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Hi there,

I would like to report and incident that happened today at TJ Maxx in Jonesboro, Arkansas. This is to inform you of how irresponsible, insensitive and irrational the tj maxx staffs and manager in this location have acted affecting two individuals just because they look different. They are two international students who shopped at tjmaxx all their time here in U.S. there are close to a million international students who come to the U.S and buy products from TJ Maxx. At the end of the day they are your customers and they should have been treated with respect.

As soon as these students walked into the store, another customer made a comment about foreigners shoplifting. Since these students occasionally shopped at this location, they just ignored the comment and continued browsing around looking for stuff for their house. Then they noticed that TJ Maxx staffs were almost following them in every aisles and looking at them suspiciously. They had not carried any bags or purse. They just had a small wallet with them. Once they checked out each of their items, they left the store. They noticed that the cop car was there and started following them. The female student asked what the issue was at which point the cop stated that someone in tjmaxx called and reported shoplifting. These two students were shocked, scared and humiliated. They didn't resist the search and the cops turned their bags and car upside down. When they were not able to find anything, the female student asked what was stolen. The cops didn't know. They all decided to go back to the store to talk to the manager. The manager said that they don't know who called and gave the description of these two students which seems to be a lie since it's tjmaxx staffs who were watching these two individuals all along.
The issue here is to assume that just because you look brown or black you must be shoplifters and thus they need to be watched and followed the whole time they are shopping. TJ Maxx being such a big corporation should be ashamed to have a team of closed minded people like this working for their store. I understand corporate office may not have any control over local stores however; there should be some sort of diversity Orientation that you need to implement and you should have no tolerance for discrimination and disrespect shown towards a customer.
I am hoping that this message will be read seriously by those leading tjmaxx who are responsible, logical and sensitive leaders and who would stand up for the right.


Nov 14, 2017
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      Nov 15, 2017

    Unless you were an active participant in the entire experience, you most likely do not have the full story. The individuals affected should be the ones making the complaint.

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