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TJ Maxx has always been one of my favorite places to shop - until now. There has never been an issue with my payments over the 30 years I have shopped at this store. I have often written checks, as well as used credit. Last week-end, I was told my check was not authorized by the Certegy Credit System used by the store. My check had my name (rather unique) and I had my driver's license (and other ID) for validation. When I registered my surprise, an adjacent cashier said that this non-authorization seemed to be happening often lately. My checking account had ample funds. The manager came at my request, but told me there was nothing she could do. I was told I would have to pay using some other method.
I considered leaving everything and walking out, but as I had a birthday gift and children's Christmas gifts in my cart, I did pay with credit. I was given a number for Certegy Customer Service. I called and discovered that the issue seemed to be that I had not written checks to TJ Maxx using my new (8 month old)checking account. The Service representative verified that I had excellent financial history with the store, but this was not recognized by the automated service. I was told I could fill out a form to be put on a 'premium' list.
I found this to be a very embarrassing situation. It makes me wonder if TJ Maxx has little concern for their regular customers. While I appreciate the value of having a service that attempts to restrict identity theft, I felt that I had more than adequate proof available within the store. I even thought the manager would recognize me and give me some consideration for a check under $100. Gone are the days of Customer Service.

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  • Am
      Dec 26, 2008

    There literally is nothing the managers could have done to help you in that situation. The check (or credit/debit card) cannot be accepted as payment until the system tells the software in the cash register it is okay.

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  • An
      Feb 07, 2009

    Today, Feb. 7, 09 I realized after having spent my life at TJMax shopping, the store is CONFUSED with their own prices. I was and I am pissed about the way the manager and the cashier took care of me. The clothing I was trying to buy had mark down prices on them, and during the time I was trying to purchase, they claimed those items were not actually on Sale. HOWEVER, the exact item on the rack (after the manager checked) was infact marked down also. STILL they did not honor the marked down price, they took off their sorry marked down sticker off the ticket, and told me THAT particular top was not on sale despite the fact that its exact twin was! So tell me, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?????? I just cannot believe the store embarased ME and treated me like a criminal!!! I am beyond upset and beyond hurt! especially because TJ Max has always been my FIRST choice! Now, it is NOT my choice at ALL! This happend at the TJMax on Almaden Exp, San Jose, CA. I HATE THEM!

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  • St
      Feb 08, 2009

    AnnMarie: You might not be the one who's switching tickets but it's their job to be checking that the sticker matches the item. I use to work for retail so I know all this ###. :) And it's not the manager's fault or the employee's fault. It's the district manager's fault for not allowing them to mark down anything in the store unless they're are in the process of marking down things on that day. I don't see why your ###ed ### is hating on the store when you don't know what's really going on. Beside, TJ Maxx is already cheap. How cheap do you want the price to be? Might as well go steal from the store! -___-

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  • Ga
      Apr 12, 2009

    Refusing your check had nothing to do with identity theft. Refusal of your check could mean you probably have a bad check elsewhere serviced by certegy. Certegy serves many companies and once you write a bad check at one of the many companies serviced by certegy your check will be refused at all of them until you take care of the check. Certegy does not send you a form to fill-out to be added a "premium list", they send you the information as to where you can mail a money order to pay for your returned check.

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  • Am
      Jun 07, 2009

    Depending on manager policies at various levels, store associates may not be allowed to mark items down if the style numbers are different. If one style came in during the month 17 and again in 19, the items have different style numbers depending on the month. These items are marked down based on date, the idea is to sell what hasn't sold. Since the new ones haven't had a chance to sell yet, it's stupid to mark it down as soon as it's unloaded from the truck.

    Sometimes, shoplifter wannabes will peel a markdown sticker from one item and place it on another some try to buy the item, others change their minds and leave it on the floor. All prices for items are pulled directly from the price ticket, so what ever the price above the barcode is is what the register will ring up. Since associates and honest customers cannot read bar codes by eye, when they are scanned at the register, the numbers printed on the original ticket and the numbers encoded in the barcode are different. Associates are trained to look for this to prevent loss to dishonest people. It is neither the store's fault, nor the customer's fault when this happens. All the associate can do is peel the incorrect sticker off, and do a markdown check in the markdown machine. If there is no markdown, there is no markdown.

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  • Ha
      Jul 16, 2009

    I have been shopping at tj maxx since the 70's. On july 4, 2009 I purchased a calvin klein tee shirt. It was on the clearance rack. It was $16.00, when I put the shirt on it had a massive hole in the middle of it. I took it back but didn't have the receipt for it, since I have done this a couple of time before, I did not expect any hassle. The material of this shirt was dry rot. The manager refuse to gave me a store credit. He said I could have done this myself. Why? I will no longer support this store

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  • Ha
      Dec 03, 2009

    BLOOMFIELD MICHIGAN TJ-MAXX. The cheap low labor TJ Maxx is hiring will do the store in. I shop, at the least once a week and today was my last..I'm returning everything I had just purchased this month, might i add, all items from the runway collection. The service at the dressing room was poor, the constant cheap trash labor degrading client's, NOTE to all TJ-MAXX's cheap labor, untrained retail employees, IF I am purchasing $1000 worth of clothes a month, i am paying your paycheck.. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau too and all complaints on here should. No one should be treated like a criminal, degraded due to ignorance of non-trained employees..ALL COMNPLAINTS should be reported to the better business bureau and the retail management team. Write down names, and 5 letters should be sent to retail, district and headquarters. Your the consumer, your money, your rights and your in control!

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  • Er
      Feb 24, 2010

    Brooklyn Park MInnesota, .. today, .. i tried to return a Guess that i purchased a two weeks ago, when i opened the lotion from its wraper and i tried a little bit and the smell of this lotion was completly rotten, I mean the smell was just horrible, so i tried to take it back today with the receipt and as soon as the manager Nancy, saw it she said "i cant do this, its been used" well it has not, i wouldnt use a bad lotion, .. so she took the receipt and punched the numbers in and said that she cant do it cuz its just not even registered, i just told her look, .. i dont need the money back, i just want to exchange it by something else. she didnt honor it even though i shop there ALL the time, .. then she just turned aroung and left me talking. Then i asked for an HR number and she tried to go around it, but she finally gave it to me after asking PLease 3 times... I will never shop there again, so word to the wise, .. test the product or try it on before purchasing it even if it has a wraping doesnt mean its in perfect conditions.
    E Vasquez

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  • Pp
      Sep 01, 2011

    Erica, I'm sorry to hear about the lack of professionalism on the manager's part. However just an fyi, you don't need to ask them for the HR #. The 1-800 CS # is posted in pretty big letters above the customer service desk. And you can find it on your receipt too.

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  • Ke
      Nov 29, 2017

    In September of this year, I applied for a TJ Maxx Rewards Platinum MasterCard. I was looking to refurnish my living room. I found exactly what I was looking for in the store and was very pleased with my purchases. I was told by the cashier that if I applied for a TJ Maxx Rewards Platinum Mastercard, for every $200.00 that I spend, I will receive a $10.00 rewards certificate. To make a long story short, my purchase that day was approximately $404.00. To this date, I have yet to receive my $20.00 certificate. I have been on the phone with your customer service department at least seven (7) times. With each call I make, I am put on hold for a long period of time and then I am apologized to. Each representative states that my certificate is being mailed. I find this to be such a disgrace. I have shopped at TJ Maxx for years and this infuriates me. Could someone please get back to me on this matter. Thank you. K. McG.

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