TNT / cheating, losing suitcase's keys &


Dear Sir/Madam
I would like to inform you that I contacted one of TNT branch in the city center, Amman (Jordan), to send luggage and boxes of personal items including clothes, books, and glassware abroad to my sister (American citizen) in USA (door to door). The persons in charge at that branch told me that it would cost me about JD 1.0 per kilogram. But, I was surprised when they demanded JD 1800 just after they took my stuff, which weighed 351 kilograms. This was on, August, 20th, 2008. I was very upset, discontent for their dishonesty, as they cheated me. Moreover, some of the glasswares which were in the boxes were found broken when arrived USA, and the keys of the suitcases were lost. I am quite sure that the way that the porter carry the boxes while transfering them from my flat to the vehicle was not right. Although I warned him. Moreover, the loss of the keys made it impossible to determine other damages that might have been in the suitcases.
This shows how irresponsible people they were.
Unfortunately, I recently realised from the TNT website that Complaints should be submitted within 30 days of the incident date. This explains why TNT personnels kept asking me to give them sometime to solve the problem, so that I wouldn't be able to complain, in spite of showing them the photos of some of the broken items.
I am affraid that this attitude will affect the reputation of TNT.

Dr. L.J. Hussain

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