addressed.

I called them at that time because of the loose jack, and was told that the MB had been repaired not replaced, and wouldn't be replaced, as this wasn't covered under warranty. I asked them to repair it properly and I would send it back right away because the DC jack was loose when we received the laptop back, because the warranty was running out. Was told that as long as it was working there was nothing they could do.

Fast forward til today (yes still overheating this whole time by the way. Couldn't sit it on your lap if you wanted too.) and the jack (suprise, not) finally broke off.

Called Tech Support and spoke with Customer relations. Both read the history of this laptop, and admitted there was a problem, but nothing that could be done since it was out of warranty. Lacy in Customer Relations needs to be terminated, immediately and with prejudice. She needs to be blacklisted from ever working in the Customer Service Industry again, anywhere. She is rude, arrogant, and can't think for herself. Shelley on the other had admitted that it was a serious problem but that there was nothing she could do but file a complaint. She filed the complaint for me. Let's File 13 that one folks, might as well because we all know where it is going... She did say that the next level of managers (who normal customer's can't get to talk to review these complaints.) Really not good enough, but at least she wasn't an egotistical PIA.

Called Toshiba Corporate in Irvine CA (hadn't researched the problem online yet), and spoke with an operator. She took down all my info and said someone would get back with me in 24 hrs. Honestly given the number of corporate headquarters, of different companies I have called in the past, this isn't a bad turnaround time if it happens. Knowing she is probably busy and even if her intentions were good, that I might fall of to the side, I did some research (should have done this first).

Found out about the Toshiba Corporate Escalations Office. I called back and asked for that department directly and left a good 10 minute message. I was polite, and told them all the details, including the fact that this is the 4th time the DC jack is broke, this has been an ongoing issue, and that the computer is out of warranty.

I could understand if this is was first complaint and it was out of warranty. But it is not, it is the fourth (or fifth since they wouldn't repair the 3rd repair when I complained when I got it back and was working but loose) time that it has broken. That's not even a coincidence, that's a bloody track record. We have other Toshiba laptops, all older that are working fine. I just think they should fix it properly.


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